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#47 💜 TAG … you’re knit!

the KWH iPad Show logo

BrambleTINI loose ends

Hello & Welcome to my 47th episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is a handicrafter’s round of custom copyright tag(s) for anyone game to knit my designs 🙂

But first, we’re home safe ‘n sound from our road trip! The wedding got off with just one required “hitch” ❤ But then, the internet went down unexpectedly… And it stayed down until long after everyone had returned home :-/ Can you imagine a house full of social networking text-craved adult family left to communicate the old-fashioned way?!? LoL 😉 Fortunately for me, my blog post got published in time… whew! Now several disconnected days later, my inbox again/still/continually runneth seriously over! I’ve managed to at least cover all your lovely comments, ‘though that hasn’t reduced this current cyber-shemozzle by much :-/

One comment—enquiring whether it’d be okay to appliqué my Sweetie♥KNIT♥Heart knitting pattern onto handcrafted hats for sale—was actually the inspiration for this post… Thanks again Nancy! In this “what’s yours is mine” world, respect for copyright warms my heart ❤

So now it’s official… Anyone wishing to enhance their items for sale or gifting may use my designs—provided you include a copy of the applicable printable tag(s) provided here by me. As well, I’d love to share pictures of your hearty creations. So please feel free to leave a link in the comments section below to show off your work! 🙂

Sweetie♥TAG printable

Sweetie♥TAG printable

BrambleTini♥TAG printable

BrambleTini♥TAG printable


Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

–— 💜 Have you thought about buying a copy of my knitting pattern today? 💜

♥ ♥ ♥

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Tag someone with a handknit heart today! ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #33 💜 knotty, yet merry nice!

Christmas gift with heart & yarn embellishment

front door Christmas lights

Hello & Welcome
to my 33rd episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is upcoming photos of
our decorated Christmas 2015 staircase 🙂

Sweetie💜Heart yarn and gift wrap

Merry Christmas Morning,




For the past couple of years—see Christmas Day 2013 & 2014—I’ve been decorating our staircase (in lieu of the Christmas tree we don’t have), then posting photos of my festive yarn bombing decor to the blog on Christmas Day 🙂

That tradition continues this year, although it is running a bit late… :-/ I’ll have photos for my next blog post! 

Ah well, inspiration can sometimes take time… while the calendar waits for no one. Add to that my “procraftinator” tendencies and you get yarnful knotty-ness that will soon be nice 🙂

Lola comic — craftination — Lion Brand Yarn

And speaking of knots…

Did you know there’s a group on Ravelry that actually looks for and forward to untangling “opportunities” with yarny messes? Yup, you read that correctly!

Click here to read the article
from The Wall Street Journal.


Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

–— 💜 Have you thought about buying a copy of my knitting pattern today? 💜

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Thank you for visiting my Knitting With Heart blog today!
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Wishing you a knotty ‘n nice Christmas Day! ♥ Jackie

for the love of Sweetie♥Hearts

frowning Mac computer
frowning Mac computer

image found via google images

It’s been a whole week since I’ve seen my iMac’s smiling “Finder” face. One week filled with and dominated by 2-finger typing, anxious hair-pulling moments of frustration, very little inbox upkeep and oodles of googles—technically inclined google searches guaranteed to cause drowsiness… So yeah, I miss my iMac 😦 How about you? Has your normal computing world ever been yanked from under you?

Then today (well actually it was more like the day before yesterday, seeing as I’m progressing at slowmo iPad blogging speed), I was sitting here trying to motivate myself toward some form of creative focus within this newfound iPad blogging world… and remembered that this is/was an anniversary day!

