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the KWH iPad Show #34 💜 crafty Christmas catch-up for a cheery New Year!

hearty knit Christmas decor glow

Christmas gift with heart & yarn embellishment

Hello & Welcome
to my 34th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is our decorated staircase…
crafted over Christmas &
cheering-in the New Year 🙂


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Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! 

stitch markers and crochet snowflakes from Angela

me at the Apple Store

Well here we are, one week past Christmas and finally posting my decorated staircase … LoL … Honestly, some people really ought to get their Christmas knitting act together and start stitching as soon as the stores start their seasonal displays!!! Ah well, it’s all fun and I’m not feeling a bit foolish for posting ’em late 😉 Far better to be squeeking-in with this post before the stroke of New Year’s, than suffer the hang-over of waiting ’til next year!


This year’s Christmas staircase theme colours include: red, green and white with spindles wrapped in icy blue eyelash yarn. The tree is one ball each of fleece/eyelash yarn. The large heart on the tree is red eyelash yarn…. Gotta say, I ❤ that eyelash yarn! These were part of my birthday yarn stash purchase from Herrschners. The candles are red crochet (wedding gift) doilies, with flames knit of fancy-fluffy-puffy golden yarn from a friend. The various garlands are knit from Bernat Boa, Lily Crafter’s Cotton (discontinued) and Bernat Christmas Tinsel worsted cotton… Ooooh, plus one furry strip of Baby Monkey ultra-soft yarn… Adorning tree ornaments include: 1 green wool Heartfelted Bramble♥tini Loop Ornament + 2 red/white fleece Sweetie♥Knit♥Hearts + 5 green wool Hearty Links with Felted Loops + 2 i-Cord candy canes. The tree topper ribbon is from an embellished Ferrero Rocher gift pack. That white loopy thing below the ribbon is just me playing with plarn (plastic yarn)—spun on my drop spindle.

And finally… the lovely crochet snowflakes and charmed stitch markers (also pictured separately from last year’s post) were gifted to me last Christmas from Angela aka “Wish I Were Stitching” WP blog… Thanks again, Angela ❤

Then today, technically ending the year off right, we popped into our nearest Apple Store and bought a much needed flash drive… It’s charging now! And am I ever looking forward to unloading my overstuffed iPad of nearly 9 months worth of blogging photos!!!


Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Cheers to catching up with craftiness in 2016! ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #33 💜 knotty, yet merry nice!

Christmas gift with heart & yarn embellishment

front door Christmas lights

Hello & Welcome
to my 33rd episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is upcoming photos of
our decorated Christmas 2015 staircase 🙂

Sweetie💜Heart yarn and gift wrap

Merry Christmas Morning,




For the past couple of years—see Christmas Day 2013 & 2014—I’ve been decorating our staircase (in lieu of the Christmas tree we don’t have), then posting photos of my festive yarn bombing decor to the blog on Christmas Day 🙂

That tradition continues this year, although it is running a bit late… :-/ I’ll have photos for my next blog post! 

Ah well, inspiration can sometimes take time… while the calendar waits for no one. Add to that my “procraftinator” tendencies and you get yarnful knotty-ness that will soon be nice 🙂

Lola comic — craftination — Lion Brand Yarn

And speaking of knots…

Did you know there’s a group on Ravelry that actually looks for and forward to untangling “opportunities” with yarny messes? Yup, you read that correctly!

Click here to read the article
from The Wall Street Journal.


Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Wishing you a knotty ‘n nice Christmas Day! ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #27 💜 world pasta day

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 27th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is a crafty “World Pasta Day” 🙂
— Sunday the 25th of October —
Click images to view original source links.


Texture units of the yellow and orange pasta with the image of the heart in the middle, stock photo | ColourBox

It seems there is a “day” for everything, these days! And on Sunday this weekend, it was  “World Pasta Day“. Did you celebrate pasta in some way?

