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Flake News! 😳😝😧🤔☃🇨🇦📢

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Hey there… How’s it snowin’, eh? 🇨🇦 It’s been snoOow long since I’ve been gone…
Nearly half a year of impromptu silence from the blog due to real life curveballs.
Yup, some heavy stuff snuffed my focus until I finally dropped the blogful ball ☹️
But through it all, I’ve learned to lean more deeply upon the LORD Jesus Christ ✝
Whatever happens… once you choose to follow Jesus, He will be your ALL and
His strength will comfort, sustain, carry and pull you through all life’s valleys ❤ 

By now, the Canadian geese have been squawking to and fro for weeks.
And after this week’s snow, I’m sure they’ll instinctively fly south soon
Time truly flies, whether or not anyone’s having fun! But how can it be
mid-September with our first snow-scape already over and done?!? 😮
Last time we saw September snow was 2014, making our wild weather
all the more normal—here at the 53rd N parallel on the Alberta prairies.

SnoOowww… hope your weather’s treating you well 😎
Fun to catch these snowful pics while they lasted, but sure
hope our summer’s still got some high temps in the tank!
Well at least it roused me from blogful hibernation, right? 😉 



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Wishing you well with your weather! ♥ Jackie

#63 💜 a very special day in May

watermelon & roll kuchen patio picnic

buds on lilac bush

⬆️ Click to view lilacs in full bloom.

Hello & Welcome to my 63rd episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is my dear, sweet husband’s birthday—on this 5th “Cinco de Mayo” day in the 5th month of May ❤

Well it took a few tries, but our snow is finally ALL melted—again, for the 3rd time this season!!! Our trees are barely budding. Red-Winged Blackbirds have returned for another season of sweet summertime tweets. Plus… mid-to-high 20’s ºC temperatures (far preferred over the frozen fluff delivered the morning of my birthday) have bloomed just in time to celebrate hubby’s summer luvin’ personality ❤

Ohhh it’s SO good to finally throw back the flannel, open up the windows, uncover the patio furniture and go outdoors to enjoy everything from breakfast to dinner, yard work and all things crafty! 

Our first (pic-less) patio picnic of 2017 was a menu of pork chops with roasted carrots and potatoes ❤ Today’s photo feast of mouth-waterMELONing roll kuchen (recipe posted here) was actually our last patio picnic from late-August 2016. Yup… that’s how long it’s been since our weather’s felt palatable for outdoor dining :-/ And yes, I do like playin’ with my food… gotta ❤ bits of hearty foodish-ness on a plate… LoL 😉 🙂 


The Tweet Song by Tim Hawkins & Jonnie W.

⬆️ Click to view YouTube video.

Red-Winged Blackbird video

⬆️ Click to view YouTube video.


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Hope you’re enjoying fine summer weather too! 🙂 ♥ Jackie

#61 💜 the snow came back…🙀😿😻…but then all melted the very same day!


Hello & Welcome to my 61st episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is a tangled bit of freshly melted April snow, kitty cats and another blogging milestone 🙂

Want to skip straight to cake? Check out Chef Hurricane’s video below, featuring his how-to for decorating your own Yarn Ball Kitty Cake!

And how ’bout that snow, eh? Yup, our normally wacky weather struck again on April 3rd… SnoOow sweet of spring to gift me this wintery surprise on my birthday! Later that afternoon, my wish came true when it all melted 🙂

April 7th also marked 2 full years since my iMac died and left the blogging to just you, me & my iPad… That’s actually how this whole “KWH iPad Show” thing began, in case you were wondering. An “about” page would be a good place to explain that. I really wanna-oughta- gotta buckle down and do that :-/

Anyhoo, the “KWH iPad Show” is just my way of amusing myself until we can finally replace my old iMac. Who could ever have imagined the show would last 2 years (and counting)… wOw!!! I’m thrilled to know you’re all here and that I didn’t just curl up in a blogless corner, somewhere ❤ 



Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

–— 💜 Have you thought about buying a copy of my knitting pattern today? 💜

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Wishing you a purrr-fectly productive week ahead! 🙂 ♥ Jackie


#60 💜 March snow on a beautiful day


⬆️ Click to read:
via the Heather C. King
– Room to Breathe blog.