That’s right, it’s the second year anniversary since my Sweetie♥KNIT♥Heart FREE knitting pattern made its world-wide debut on this blog 🙂 Back then, my newbie blogful self was a nervous wreck over every single keystroke. Getting this first heart-shaped pattern posted in time for my loving husband’s birthday (May 5th) was my main goal. And ever since then, there’s been barely a day when the Sweetie♥KNIT♥Heart has not been downloaded somewhere in the world via this KWH blog, Ravelry or Craftsy 🙂

So, BIG Thank You ♥ to everyone for sharing/liking/networking links from my blog! It’s always a thrill to find my designs shared on other blogs, online pattern directories, and social networking sites! 🙂 I’m sure to have missed many of these, but have thoroughly enjoyed virtual meet-ups with all the links I did manage to locate. Please do me a favour and let me know if you’ve cared to share my links somewhere—because I’d love to meet you and know you’re there! ♥

On that note, this second episode of the KWH iPad Show is a wrap. It only took me a few days and a couple of fingers to type/edit this post of 300 or so words 😛 The next episode will be less tedious, hopefully… But for now this is done 🙂 Always good to be “doing”, but getting “done” is much better!

Happy Computing ♥ Jackie


Yuletide carols ❤ … and folks dressed up like Eskimos

Yuletide carols ❤ ... and folks dressed up like Eskimos ||| Knitting With Heart

It took a few tries, but I finally caught the
sun’s star atop our backyard Christmas tree ❤

O Tannenbaum  O Christmas Tree…
How lovely are your branches!
Through summer sun and winter snow…
& topped with sunset’s “star” aglow!


It’s beginning to look a lot like
the North Pole… everywhere we go!
According to the calendar, winter doesn’t start until Saturday. But when it comes to winter, we are always ahead of schedule. Saturday will also be our darkest day with nearly 17 hours of night. And while some parts of Canada might still be dreaming of a white Christmas, we never need to dream… because we are living that dream! In little more than one month, our fields have been blanketed with two-thirds (2/3) our average winter’s worth of the white stuff. Thus, we’ve already been dashing through the snow in our horsepowered-enclosed sleighs! At this rate, well……… ‘guess we’ll just let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Could this be the beginning of another record-breaking snow year?!?

Yuletide carols ❤ ... and folks dressed up like Eskimos ||| Knitting With Heart

. . . image found on facebook


And oh the weather outside has been frightful!
Weekend mild temperatures hovered near, and even above, freezing. And although this runs the risk of icy conditions from freezing rain, it’s still a nice break from our solid week or so prior to that—when we’d found ourselves living at the centre of a minus-40ºC/F Arctic deep freeze! Getting stuck at the centre of an Arctic air mass is the coldest place you ever wouldn’t want to be… And oh baby, it is COLD when temperatures go toe-to-toe with the North freakin’ Pole!!! You may have felt its chilling effects too, since this massive system of cold air actually clawed clear through to Oklahoma and Texas in the southern USA.

outside the snow is falling
and Randy comes calling “on cue” …
More often than not, we’ve missed seeing him in action
(but think he humbly prefers it that way). We’ve also lost
track of the number of times he’s been by. Still, whenever
it snows, our “snow angel” neighbour Randy makes time
to be kind and clears a few of our neighbouring driveways ❤

Randy doesn’t know it yet, but you can be sure I’m knitting something extra special just for him! More about that next time. And are you knitting Christmas gifts too? Have you seen my patterns for heart-shaped hand-knits? They make great stocking stuffers, tree decorations and more!

Check out the links below and add a little extra love to your “knit list” this season 🙂


my Bramble❤tini heart-shaped
knitting pattern for just $1.50 today!
via Ravelry  Craftsy

my Sweetie❤Knit❤Heart heart-shaped
FREE knitting pattern today!
via Ravelry  Craftsy

— feel FREE to SHARE these LINKS online —


May your days be merry and bright…
And may all your Christmases be white!  Jackie

Have no fear… the Pumpkin Bramble❤tini Boooookmark is here!

Bramble❤tini bookmarkTonight is halloween. And since I love pumpkins, I thought it’d be nice to spice things up and treat myself to a pumkin-ized Bramble❤tini Heart Boooookmark… Mmwah hahahahaaa…
What do you think of it? I think it’s a neat little treat—not scary at all. And the only trick was a cinch, since my stash just happened to have “pumpkin” coloured yarn 😉

You can buy this pattern today for just $1.50, via Craftsy and Ravelry (I’m still trying to figure out how to add a PayPal link directly to this blog). Then you can start knitting your very own Bramble❤tini Heart “pumpkin patch” right away, using pumpkin/harvest coloured yarns 🙂


The pattern PDF includes instructions to knit
2-sided AND 1-sided Bramble❤tini Hearts.