Pasta Party crochet pattern by Normalynn Hood

spaghetti knitting via chopkins blogspot

Did you know there are over 600 shapes of pasta? wOw… +600!!! I’m thinking any shape will do for most of us—as long as it tastes good… Anyone who enjoys crafting with pasta will care more about its shape/detail… Especially those talented cooks who like to make homemade pasta from scratch! Speaking of which… Here is a recipe for Fresh “Knitting Needle” Pasta with Goat Sauce—from My Calabria by Rosetta Costantino and Janet Fletcher. Recipe includes tips for using an actual knitting needle in the traditional pasta-making technique!

Plus of course, pasta’s long shelf life makes it a good choice for food hampers/donations 🙂



Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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One day past the pasta date.. ♥ Jackie

Here I am… the embroidered-leaf artistry of Hillary Fayle ♥ for Canada Day!


Click image to view more of Hillary Fayle’s leaf artistry!

July 1st is Canada Day!

To celebrate, I thought it’d be fun to showcase the magnificently stitched maple leaf artistry of American artisan Hillary Fayle. Every single piece of Hillary’s suspended embroidery work is spectacular!!! But if I had to choose a favourite, it’d be her red maple leaf
… since y’ know, I am Canadian!

Take a moment to browse her website… You’ll be glad you did 🙂 Can you pick a favourite?

That’s all for now… Wishing eveyone a happy, safe and fun Canada Day! As well, wishing a happy 4th of July to Hillary Fayle and all our American neighbours visiting my blog today!

Peace to all! ♥ Jackie

hillary fayle

My name is Hillary and this is my art. I am all about creating beautiful things carefully and with regard for the planet. I try to use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials for my art, which has really defined what I do as an artist. Currently I am working with leaves as a primary material, which I coat in a non-toxic preservative and either cut them or stitch them to create delicate patterns which reflect the beauty of the natural world.  Enjoy!

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the KWH iPad Show #7 💜 my birthday yarn stash

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 7th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is the frill of the yarn . . .
which I’ve draped dreamily to decorate the
late-to-be-leafy trees in our backyard 🙂

Last month, my birthday heart’s desire was for another yarn-filled year with hubby ♥ But then my iMac died… quickly dashing any yarn stashing I’d planned 😦 Ohhh, but have I told you lately how he loves me?

May long-weekend foliage

He loves me SO much that…

On April 29th, one day before my 15% off birthday discount voucher from Herrschners was due to expire, he actually reminded and encouraged me to use the coupon to buy MORE yarn! Yup, you read that correctly 😉 More yarn, after all the years I’ve spent stretching our home’s yarn stashing capacity. That’s love, I say… true love! And so, to Herrschners I went!

My target was $150.00, since that amount seems the best deal for shipping. It was delivered in time for the May (aka Victoria Day) long weekend, when our trees were still leafless and bare. So dressing the trees in frilly yarn was good yarn bombing fun 😉 Now a week later, they are fully-dressed in foliage and the yarn is stashed back inside!

boxed birthday yarn stash from Herrschners

My birthday yarn stash box includes:

Sundance Chantilly Frill yarn 3-pack
—> 3 balls each onyx/fantasy
Northlands Notion wool yarn 5-pack
—> 5 balls each black/denim/berry/olive/putty
Luminous Assortment 10-pack
—> 3 balls each emerald/lipstick
—> 2 balls each ice/frost
Northlands Cavern Multis yarn
—> 1 ball spectra
Dimensions: Learn Needle Felting Kit
Brass Findings Starter Kit
Luxite Double End Crochet Hook size Q-17
Hearts Candy Mold
Plus, yet another 10% off voucher
for my next Herrschners order 🙂

NOTE: I am simply a customer writing this of my own accord—not affiliated with Herrschners in any way.

In addition to yarn, I’m so glad to finally get my hands on a few crafty tools that have been on my “list” for a while. Inspiration for the heart candy mold came from reading  this post by Janice at TSB 🙂 And with approximate yarn sale savings of $250 + vouchers ($375 according to SRP), I’m pretty pleased with my birthday yarn stash purchase… totalling $139.73 shipping/taxes included 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥

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Tree cheers for yarny b-days! ♥ Jackie

the Heart of Christmas ♥ hearty handknit decorations

close-up of stair railing decorated with handknit hearts

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wishing you a merrily heartfelt Christmas and a happily decorated staircase! We don’t have a Christmas tree. What we do have is a lot of yarn and handknit heart decorations. And since decorating the staircase was so much fun last year, I thought it might be fun to do it again this year 🙂 Hmmm… could this be the start of a new tradition?!? How many years does it take to build a tradition?