Hello & Welcome to my 60th episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is the beauty of our (now melted) March snow-scape 🙂

March was (as always) a wild month of snow, blue skies and beautiful days. It had us dressing for everything from ferocious cold to summery shorts/T-shirt weather. Yup… shorts in March, here at the 53rd parallel N on the Canadian prairies! ❤ It entered like a lamb and inspired me to clown around 😉 But then (from March 7-9), it roared like a lion and raised our snowbanks to waist-height :-/ By month’s end, the snow was pretty well all melted and March felt like a warm ‘n fuzzy lamb… LoL … and that’s sNOw April Fools joke! 😉 

Sure luvin’ this early start to another season of spun in the sun! Literally a breath of fresh air for outdoor knitting, spinning, reading, lunching and yard-work activities! Plus, now that winter’s over and spring’s been sprung, I’m snoOow glad to have paused for pics before all the melting was done!

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Bonus .GIF … woohoo!

Your feedback is important, to me!
So this .gif (photos featured in above slideshow, requiring JavaScript)
is for YOU, Sarah aka MissGentileschi … AND anyone else
whose browser may experience viewing difficulties of my photos :-/

Hope it works! 

March (melted) snowbanks


Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Hope it’s a beautiful day in your neighbourhood! 🙂 ♥ Jackie

#58 💜 awe… snoOow fun!


⬆️ Click to see how to make
Hearty Links with Felted Loops.

Hello & Welcome to my 58th episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is a snowy bit of fibrous fun 😍

Oh how I love to watch snow melt—especially after being surrounded by it since November. Friday’s mild temperatures melted a lot of snow, so I grabbed a few colourful props and ran outside to enjoy the show! Yup… gotta ❤ a good ol’ fibrously fun backyard yarn-bombing photo shoot 🙂 Later that night, a storm blew into town and re-blanketed us in several inches of white :-/ But oh well, it was fun while it lasted…

The golfing clown is a Jean Greenhow design. This half-knitted WIP of mine has been cooped up in the back of my yarn closet for … gulp … years! Really wanna/oughta/gotta get around to finishing that guy! Fun to take him out to play in the snow, though! 😉 Want to try this at home? M’ Snow Lady’s face uses a pink Bramble❤️TINI for her nose and 2 green Hearty Links with Felted Loops for eyes and mouth 🙂



Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Hope everything’s snowing well where you are! 🙂 ♥ Jackie

#42 💜 Shamrockin’ St. Patrick’s Day!

Sweetie❤KNIT❤Shamrocks . . . a free little knitting pattern that felts like Spring!

the KWH iPad Show logo

Sweetie❤KNIT❤Shamrocks . . . a free little knitting pattern that felts like Spring!

Shamrockin' Spring bracelet with split (heart-shaped layout) yarn tails

Hello & Welcome to my 42nd episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s “St. Patrick’s Day” feature is a blogful compilation of my snowy shamrockin’ posts over the past few years 🙂

Our snow has all melted 😀 But mid-March is still early, so this morning’s light dusting of fresh flakes came as no surprise. Spring and the sounds of returning Canadian Geese are definitely in the air, though!

Yup… won’t be long now, before our earthy landscape turns a springy shade of green! March 2013 and March 2014 snowbanks were a different story—see above photos, compared with today’s few flakes. Then last year, the snow melted nearly as fast as this year! The weather was so mild that I happily “planted” a crop of handknit felted shamrock props before it all melted! Click here to view my iPad video.

That’s our normal wild ‘n crazy weather!

The video props include a few Shamrockin’ Spring Bracelets, along with 3-/4-leaf clovers. Unfortunately, my “luck” ran out and DIY instructions for the bracelets never got published in time, before my iMac died 😦 Now one year later, I’m still searching for that ol’ pot of iMac replacement gold at the end of the rainbow… And hoping all those how-to graphics I created are indeed safely locked inside my hard drive!!! :-/

For now, click the following links and see how to knit your own patch of shamrockin’ clover and/or tiny hearts: 



Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Shamrockin’ knit play! ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #30 💜 November snOw


frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 30th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is the season’s first snowfall…
as seen through the eye of my iPad 🙂

iMac at first snowNovemberSnow-back<br />

Hey there…
We’ve got snow!

It’s that snowy time of the year once again, here at the 53rd parallel north on the Canadian prairies. And awe shucks, I haven’t even blogged about my summer or autumn photos… yet!