HOW TO MAKE: the Bramble❤tini Heart Bookmark with a drawstring loop
(as pictured, featuring flexible design to fit various sizes of books).

1. Knit a heart.
 — knit either one 2-sided heart,
— — or knit two 1-sided hearts (increasing needle size to make the back heart
— — slightly larger than the front, then sewing the two 1-sided hearts together).
2. Cut a length of yarn.
 — I used a strand measuring approximately 3x the height of my book.
3. Secure one end of the yarn strand to inside (WS) of the 2 sides.
4. Insert the other yarn end (out toward RS) through the heart’s backside B&T.
 — pull just enough to tie a big knot, making this your pull-tab end.

Bramble❤tini bookmark BACK

That’s it!
Wrap the loop around your book and never lose your page again 🙂
And remember, I’m right here if anyone has any questions.

Need more pumpkin ideas?
Pick something pinteresting from this pumpkin patch of links…

Keep Safe ❤ Jackie


Introducing… my Bramble♥tini Heart knitting pattern

Today, it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you my
own original Bramble♥tini heart-shaped knitting pattern design!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you will check it out now and like what you see 🙂
I hope you will like what you see and send it to your checkout!
Most of all, I hope you will “♥” it as much as I do!

Good things come in small packages, they say…
And if you’ve already knit the Sweetie♥KNIT♥Heart,
then the Bramble♥tini Heart is just a bit bigger…
So think hearty thoughts, because you’re ready to knit it up!

The Bramble♥tini Heart knitting pattern
is available for purchase @ Ravelry & Craftsy.

Purchase the 3-page PDF today and start knitting
single- or double-sided Bramble♥tini Hearts tonight,
using your choice of yarn in 1-4 colours per heart.

BrambleTINI_introLooking forward to hearing what you think… ♥ Jackie

the Frog Days of Summer

lace knitting on the porch

As you look at this photo… 
tell me, what do you see?
There in the background… 
Do you see a familiar tree?

Do you see a tree knitting 
alongside of (you &) me? 
That’s “Lady Knit Foliage” 
growing left of the beam…
dressed naturally in

As you look a bit closer…
tell me, what do you see?
Draped there
on the chair… 
It’s my seemingly endless
knit’s dream 

❤ ❤ ❤

Yes, the lovely lace WIP (WIP aka “work in progress”) draped across the lawn chair has seen many seasons and been on my needles since forever. I’d hoped to have whipped this WIP into a FO (FO aka “finished object/project”) by now, but it spends too much time in the frog pond for that. At this point, I’ve decided it shall become a lacy summer cover-up! Only the thing’s been frogged (frogged aka “unraveled… rip it, rip it, rip it…”) so many times that I’m wondering whether the yarn really ought to have been dyed green! One certainty throughout is that cotton yarn frogs super-well! Frogged it once again today, whether for pleasure or good measure… 😉

And hey, can you believe it is already August? July always speeds by so quick! Back in April, I’d hung my summer dreams on a weather statistic which suggested a possibly hotter than average July. And it was, sort of… But the best part of our summer so far was last week. That’s when Helen, my husband’s super-awesome-fun cousin (her friend wrote a blog post about her here), came to visit from Ohio! We’d been looking forward to her visit for months! So of course, the weather was great until her arrival, and again upon her plane’s departure. Isn’t that always the way 😦

Now she’s back home…  and July is over… and I feel like we’ve been away for a while too! My inboxes are bursting with blogful updates (can’t wait to get reading ’em)… and our hearts are filled with fresh memories, which our iPads have pixelated for posterity ❤

Coming up, I’ll post pics of our sight-seeing and fun yarn adventures 🙂
Between posts, I’ll be working at that lace WIP of mine…
I’m still hoping to wear it this season!

ttys ❤ Jackie

Chilly enough for a Warm Winter Giveaway!

