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#57 💜 Hello again, my blogful friends!

I love my computer because my friends live in it!

I love my computer because my friends live in it!


how to make a heartfelted Bramble❤tini loop ornament ||| Knitting With Heart


Hello & Welcome to my 57th episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is typed to the tune of “Hello Again” by singer/songwriter Neil Diamond ❤ 

Hello again, my blogful friends
… hello 🙂

I just blogged to say, “hello” ❤
I couldn’t bear to be away,
even one more night!

And I know it’s late,
but I just couldn’t wait…

to show you my new
KWH iPad Show logo ❤

and tell you it’s been
5 years since my first post 🙂

and uhhh ohhh… nearly
2 months since my last post 😦

Hello, my blogful friends… hello 🙂
I just blogged to let you know
that I read your blog posts
every day and night

when my iPad & I are here alone
and you’re there at home…

❤ 😍 HELLO 😍 ❤

Lately knitting ‘n life’s been crAZy…
with computer tech curves
and fibrously festive Christmas

decor dancing in my head…
Yeah, maybe I’m to blame :-/
… shoulda got those knits started
way back when :-/
 Oh well,
hopefully next year try again…
For now, let’s put our
hearts above our heads ❤

We’ve knit through it all…
Christmas pics 2013, 2014, 2015 🙂
And you love me just the same,
but when you’re not there…
I still need to share 😉

Hello, my blogful friends… hello 🙂
It’s good to knit my heart out
and need you so!

It’s good to love you like I do…
and I feel this way,
especially when I hear
comments, “likes” and follows say…

❤ 😍 HELLO 😍 ❤

Christmas hearts decorated staircase

Christmas 2013 ❤

stair railing decorated with handknit hearts

Christmas 2014 ❤

Christmas knit/crochet decorated staircase

Christmas 2015 ❤

Christmas knitting decorations

Christmas 2016 ❤


Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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KWH facebook cover photo

Hello again soon, my blogful friends… hello! 🙂 ♥ Jackie

#56 💜 ‘Twas the weekend before Christmas…

Christmas knitting decorations

the KWH iPad Show logo

Christmas knitting decorations

Christmas knitting decorations

Christmas knitting decorations

Flight Knits Carry-On WIP #2

Hello & Welcome to my 56th episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is my knitterly version of Clement Clarke Moore’s “Twas the night before Christmas” poem—inspired by my sack of incomplete Christmas decorations, as I race to finish in time for the 25th! 🙂

‘Twas the weekend before Christmas,
when all through the house…
Not a project was finished,
not even a gift knit for my spouse!

The incomplete stitches were
layed by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas’
elf-help team soon would be there…

My needles were nestled
all snug in their yarn webs,
While visions of sweet FO’s
danced in my head.

And hubby in his sports jersey,
and I with my knitting lap,
Had just settled in for a long evening
of Hockey Night in Canada on tap.

Then away with my pics to the
web’s window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the iPad and threw
open the photo editing app,

And sprang to my blog,
to WordPress gave a whistle,
And away the pics flew
like the down of a thistle.

And I whistled, and shouted,
and called them by name…

Now Dasher! now Dancer!
now Prancer and Vixen!
On Comet! On Cupid!
on Donner and Blitzen!
To the top of the blog!
there’s no time to crawl!
Now dash away!
Dash away! Dash away all!

Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Happy last week ’til Christmas to all,
and to all a good-night! ♥ Jackie

#55 💜 O’ snOwy night & day pics… plus music video… O’ Holy Night by Home Free

the KWH iPad Show logo

Hello & Welcome to my 55th episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is our recent snowfall 🙂

Ooooh… the snowy night & day scene outside our front door looks divine! Fresh flakes are just snooow pretty, aren’t they? And especially the first snowfall of fresh flakes! That’s why my trusty iPad & I always try to pixelate ’em asap upon arrival 🙂

These photos are actually our second snowfall of the season! The first was early October, way back when the trees still had all their green leaves!!! Much earlier than I’d have liked, albeit quite a pretty sight! I’m still in the process of processing all those photos. Posting these first will knock my flakes out of blogful order, but that’s snOw’kay 😉

Now nearing the end of November with a month ’til Christmas, it’s great to have snow! Snow helps get ya into the Christmas spirit and helps get my nimble Christmas knitting fingers into gear! 🙂

Hope it’s snowing well wherever you are! 😉


Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Hoping snow news is good news! 🙂 ♥ Jackie

#54 💜 Honour & Remembrance

the KWH iPad Show logo


Previously posted for
Remembrance Day — November 2014.

War is not a video game... Ask a veteran.

Previously posted for
Remembrance Day — November 2015.