This year’s first foot of flakey blanketing white fluff arrived Monday morning and continued to fall hard for us until Tuesday afternoon. It’s our first real snowfall since “snow angel” neighbour Randy moved away. And while my husband’s HPP medication is definitely showing signs of healing ((( yay, God heard and is answering our prayers!!! ))) he’s still on crutches. So, this 2015/16 season of snow shovelling is in my hands, which is totally okay. After these past few years of not having to shovel, my nimble knitting muscles are about due for a workout anyway 😉

The first snowfall is always the prettiest. Yet these (now less than 8 hours) short days leading up to winter solstice can be a challenge, when trying to capture glimmers of glistening fresh snowy magic. And so, my trusty iPad and I have been keeping one eye on the sky and a finger on the camera trigger!

Forecasters have predicted we’ll have another winter like last year… And that sounds good to me, since last year was mild! Whatever the case, I’m sure the snow will stick around until mid-to-late April—just like it always does :-/ 🙂 ❤

Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Snow-fully yours… ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #4 💜 snow spun in the sun!

frowning Mac computer


Hello & Welcome
to my 4th episode of the

KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is a mix of fresh snow,
snuggled with a splinter of drop spindling.

What a difference a day or two… or even an hour or two… can make! 

Around here, early to mid spring tends to be dominated by the 4-letter word “wind” 😛 And after 6 years, I’ve noticed that the snow barely melts before the winds pick up. This year, we caught a break when the snow melted early. Now finally, the wind appears to be calming down enough to take my spinning outside.

spintered spindle

duct taped spindle

Tuesday was a fairly breezy day for drop spindling outside. But gosh yarn it… the day was warm and I really wanted to spin newspaper yarn in the sunshine! As well, I’d mended the splintered stem of my wooden drop spindle. (Yup… first my iMac, then my drop spindle… What’s going to break next?!?) And the duct taped “fix” needed to be taken for a test spin! The duct tape worked like a charm, while a wild gust of wind whipped my spin-erfully experimental spool of video tape into a frenzied mess. And with that, my spun in the sun became more of an untangling mission :-/

So like any good blogger, I ran for my trusty iPad in hopes of capturing the wildness in motion. But oh well, at least I got a picture! (See first of 4 photos above).

Later that night, another 10-15 cms / 4-6″ snow storm roared across the region. By morning, we pushed back the flannel covers to discover we’d been blanketed in white… again! … sigh … This first-week-in-May snow thing is getting to be a habit. It’s enough to make you wanna cuddle-up and stay cozy inside. But then by late afternoon, it was all melted anyway. Now the shrubs/leaves are finally budding and our current forecast has me looking forward to more outdoor spinning 😀

♥ ♥ ♥

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Have fun with the weather…  this too shall melt! ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #2 💜 April snow showers

iPad/typewriter image

Hello & Welcome

to another episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is the snow in our backyard,
as see through the camera-eye of my iPad 🙂 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Snow is fun, but watching it melt is usually more fun! Saturday was a great day to watch melting snow, since our area woke up to a whopping 30 cms / 12 inches of it! We slept-in, but don’t mind missing half the show. It was all melted by sundown, anyway. Now that it’s gone, I’m pleased to have captured AND watermarked (what will hopefully be) the final flakes of the season via my iPad 🙂 To do this, I used the WATERMARK online photo editing/watermarking website. Yup, gotta ❤ learning something new—even though my iMac died and my blogging life has been turned upside-down…

Snow is funny stuff, though. It tends to linger, but our trees usually begin budding by Earth Day. This year’s snow melted a month ago, yet it’s been so windy/dry that we’re still waiting to see blooms ‘n buds :-/ April snow showers are nothing unusual, around here. Local old-timers claim to have seen snow every month of the year! Personally, since moving here in 2009, we’ve seen snow once in September and 50% of the time during the first week in May.

someecard — 100% chance of knitting100% chance of knitting

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happy all-season knitting! ♥ Jackie

melting March madness meets colour♥fool SPRING

March this year has brought melting madness our way… not once, but twice! This is exciting stuff!!! Exciting, since we are generally surrounded by snow for 5 months of every year and do not expect noticeable signs of melting until early-ish April. But this winter has been fairly short, with snow arriving in November and melting mid-March 🙂 . . . Plus for our first time since moving here in 2009, March weather has actually been warm enough to sit outside wearing shorts/tank tops. Compare that to 2009, when March temperatures plummeted to -50 with the windchill… And see what I mean?