Hello All 🙂 . Here in north-central Alberta, we’re now one month into spring. One quick glance from the calendar to the slow-melting scene outside, though, will immediately confirm that our weather is falling way behind schedule. Yesterday was gorgeous at +8ºC. It was great to knit out there in direct sun for a bit 🙂 This has helped re-charge my summer knitting hopes, and I remain certain that the snow will all melt in time for autumn’s first snowfall… ughhh! But what is a wanna-be-knitting-outside knitter to do?!? . . . Enter the “Woolhogs—online natural fibres shop” yarn give-away! That ought to turn any boohoo’s into woohoo’s 🙂 . . . Thank you Woolhogs, for interrupting my wintery thoughts with this exotic yarn giveaway. The mere thought of winning is like a mini-vacation. It’s like an escape to the land of African Expression in the form of HARMONY 100% Merino wool 🙂 . . . And thank goodness I’ve been following the KnitXpressions blog. Otherwise, this woolly thought might’ve come and gone without my ever realizing it 🙂 . . . Enter now! Winner will be announced on Monday, April 22nd. Good luck! ❤ Jackie


give away african expressions copy

It’s as simple as that!

Please LIKE Woolhogs on FB and then LIKE & SHARE this pic to be in with a chance of winning this warm little winter stash of 8 x balls African Expression HARMONY 100% Merino wool in Beige, Cream, Charcoal & Deep Red!

Winner will be announced on Monday the 22nd of April

* if you are not a Facebook user, please REBLOGG this post – if you want to reblogg is anyway, GO WILD!!!

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a Liebster Blog Award Nomination . . . for who?!?

Now then, let us continue, without further ado…
this Leibster Blog Award is hereby nominated to:

. . . drum roll please . . .

Wait… what’s that? Who did you say? Would you mind repeating that, please? Hmmm… hang on… maybe give me a minute to clean the wax out of my ears. Fine, you’re sure about this then? Well okay… if you say so, but I must be hearing things because it sounded like the one being nominated is ME?!? How can that possibly be?!?

. . . aw-shucks . . .


Seriously though, all playful teasing aside… It is an honour to be recognized for something I’ve been putting my heart into. Yes, there are times when the battle against distraction will inevitably be the cause of major delays. And yes, there are times when figuring out how this whole blogging thing works can get to feeling more like work than play. And then there are those times when I wander around wondering whether anyone really notices anyway… But then there are the cyber-smile times of huge-little supportive moments. Moments when someone online comes alongside ‘n warms your heart with a nudge of approval 🙂

Thank You KnitXpressions ❤ Thanks for filling your own blog with sweet knitting adventures ‘n fun stuff. Thanks for nominating my “Knitting With Heart” blog in the same category as your own! And thank you to all my blogful readers who have nudged me by way of comments, “likes” and follow-ship 🙂

Oh but wait, there’s more!

First of all, in order to receive this award, I am asked to reveal 11 random facts about myself… Yikes! Did you maybe just wanna click on over to the Knitting With Heart gravatar? It will link you up with my Ravelry, Craftsy and Pinterest pages. I believe you can tell a lot about a person by the pins they post, wouldn’t you agree?

Next, more specifically, there are 11 questions from the one who nominated me…
Here we go:
#1. What are you most proud of?
. . . . This year, I am pleased to have finally started this blog!
#2. What makes you happy?
. . . . It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Kindness toward others always makes my heart smile.
#3. What is your most prized possession?
. . . . Love… because life apart from love would be empty worthlessness.
#4. What are you afraid of?
. . . . Pretty much any creepy crawly thing, especially in the dark 😛
#5. Why do you blog?
. . . . To tell my tales of yarn!
#6. How would you describe your style?
. . . . Waste not, want not… I love to make/upcycle something from bits of nothing.
#7. What are you most grateful for?
. . . . God’s gift of eternal life through the life-death-resurrection of Jesus Christ.
#8. What is the best book you have ever read?
. . . . The book of Psalms from the Bible.
#9. What food do you hate?
. . . . Pears. They’re pretty to look at, but taste yucky to me!!!
#10. What is your favorite “guilty pleasure” aka “super dorky” song?
. . . . Truth be told, I must admit to being a fan of the BBC’s “Mister Maker” TV show… which I first discovered quite by accident, while watching TV with my toddler nephew… true story!
#11. What is your favorite holiday?
. . . . Christmas for the birth of Jesus + Easter for the resurrection of Jesus