Anyway, yarn is always fun to play around with and take photos of—before and/or after it is knit up 🙂 As you may recall, these are the same backyard photo props from last week’s “deck the yard with hearts of yarn-y” post. Yup… lots of good, clean, indoor/outdoor hearty yarn-bombing fun going on around here! Stay tuned to this blog for more details on making your own hearty “how to’s” in 2015!

May your heart overflow with
love, joy, happiness and peace…
at Christmas time and
throughout the new year.

Merry Christmas! ♥ Jackie

how to make a heartfelted Bramble♥tini loop ornament

how to make a heartfelted Bramble❤tini loop ornament ||| Knitting With Heart

Have you been getting enough natural fibre in your yarn diet this month? For those who have been following along with all the fun and informative WOVEMBER “sheep’s fleece” of festivities, the answer will quite likely be “YES!” . . . Every year in November, the UK-based Wovember fibre movement is all about the wool—100% wool! Wovember is like shepherds feeding and leading the global wool-lovin’ flock through month-long celebrations of sheep and all things wool. It truly is the most wool-erful time of the year! ♥ My hope, having reblogged the Wovember WAL earlier this month, had been to join their Ravelry WAL. Now with the month winding down, that hope (for this year) is dashed. Yet in keeping with the spirit of woolliness, I do have a bit of Christmas felting “magic” to share with you all…

how to make a heartfelted Bramble❤tini loop ornament ||| Knitting With HeartFirst, you’ll need to purchase my Bramble♥tini Heart knitting pattern — $1.50 PDF — and knit the tiny 2-sided heart from feltable wool. Then, after barely any weaving in of loose ends, simply felt the yarn tails into a “magical” loop. And voilà, your hand-knit Bramble♥tini heart-shaped decoration is ready to be hung (on the tree, mantle, hook, doorknob, pretty well anywhere…) with care! Could this be the beginning of a hand-made tradition? ♥
Check it out and begin knitting your world full of hearts today! NOTE: these are fabulously fun gifts to knit, so it’s quite likely you’ll find yourself spreading the love and sharing smiles along the way 🙂

The single-colour Bramble♥tini Heart pictured above, was knit using US size 6/4mm needles and approximately 6 yards/5.5 metres of Herrschners worsted weight 100% wool. And since serendipity truly loves the Bramble♥tini Heart, any yarn/needle size of your choosing may be used! Non-felted yarn loops may be attached later. For felted loops, be sure to always use feltable wool and follow the 3-STEP TUTORIAL on “How to Make a Felted Loop for Hanging all your Bramble♥tini Heart-Shaped Hand-Knit Decorations”.


make secure payment via PayPal at:  Ravelry  Craftsy
& help feed an aspiring fibre artist (me) !!!


Wishing you many happy & hearty seasons of knitting! ♥ Jackie

Have no fear… the Pumpkin Bramble❤tini Boooookmark is here!

Bramble❤tini bookmarkTonight is halloween. And since I love pumpkins, I thought it’d be nice to spice things up and treat myself to a pumkin-ized Bramble❤tini Heart Boooookmark… Mmwah hahahahaaa…
What do you think of it? I think it’s a neat little treat—not scary at all. And the only trick was a cinch, since my stash just happened to have “pumpkin” coloured yarn 😉

You can buy this pattern today for just $1.50, via Craftsy and Ravelry (I’m still trying to figure out how to add a PayPal link directly to this blog). Then you can start knitting your very own Bramble❤tini Heart “pumpkin patch” right away, using pumpkin/harvest coloured yarns 🙂


The pattern PDF includes instructions to knit
2-sided AND 1-sided Bramble❤tini Hearts.


HOW TO MAKE: the Bramble❤tini Heart Bookmark with a drawstring loop
(as pictured, featuring flexible design to fit various sizes of books).