Yep, this melting March madness stuff is super-exciting!springSnow_KWH5942

But alas, therein lurks a deeper madness… I call it the “flutter-by effect”. That’s when spring gets sprung into action and becomes such a distraction that none of the creative dots can find a decent connection.

So what’s a blogger to do? Let me know if you know. For now, I’m just glad to have connected a couple of blogful dots for this post, gosh-yarn-it! And with snow in the forecast, more dots are bound to get connected soon…

♥  ♥  ♥

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There’s no fool like a snow fool 😉  ♥ Jackie

Happy Spring E-eek-quinox ♥

lawn chairs with fresh snow


Oh snow…
here we snow again!

It had all melted, days before spring…
But now look there at our lawn chairs,
where we’d been sitting (‘n knitting)
outside and everything!

So now spring has arrived,
Canadian Geese honking outside,
trees all are budding and we’re 
celebrating inside, under another
fresh fallen cover of whiteness.

It’s been a fairly wacky year for weather, wouldn’t you say? We had one snowy day in September, followed by one of our mildest, spring-like winter’s ever. And now, spring is looking like winter. There were fresh flakes that fell on the first day of spring 2014, too… Oh and who can forget those spring snowbanks from 2013! Ah well, ‘guess we’ll weather the weather, whether we like it or not 😉 Summer is nice, but it’s just not the same as spelling “Spring” with Christmas garland in the snow!

♥  ♥  ♥

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Hope you’re enjoying your spring, so far!  ♥ Jackie

And snow it begins… setting eyes upon wintery skies ♥

Snowy backyard sunset and tree.
Snowy front yard.

Click image to see my autumn/winter
photos posted from this time last year 🙂

BIG thanks to our kindhearted “mystery”
neighbour (we’re not sure who it was),
for clearing the snow from our driveway!
That was such a pleasant surprise!

‘Tis the start of another season to be jolly about snow shovels and bundling-up in woolly layers to go outdoors for work or play… Fa-la-la-laaa… Yup, snowy days are here again! Time to get the fleece out & put snow tires on the car & spread the bed with flannel & fire-up the furnace!

Still, the snowy white landscape makes everything look bright at night. Plus it looks quite pretty with the sunny blue sky, wouldn’t you say? ‘Guess that’s all white 😉 And do you know what else? It snowed Friday night and we slept-in Saturday morning… waking up to see that a kindhearted “mystery” neighbour had already cleared our driveway! It’s pretty cool—and not a bit flaky—knowing we have neighbours willing to do that!

Well it’s not too frightfully cold—yet, here on the minus end of the mid-November thermometer. But, golly gee whiz… how can it already feel like winter when I haven’t even blogged my autumn foliage and daylily garden bouquet photos yet?!? Hmmm… it might feel warm ‘n fuzzy to post them mid-winter? Yeah, that might be just the ticket to a momentary “mind-cation” escape from the snow 🙂 

For now, set your eyes
upon these wintery skies! ♥ Jackie



Happy Monday ♥ September 8th… oh no, say it ain’t snow!

Happy Monday ❤ September 8th... oh no, say it ain't snow!

Hmmm… September 8th and all the leafy foliage is still green on the trees! So what’s wrong with this picture? Interesting, how there was no mention of the “s” word in our weather forecast. Yet it snowed all morning. This is all that was left by 1:30 pm when I took this photo. All’s well and melted now, with summery conditions in the forecast 🙂 But oh boy, that was a bit of a flakey heart attack!

Is it snowing where you are? In our 5.5 years living here at the 53rd parallel north, we’ve never seen September snow! Just 2 days ago on Saturday, it was 25ºC/77ºF and I was knitting in the sunshine…

Okay, let’s shift gears now. Here is an impromptu clip of our sweetie pie niece (captured during our Niagara vacation). Kids are so cute at that age, aren’t they? 🙂 So adorable, as she munches on a snack—just minding her own business and never realizing we had the iPad pointed right at her 🙂

Anywho, just thought it’d be fun to share this with you 🙂   Jackie

summer’s sweet knitting tweets ❤

baby birdie on lawn chair

summer's sweet knitting tweets ❤Summer around here this year has been one gloriously sun-soaked day after another since the end of June 🙂 Just a few blips on the weather radar and that’s all!