And finally, in the spirit of carrying forth the tradition of nomination, here are 11 blogs which I am pleased to nominate… Bloggers listed here are asked to respond likewise—answering these 3 sets of 11 questions—in order to accept your own Leibster Blogging Award.

stonechat — for a friendly breeze from (as we say in Canada) across the pond ❤ Bucket List Publications — for getting out there and checking-off that proverbial bucket list! ❤ Wovember — for more than a bale of woolly fluff ❤ IslandEAT — for recipes like the 1897 Chocolate Brownie (the very first published recipe) … yes please, Chef! ❤ Canadian Gift Guide — for a shopping spree of gift ideas ❤ polka-dots & sparkles — for a dot of polka with a sprinkle of sparkle from Down Under ❤ Lord Jesus Saves — for peace ‘n love, so good for the soul ❤ Canadian Hiking Photography — for that scenic WOW! factor ❤ Knitting Revolution — for real world purrrfection of handknit cats ‘n cupcakes  ❤ Agujas — for fibrously woven knitting tales ❤ All She Wants To Do Is Knit — for a bit of a spin on knitting

Thanks again, KnitXpressions… Congratulations to all 11 nominees… And to all a good night!  ❤

What’s YOUR superpower?

my superpower is knitting! t-shirt

My wardrobe really ought to include one of these t-shirts! How about yours? I found it for sale over at Cafe Press. It makes me smile… knowingly 😉

Wearing a t-shirt like this may likely start some interesting conversations, I think. Heck, wearing an empowering t-shirt like this may even cause the wearer to knit faster!?! … faster than a speeding bullet, and able to leap tall cables in a single knitting session!

And so, I begin to wonder…

Wonder whether you maybe, sometimes, possibly ever feel like knitting might perhaps be your superpower? Wonder whether you have ever held a centre-pull ball or skein of yarn in the palm of your hand and just KNOWN what your next FO (finished object) would be? Wonder whether your keen knitty-sense requires your nimble knitting fingers to actually touch the yarn to begin with—in order to envision that future FO on your needles?! And wonder, whenever you KIP (knit in public), whether a curious not-yet-but-wanna-be-knitter onlooker has ever marvelled at the way you and your needles “click” along? And in those moments, whilst you knitterally share your enthusiasm with others, do you feel as though time stands still?

Truly, don’t we all wish we had the power to make time stand still… just long enough for one more row? … just one more row!

Well hey there, superhero 🙂 Did you also happen to know that your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man turns 50 this month! That’s right, I just realized that today, so… Happy Birthday Peter Parker… hatched August 1962.

When you think about it, we knitters share some common senses with Spider-Man… Oh sure, he scales buildings—while we take the stairs and try not to knit ladders … He clings to 90 degree angle surfaces—while we fit our knit fabrics to stand their ground upon any form… And he shoots spider-webs—while we might spin our own yarn tails and tales… Yet we’re practically the same—only different! One difference for sure, is the way Spider-Man uses his “spidey-senses” to fight foes—while we knitters absolutely love, love, LOVE our FO’s (finished objects) !!! We truly do! That’s why we apply every fibre of our knitty-senses toward knitting our WIP’s (works in progress) into FO’s ❤

And so, in honour of this realization of shared senses, here is a Ravelry link you may likely like. It is the “Spiderman-blanket” by AnneM. And even if you’re not a big Marvel Comics fan, you can easily swap-in other colours, for a more fibrous stained glass effect. My thanks to All Free Knitting, for posting a link to this pattern in this week’s Knit Picky newsletter!

Hmmm… this might be an effective KIP (knitting in public) project… all the better to entice knitting-wanna-be bystanders off the onlooker’s fence and into the knitter’s fold!

Now back to the knit-cave… ❤ Jackie