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hand-knit bird, nest and flowers in the snowWell here we are on a rainy Saturday in mid-July, after soaking up 30ºC+ (80ºF-90ºF) sunshine for the past few weeks straight :) Sooo good! We’ve been luvin’ the steady-n-sweaty days of summer! Who needs 5-6 months per year of winter with heat like that, right?!? Truly, heat like that is our stuff of dreams! Can’t depend on the weather, though. So when the heat hits, it gets sorta tough to stay inside working on the computer ;) How’s the weather where you are?

Today’s post is a tad late, but it’s something special that began way back in April/May…

That’s when Angela (aka “Wisher” at the Pretty Little Things in a Box wordpress blog) organized her first annual spring blog hop. I added my blog to the hop and had so much fun playing with… errr, I mean taking my hand-crafted bird’s nest and flowers outside for a backyard photo shoot amidst the melting snow ;) Then after the blog hopping was done, Angela sent a springy “thank you” gift to each participating blogger. That was so sweet of her! Thanks again Angela ❤ for the fun blog hop and for sending your pretty little package in the post—including: charming trinkets, ribbon embroidered tulips, tiny heart-shaped purple buttons and a flowery baggie containing light/dark purple embroidery flosses + strawberry-flavoured Kit Kat snacks… I never knew they even made strawberry Kit Kat! :)

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Meeting new bloggers was half the fun of joining the spring blog hop. One blogger I met was Azura Chan at the Azura Chan wordpress blog. Following the spring blog hop, Azura hosted a giveaway of goodies—including: postcards, a flowery photo frame and a pink-petaled keychain… Then lucky me won the prize! Thanks again Azura ❤ for sending your pretty little package in the post!

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Note: these photos include hand-knit sample props of my Bramble❤TINI heart-shaped knitting pattern with upcoming heart-shaped dishcloth. Stay tuned for more about that! :)

Receiving these packages from Singapore and Malaysia has been such fun :) Finally opening them now, after waiting so long, makes it feel a little like Christmas in July! Why did I wait so long? Well it wasn’t easy, but my iMac made me do it :( My iMac came to a grinding halt on April 29th and didn’t get going again until just before summer solstice!!! All the while, our camera and iPad were both full of photos—with no place to store them and free-up space to take these photos …whew… Sure glad those days are done! . . . Oh look, the rain has ended and the sun is back to its brilliant self :)

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