So it’s been a great source for vitamin D, but not a great motivator for getting “inside work” done. And it feels a bit like winning the lottery, too… not that I’d have any idea what that might feel like 😉

Only the last few days have (finally?!?) cooled off a bit. But that’s okay. We’re not done with outdoor patio weather yet! And it’s about time I got down to business anyway—sorting and editing through all those billions of Niagara Peninsula photos from our vacation.

Then today, we saw this baby birdie perched upon my knitting lawn chair. Could that tweetie bird have been looking for me?!? Whatever the case, this moment has inspired me to “tweet” you a message…

Stay tuned for vacation pics (no worries, I’ve whittled them down to a couple dozen), followed by the ever-blooming daylily display. The “stitch tech” page will soon feature knitting techniques your yarn will yearn for. And the “my designs” page has now been updated with a photo slide show and quick links for easier navigation 🙂

wishing you sweet tweets this summer 🙂 ❤ Jackie 

53rd parallel north ♥ 17-hour summer solstice

summer solstice sunset at the 53rd parallel north in Alberta Canada

summer solstice sunset at the 53rd parallel north in Alberta Canada

Happy summer solstice everyone! I hope your summer is off to a great start 🙂 This longest day is my absolute favourite time of the year!!!

Our first day of summer was overflowing with brilliant sunshine and warm 20ºC/70ºF temperatures. It was a bit too breezy to really enjoy knitting outside. But mostly it was extra-long, measuring 17 hours of daylight 😀

Here at the 53rd parallel north on the Canadian prairies, the summer sky begins to brighten by 4:00 AM—with the solstice sunrise at 5:04 AM. Then it finally dims to darkness around 11 PM—with today’s sunset at 10:07 PM.

Totally ♥ ❤ ♥ that and wish EVERY day
could be a summer solstice day!

Here is a link where I’ve been checking out the sunrise/sunset etc times around the world.

Maxine comic: summer solstice on Saturday

Things are brightening up on the inside too. We tried hiring an IT guy, but it was my wonderfully intelligent hubby who finally resuscitated my iMac 🙂 He’s neither Mac user nor IT guy, but he’s super-smart and I always knew he could figure it out! 🙂 ♥

Now after 7 weeks stuck at the “grey screen of death”, I’m pleased to say that my iMac is slowly moving forward and getting back to normal… YAY!!! Getting a computer back to normal seems about as much fun as moving, though, since it takes time for everything to get sorted and put into place again. It’s hard to believe that this post is the first via my iMac since the end of April… yeesh! But summer is here now, and things are looking up! Methinks it’s time for blogging to take on more of a hybrid iPad/iMac style!

Wishing you summer solstice cheer ♥ Jackie

Earth Day ❤ melted Easter snow

TreeMelt_Earth Day ❤ melted Easter snowKWH6904

Just look at all that snow…
Snow that’s not there anymore!
Click this photo to see some
snow-sculpting “Christmasy” fun!

Today marks the seventh day of my self-imposed goal to post three times within a handful of days. Having fewer than seven fingers on each of my hands might suggest that I’ve missed the mark by a couple of days. But oh well, we will simply amend the time allotment (expanding it to include both hands) and write a belated Earth Day post 😉

This third post is different from my original plan, yet better than what I’d hoped to hope for. Remember all the fresh snow from Good Friday? Well spring finally got sprung and the season turned a corner the very next day! There was a sudden surge of warm weather, then “poof” like magic… all that snow was melted away by Saturday!!! Truly, after five solid months under the snow, the landscape is brown and bare. Yet just seeing the bare earth again is a sight for sore eyes! And it sure was good to pull summer shorts from hibernation—baring our pasty Canuck legs to 20ºC (nearly 70ºF) sunshine for the first time in over half a year! 🙂 

Here now are a few earthy spring pics from our neighbourhood canal/pond walking path. It was a great day to take the camera for a fresh-melted photo shoot, featuring a few of my favourite colourfully fibrous hand-knit “toy” prop friends. Expressions of delighted puzzlement from neighbours who were also out for a walk? … priceless!

Hope your Earth Day was fun too  ❤ Jackie

first 10 days of spring ❤ snowy magnitude with an attitude of gratitude near the 53rd latitude

snowbanks viewed from front door
snowbanks viewed froom front door

View of snowbanks from our front door.