1. Knit a heart.
 — knit either one 2-sided heart,
— — or knit two 1-sided hearts (increasing needle size to make the back heart
— — slightly larger than the front, then sewing the two 1-sided hearts together).
2. Cut a length of yarn.
 — I used a strand measuring approximately 3x the height of my book.
3. Secure one end of the yarn strand to inside (WS) of the 2 sides.
4. Insert the other yarn end (out toward RS) through the heart’s backside B&T.
 — pull just enough to tie a big knot, making this your pull-tab end.

Bramble❤tini bookmark BACK

That’s it!
Wrap the loop around your book and never lose your page again 🙂
And remember, I’m right here if anyone has any questions.

Need more pumpkin ideas?
Pick something pinteresting from this pumpkin patch of links…

Keep Safe ❤ Jackie


Today is “I LOVE YARN DAY” ❤ more loops, less hoop d’ loop!

I love yarn day 2013 logo

Today is I LOVE YARN DAY … and we the knitters, crocheters & crafters (lovers of yarn that we are)
LOVE to increase our yarn! Yes it’s true, we’ve all
let our stitches slip, once in a while. And the fact is,
there will be days when we’ll need to drop them
altogether. Even so, we all know that the key to
any raised increase is to fundamentally alternate
with a row or more of solid, foundational, good ol’ fashioned knit & purl or single crochet stitches.

But today is I LOVE YARN DAY … and we the knitters, crocheters & crafters
(lovers of yarn that we are) live in pursuit of a good yarn on the selvage!
We continually gauge ourselves, while planning every strategically slipped,
dropped and/or most basic of stitches. And we are mindful of the fact that,
as with any good yarn, every loose end will eventually need to be woven in.

Maybe if politicians all knew how to knit, the fabric of life
would be constructed of more loops with fewer hoop d’ loop… ?!?

One more note, in the spirit of today’s “birds of a feather” theme…
Thanksgiving Day in Canada is this weekend—on Monday, October 14th. 🙂
We are thankful and looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with family.
Yes, our family and turkey feast with all the trimmings is a mere 13 hour drive away!

And if a certain rafter group decides to talk turkey?
Well, then everyone will be thankful to be able to get back to work!

Happy Thanksgiving ❤ Jackie

family ❤ summertime spun

toast-spindle to the clear blue summer sky

Well, here we are… I must have blinked… because we’re suddenly half-way through the second half of August! Can you believe it?!? Yep, the days are definitely getting shorter. 😦 Daytime highs are still hanging-in, up there… Overnight lows are beginning to dip a bit, though. These days, we’re lovin’ sleeping under the covers with the windows open to the crisp night air. Still, wouldn’t it be great to have a summertime “pause” button right about now?

For me, summer is the one season that is always too short. This is especially true since we moved here. Around here, that “other” season hogs half the year by blanketing us in that fluffy 4-letter-word (which shall remain nameless) that falls from the skies! Then there’s those messy spring and fall seasons, which tend to stir up an unsettled mix of weather through most of the rest of the year. Thus, in my effort to make the most of the past several weeks, it appears that my blog has been left napping in the sun… I hope you don’t feel forgotten!

Oh, but thank goodness for facebook, right? Interacting with you on my Knitting With Heart facebook page is a quick way to have some good ol’ fibrous fun! It’s been fun for me, anyway… and I hope for you too 🙂 Thank you for joining me here, and there, from everywhere! ❤

Continuing from my previous post, Helen’s visit was sure a lot of fun! Upon her arrival, one of the first things she noticed was my spindle (tucked behind a living room chair). She asked, “what’s that?” (in her non-crafter-yet-highly-intrigued voice). “That’s my turkish drop spindle from Knit Picks”, I said… then demonstrated how I’ve been spinning newsprint into yarn. Unbeknownst to us, my husband was inspired to point the iPad our way for a quick clip. Had it BEEN known to us, I’d at least have not worn my glasses on my chin… yeesh!!! . . . NOTE: in his quest to capture an impromptu moment, he did not (for fear of incessant re-takes, no doubt) divulge his efforts until later… lol … And so it’s not skydiving, but it is a fun memory! Besides, the recycling of paper into yarn does lend itself toward a favourable, earth-friendly view. It’s just from a different perspective than skydiving 😀

Now let us raise our spindles in a toast to the clear blue summer sky!
It’s always summer somewhere, right?!? ❤ Jackie

the Frog Days of Summer

lace knitting on the porch

As you look at this photo… 
tell me, what do you see?
There in the background… 
Do you see a familiar tree?