How’s it snowing, ‘eh’ ?

Our month of March roared-in like a ferociously frigid lion, this year! Then it got all mild and sweet like a lamb ❤. We recalled happy bits of weather folklore and hoped for an early spring… But then the cat came back (almost the very next day) and finished off the month 😦 Finished it off like a lamb sandwich—with a few days of spring spread between two thick slabs of non-toasted winter white bread.

So now here we are at the start of a new week… A new week filled with the hope of last week’s forecast for springlike temperatures. Hmmm… isn’t it funny how “last week’s” hope for “next week” never quite catches up?!? So hopefully this week will be THE week! It’s bound to be one of these weeks!!! Who knows, with the sun’s more direct angle and longer days, it might be enough to finally get this snowball melting for good. Puddles ‘n slushiness, anyone? 🙂

And with the extra load of snow that was delivered this past week (including today), there’ll be plenty of puddle jumping coming up! Here now is video proof that things around here are all white—white ground coverage, white overcast skies, white roof tops… and over to the far left of the screen is a shoveler of white who is definitely all right! ❤

Relative populations by latitude—USA/CDA/Europe

Relative populations
by latitude of the USA,
Canada and Europe
(image via imgur.com)

Welcome to my world, my spot on the 53rd parallel north. The video is somewhat miserable, while the sunshiny blue skies (as per photo) are more what we’re accustomed to 🙂 Truly, this is “big sky country” and sunshine is never far off. Taking a closer look at that video might warm your heart, though. Notice a man shoveling two doors down? I’m thinking that must be the someone who surprised us by clearing our driveway 🙂 It doesn’t quite look like Randy—and wouldn’t he have used his snowblower anyway? This was such a lovely surprise, since thinking our “snow angel” neighbour Randy was away and I’d already bundled up in preparation to head out with shovel in-hand. BIG THANKS to our mysterious neighbour, whoever you are! ❤

And after the storm, when the sun shines through and true blue skies are back in view, it seems that even the snowbanks look pretty! Pretty with a fresh coat of snowbank paint, which covers all those scraggly old mounds of icy snowbank leftovers that had become rather grey and grubby-looking. That’s the calm AFTER the storm 🙂

As well, here is a link to an interesting article about the 45th parallel. Clicking the following Pinterest link image will take you to where I pinned this well-written article about global latitudes.

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snowy sunsets ❤ sparkling New Year’s skies

snowy sunsets ❤ #10.
Happy 2014 Everyone!
I hope all is well with you!
How is your year so far?
Can you believe we’re already
halfway through the
first month of the year?

We welcomed the new year by spending a quiet evening together at home ❤ Our evening turned out to be a little quieter than planned however, since my husband was fighting the H1N1 flu 😦 H1N1 is one nasty, lingering virus! Thankfully, he is feeling much better these days 🙂 . . . Meanwhile at the neighbour’s place, sparks were flying in a festive fireworks display! Sensing this liveliness and excitement, I ran to grab the iPad and “crashed” their party from our upstairs window 😉 Here is a short clip of their light show (originally posted to my Knitting With Heart facebook page that night).

January’s weather since New Year’s has been a fairly wild ride. But when Wednesday’s ferocious windstorm blew into town, it brought mild temperatures along—so that’s a good thing! The storm wreaked havoc for one full day. Then the calm after the storm painted our skies into a spectacular sunset…  and turned blast into blest!

Here’s hoping for creative fulfillment and stunning sunsets in 2014! ❤ Jackie

Yuletide carols ❤ … and folks dressed up like Eskimos

Yuletide carols ❤ ... and folks dressed up like Eskimos ||| Knitting With Heart

It took a few tries, but I finally caught the
sun’s star atop our backyard Christmas tree ❤

O Tannenbaum  O Christmas Tree…
How lovely are your branches!
Through summer sun and winter snow…
& topped with sunset’s “star” aglow!


It’s beginning to look a lot like
the North Pole… everywhere we go!
According to the calendar, winter doesn’t start until Saturday. But when it comes to winter, we are always ahead of schedule. Saturday will also be our darkest day with nearly 17 hours of night. And while some parts of Canada might still be dreaming of a white Christmas, we never need to dream… because we are living that dream! In little more than one month, our fields have been blanketed with two-thirds (2/3) our average winter’s worth of the white stuff. Thus, we’ve already been dashing through the snow in our horsepowered-enclosed sleighs! At this rate, well……… ‘guess we’ll just let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Could this be the beginning of another record-breaking snow year?!?

Yuletide carols ❤ ... and folks dressed up like Eskimos ||| Knitting With Heart

. . . image found on facebook


And oh the weather outside has been frightful!
Weekend mild temperatures hovered near, and even above, freezing. And although this runs the risk of icy conditions from freezing rain, it’s still a nice break from our solid week or so prior to that—when we’d found ourselves living at the centre of a minus-40ºC/F Arctic deep freeze! Getting stuck at the centre of an Arctic air mass is the coldest place you ever wouldn’t want to be… And oh baby, it is COLD when temperatures go toe-to-toe with the North freakin’ Pole!!! You may have felt its chilling effects too, since this massive system of cold air actually clawed clear through to Oklahoma and Texas in the southern USA.

outside the snow is falling
and Randy comes calling “on cue” …
More often than not, we’ve missed seeing him in action
(but think he humbly prefers it that way). We’ve also lost
track of the number of times he’s been by. Still, whenever
it snows, our “snow angel” neighbour Randy makes time
to be kind and clears a few of our neighbouring driveways ❤

Randy doesn’t know it yet, but you can be sure I’m knitting something extra special just for him! More about that next time. And are you knitting Christmas gifts too? Have you seen my patterns for heart-shaped hand-knits? They make great stocking stuffers, tree decorations and more!

Check out the links below and add a little extra love to your “knit list” this season 🙂


my Bramble❤tini heart-shaped
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my Sweetie❤Knit❤Heart heart-shaped
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May your days be merry and bright…
And may all your Christmases be white!  Jackie

family ❤ summertime spun

toast-spindle to the clear blue summer sky

Well, here we are… I must have blinked… because we’re suddenly half-way through the second half of August! Can you believe it?!? Yep, the days are definitely getting shorter. 😦 Daytime highs are still hanging-in, up there… Overnight lows are beginning to dip a bit, though. These days, we’re lovin’ sleeping under the covers with the windows open to the crisp night air. Still, wouldn’t it be great to have a summertime “pause” button right about now?

For me, summer is the one season that is always too short. This is especially true since we moved here. Around here, that “other” season hogs half the year by blanketing us in that fluffy 4-letter-word (which shall remain nameless) that falls from the skies! Then there’s those messy spring and fall seasons, which tend to stir up an unsettled mix of weather through most of the rest of the year. Thus, in my effort to make the most of the past several weeks, it appears that my blog has been left napping in the sun… I hope you don’t feel forgotten!

Oh, but thank goodness for facebook, right? Interacting with you on my Knitting With Heart facebook page is a quick way to have some good ol’ fibrous fun! It’s been fun for me, anyway… and I hope for you too 🙂 Thank you for joining me here, and there, from everywhere! ❤

Continuing from my previous post, Helen’s visit was sure a lot of fun! Upon her arrival, one of the first things she noticed was my spindle (tucked behind a living room chair). She asked, “what’s that?” (in her non-crafter-yet-highly-intrigued voice). “That’s my turkish drop spindle from Knit Picks”, I said… then demonstrated how I’ve been spinning newsprint into yarn. Unbeknownst to us, my husband was inspired to point the iPad our way for a quick clip. Had it BEEN known to us, I’d at least have not worn my glasses on my chin… yeesh!!! . . . NOTE: in his quest to capture an impromptu moment, he did not (for fear of incessant re-takes, no doubt) divulge his efforts until later… lol … And so it’s not skydiving, but it is a fun memory! Besides, the recycling of paper into yarn does lend itself toward a favourable, earth-friendly view. It’s just from a different perspective than skydiving 😀

Now let us raise our spindles in a toast to the clear blue summer sky!
It’s always summer somewhere, right?!? ❤ Jackie

Great Spring Expectations

Great Spring Expectations ||| Knitting With Heart

Well just look at that gorgeous, clear, blue sky! One of these days when the weather warms up, this will be one of my favourite knitting spots 🙂 Yes, here we are 3 weeks into the official springtime season and you could almost find me out there already—almost. These last couple of days have indeed felt like “spring” 🙂 The next couple of days will not 😦 . That’s because this weekend, just in time before the snow actually melts away, another snowstorm packing another 20 cms is expected to fall from the skies. This does not match with my spring expectation.