Do you see a tree knitting 
alongside of (you &) me? 
That’s “Lady Knit Foliage” 
growing left of the beam…
dressed naturally in

As you look a bit closer…
tell me, what do you see?
Draped there
on the chair… 
It’s my seemingly endless
knit’s dream 

❤ ❤ ❤

Yes, the lovely lace WIP (WIP aka “work in progress”) draped across the lawn chair has seen many seasons and been on my needles since forever. I’d hoped to have whipped this WIP into a FO (FO aka “finished object/project”) by now, but it spends too much time in the frog pond for that. At this point, I’ve decided it shall become a lacy summer cover-up! Only the thing’s been frogged (frogged aka “unraveled… rip it, rip it, rip it…”) so many times that I’m wondering whether the yarn really ought to have been dyed green! One certainty throughout is that cotton yarn frogs super-well! Frogged it once again today, whether for pleasure or good measure… 😉

And hey, can you believe it is already August? July always speeds by so quick! Back in April, I’d hung my summer dreams on a weather statistic which suggested a possibly hotter than average July. And it was, sort of… But the best part of our summer so far was last week. That’s when Helen, my husband’s super-awesome-fun cousin (her friend wrote a blog post about her here), came to visit from Ohio! We’d been looking forward to her visit for months! So of course, the weather was great until her arrival, and again upon her plane’s departure. Isn’t that always the way 😦

Now she’s back home…  and July is over… and I feel like we’ve been away for a while too! My inboxes are bursting with blogful updates (can’t wait to get reading ’em)… and our hearts are filled with fresh memories, which our iPads have pixelated for posterity ❤

Coming up, I’ll post pics of our sight-seeing and fun yarn adventures 🙂
Between posts, I’ll be working at that lace WIP of mine…
I’m still hoping to wear it this season!

ttys ❤ Jackie

Now on facebook ❤ . . . luv ‘n stitches for our tired old world!

KWH facebook cover photo


Yes, it’s true!
(finally) joined the facebook party… woohoo!!! 

We’ll have a fun time interacting together…
over @ my “Knitting With Heart” facebook page!
So come on over 🙂   I hope you will “LIKE” it too  ❤

The page is brand spanking new, so there’s not a lot posted yet. My purpose for the page is two-fold. First, knitting fun! Second, knitting fun without boring my non-knitting family members to tears! My new “Knitting With Heart” page will feature posts to my blog, as well as various links that I find interesting along the way. Links to my original knitting patterns (as they become available) will also be featured on this page.

And so, here we go…
dipping another toe into the vast sea of social media!
Looking forward to some yarn good fun!

fb soon! ❤ Jackie

Chilly enough for a Warm Winter Giveaway!

Hello All 🙂 . Here in north-central Alberta, we’re now one month into spring. One quick glance from the calendar to the slow-melting scene outside, though, will immediately confirm that our weather is falling way behind schedule. Yesterday was gorgeous at +8ºC. It was great to knit out there in direct sun for a bit 🙂 This has helped re-charge my summer knitting hopes, and I remain certain that the snow will all melt in time for autumn’s first snowfall… ughhh! But what is a wanna-be-knitting-outside knitter to do?!? . . . Enter the “Woolhogs—online natural fibres shop” yarn give-away! That ought to turn any boohoo’s into woohoo’s 🙂 . . . Thank you Woolhogs, for interrupting my wintery thoughts with this exotic yarn giveaway. The mere thought of winning is like a mini-vacation. It’s like an escape to the land of African Expression in the form of HARMONY 100% Merino wool 🙂 . . . And thank goodness I’ve been following the KnitXpressions blog. Otherwise, this woolly thought might’ve come and gone without my ever realizing it 🙂 . . . Enter now! Winner will be announced on Monday, April 22nd. Good luck! ❤ Jackie


give away african expressions copy

It’s as simple as that!

Please LIKE Woolhogs on FB and then LIKE & SHARE this pic to be in with a chance of winning this warm little winter stash of 8 x balls African Expression HARMONY 100% Merino wool in Beige, Cream, Charcoal & Deep Red!

Winner will be announced on Monday the 22nd of April

* if you are not a Facebook user, please REBLOGG this post – if you want to reblogg is anyway, GO WILD!!!

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LOVE is in the Air . . . a Sweetie♥KNIT♥Heart Valentine Card Tutorial

Valentine’s Day will soon be here…
and LOVE is in the air  ♥

Heart-shaped symbols of love are fun
seem—these days—to be EVERY where!

Now make your own and spread sweet thoughts,
using paper & yarn & love . . . who needs bought?!

papers to make Valentine Postcard project

Paper & Yarn in Perfect Harmony…
because we’d all like to add a hand-knit touch
to our own crafty Valentine cards!

♥ ♥ ♥

Well it feels like forever, yet it’s only been a few weeks since I began working on this (my first) tutorial. Now that it’s posted, I sure hope you like it! Please let me know what you think… especially if you spot something I’ve missed. Thanks! Your constructive critiquing is both valuable and appreciated.

This tutorial is a fun, easy way to knit a little 3-dimensional love into your Valentine cards! And we all know our tired, old world could use a refreshing breath of (hand-knit heart) love right about now! ♥ And would it surprise anyone to hear that my inspiration for this card was found on Pinterest? Yes, hearts are simply everywhere, including my Sweetie♥KNIT♥Heart at the heart of my own creative Valentine queue ♥

Here is a list of tools/supplies/materials you will need for this project. In my previous post, I mentioned there would be 2 separate templates for the card’s graphic. These 2 layouts are now combined onto a single template. That way, you can print/trim one template sheet and immediately have 2 layouts to choose from. 🙂

This tutorial is 6 pages in length, including 3 template pages.

“LOVE is in the air” Sweetie♥KNIT♥Valentine POSTcard Tutorial

4.25”/10.8 cms wide x 5.5”/14 cms high

❥ US size 6 (4 mm) needles
❥ 3 handknit Sweetie♥KNIT♥Hearts per card
❥ approx 5’ (1.5 m) worsted weight yarn per handknit heart

❥ 1 sheet 8.5” x 11” white laser paper—to print the card’s graphic template
❥ 1 sheet 8.5” x 11” coloured laser card stock—to print the card’s matting template
❥ 1 sheet 8.5” x 11” white laser paper— to print the heart-shaped envelope template
❥ 1 sheet 8.5” x 11” coloured paper—to make each heart-shaped envelope from template

❥ scissors
❥ craft knife, ruler and safe cutting surface (guillotine-style paper cutter, if you have one)
❥ large-eyed yarn needle
❥ computer with printer—to print the PDF templates
❥ sticker(s) to seal and/or decorate the envelope

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day  ♥  Jackie


I love yarn day logo

I love yarn…
cotton, wool, paper or plastic.
I love yarn…
and think my stash is fantastic!

I love yarn tails…
when they’re hidden in fabrics.
I love yarn tales…
spun from words into dramatics.

I love yarn…
knit in the shape of a heart.
I love yarn tales…
with Cary Grant knitting his part!


poem written by
Jackie Loewen © 2012

Lady Knit Foliage

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All summer long, when the weather is fair,
you can bet your hand-made booties
that I’ll be knitting outside somewhere!

Then one day out there, I looked over to see
Lady Knit Foliage busy alongside of me!
She bears a striking resemblance to Sunbonnet Sue
Looks that way to me, anyhoo 😉 How about you?

So the next thing I knew,
I was humming this happy tune:

… c’mon ‘n sing it with me …

Lady Knit Foliage sitting in a tree,
k – n – I – t – t – I – n – g
first came the buds,
then came the blossoms,
then came all the leaves…
turning golden shades of autumn.

Wishing you all fair knitting weather for fall ❤ Jackie