Our local weather forecast, graphic by GlobalTVEdmonton.com

On the upside, much less than 20 cms is expected to accumulate. PLUS, our snow tires are still on the car! Even more on the upside is the statistical hope for a scorching July… Yup, according to weather records and our local meteorologist, all 10 of our below-average months of April throughout the last 100 years were followed by HOTTER than average months of July ❤ Again, this does not match with my spring expectations… But oh boy, we’ll take it! That is one statistical tidbit for which I will be hoping in all earnest to come true!

Great Spring Expectations ||| Knitting With HeartAlready, it’s like my “spring fever” blues are lifting… July is only 3 months away… I remember the day this picture was taken (August 2012). That was an amazingly sweltering week of knitting in our backyard 🙂

And how is your spring knitting weather shaping up?

Great Spring Expectations ||| Knitting With Heart

Oh, and this
“spring app” graphic?

No worries…
It’s just a gag…
I’m SURE (hoping)
that spring will
be available
here this year!

See you in the comments!   ❤ Jackie

Shamrocks & Springtime & Snow Storms . . . Oh My!


Spring is in the air and finally on the calendar! This year, winter marked Thursday’s first full day of spring with a doozy of a blizzard… The day was windy, treacherous, and left us with an additional foot or so of fluffy snowflake from heaven. It was a rather timely storm, I’d say. Surely, this will also have been winter’s last blast!

Lucky for us, we are blessed to have a wonderful neighbour (see photo below) who has taken it upon himself to snowblow several neighbouring driveways whenever the weather is looking all white. His name is Randy, but we think of him as our “snow angel”. God bless Randy for caring to clear our driveway throughout the season—including twice on Thursday, then again Friday AM for a third time in two days ♥

These days our forecast is filled with bright sunshine! But what does one do with all of that snow?! You might mix it with fun reader feedback… Isn’t that so? (THX bekswhoknits & caforiginals)

Shamrocks and clover are symbolic of spring. And so before anyone could say, “Sweetie♥KNIT♥Shamrocks in the snow”, my needles were sprouting 4-leaf versions to add to my collection. Outside in the backyard, my nimble knitting fingers arranged them all just so. Then with my camera, I snapped a bunch of pics in the glistening, white, powdery snow 🙂

This photo op was also a great op to help smooth out my Gimp software learning-curve!

Our mid-March snow storm on the first full day of spring... before, during and after pics + lucky Sweetie❤KNIT❤Shamrocks

PICTURED ABOVE: tri-photo collage of our mid-March snow storm on the first full day of spring… including before, during and after pics + lucky Sweetie♥KNIT♥Shamrocks

Yes, it was fun to create this snow-scaped collage of Sweetie♥KNIT♥Shamrocks. Look closely and you will find three lucky 4-leaf Sweetie♥KNIT♥Shamrocks “hidden” amidst the mostly 3-leaf versions. Does any of this inspire you to knit a meadow’s worth of Sweetie♥KNIT♥Shamrocks for an Easter and/or springtime scavenger hunt in your own backyard?

Wishing you a happy first week of spring!  ♥ Jackie

Spring is in the Air… and March is in like a Lamb

pic of groundhog knitting

Last month on Groundhog Day, the furry meteorologists predicted an early spring. Fast forward one month and sure enough, March is coming in like a lamb. But how did the groundhogs manage to get it right? Do they spend their winter hibernation months conducting underground studies in rodent meteorology?!? All we can say for sure is that the lion of spring has laid back—allowing warm, lamb-related thoughts to spring ahead 🙂

We’ve lived here 4 years, now (furthest north I’ve been in my life). We’ve heard longtime locals claim it can snow any month of the year. And we know from experience that March weather can be anything from mild to extreme, or anything in between. Moving here in 2009, our first March welcomed us with -50ªC temps and loads of snow!!! Yet even so, hope manages to thrive in the winter-worn hearts of all who survive… Yep, hope for the day melted snow stops freezing overnight into hazardous ruts with potholes and finally stays away! I’m looking forward to that day 🙂

And hey, speaking of spring…
Have you heard these goats sing?


Here’s hoping spring stays in the air! ❤  Jackie