WWII knitting for the R.A.F. poster

Previously posted for
D-Day — June 2014.

Hello & Welcome to my 54th episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is a reflective Remembrance Day post in honour of all veterans ❤

This was to have been a quick/easy post… But my iPad sometimes likes to fight my blogful efforts :-/ Ah well… just gotta keep fighting the good fight! Now that it’s finally done, I hope you’ll feel free to click images and visit my previously posted links 🙂


♥ ♥ ♥

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Lest we forget… ♥ Jackie

#53 💜 morbid moment with a soft touch

RIP li'l baby weasel

the KWH iPad Show logo

falling leaves October 30th, 2016

budding leaves May 2nd,  2016

Hello & Welcome to my 53rd episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is a ghoulish true tale from half a year ago, when I stumbled upon the frightful sight of a wee baby weasel…

Ah yes… I remember that morbid moment like it was only yesterday. The startling moment that caused me to scream at the sight of a dead (or was it still alive?!?) rodent’s body, right there on our backyard patio!!! … Well, perhaps it was less of a scream and more like a squeal or shriek?? Hmmm… nothing full throttle or shrill, mind you… Probably something as simple as “eeek!!!” with a bit of a jump… Yeah, that’s it… a startled jump! Or would that be jump startle?? Well anyway…

it was a lovely, warm and sunny afternoon in early May. The lawn and foliage was rising from winter dormancy. The flowers had not yet begun to bloom. Then suddenly, the piercing sound (which can scarcely be described as silence) of startled verbalism emitted from me…

A crowd of witnesses flocked to the scene… Well okay, our nearly 10-year old next-door neighbour and her friend happened to be passing by. Thankfully, and without a moment’s hesitation, the fearless young girls ran to my rescue! Upon closer examination, the tiny creature was found to be laying in a pool of its own blood. We pronounced the rodent dead at the scene. Prior to proper burial, we proceeded to respectfully photograph the unfortunate li’l guy—for the sake of its 15 minutes of fame via the blog.

Thanks to this photographic evidence, the victim has now been identified as a baby weasel. Yup… with an empty field out back and community pond around the corner, wildlife sightings are just part of the environment. So who knows what some other neighbour’s cat might drag into our yard next?!? :-/

Special thanks to Madison and Sarah, for their assistance throughout this investigation! 

Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Be aware of your surroundings and keep safe out there! 🙂 ♥ Jackie

knitting the words via postprodigal

Psalm 139:13-16

Image via dibbera’s Bucket/Christian Images
Click to view original.

In today’s reblogged post, Tanya Cliff uses her own hand-knit samples to demonstrate a writer’s words as being strung together like rows or rounds of basic to complex knit stitches. She also quotes a Bible verse about the original knitter of the entire universe—who is God the Creator of all things! And that’s a great analogy worth sharing, I’d say 🙂

Adding to that…

This “life” fabric we’re writing will indeed formulate into many vibrantly patterned stitches/genres. Some stitches may “felt” dull. Others lacking in recommended tension will inevitably stretch out of shape. Unintentionally slipped stitches may cause entire WIPs (works in progress) to unravel prior to being properly cast off… And it could all spell trouble :-/ Try as we might to write right, I’m glad there’s one master editor—our heavenly Father… the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who knew us before time began and knit us together in our mother’s womb 🙂 He is faithful and just to freely edit all errors for anyone who asks… And it’s by His pen that our names are written in the Book of Life ❤

So let’s trust Him and be patient with one another…
because God is not finished editing us yet! ♥ Jackie

♥ ♥ ♥

Knitting a row of stitches at its most basic is like stringing simple words along the page to form a sentence. The dog runs. It gets boring quickly. The motivated knitter learns how to successfully…

Source: knitting the words

#50 💜 the blog days of summer

the KWH iPad Show logo

the blog days of summer_8the blog days of summer animated GIFhttps://knittingwithheart.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/image6.jpeg

Hello & Welcome to my 50th episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is my latest crazy-hair-brained technique for beating the blogful summertime heat 🙂

Well here we are, mid-way through August and the sounds of Canadian Geese are becomng more frequent—signalling the beginning of the end to our favourite season :-/ All in all, it’s been a good summer. The snow melted extra-early 🙂 Then it rained more often than not 😦 And now, I’ve finally discovered the secret to my future outdoor summer blogging success! 

The iPad makes it easy to bring blogging outdoors, of course. But gosh-yarn-it… that glass screen reflects EVERYthing!!! And that makes reading and/or snapping pics in the sunshine quite difficult—especially for me, being visually impaired due to RP :-/

Hopefully someday, Apple will find a way to fix that glaring issue. Until then, I’ve taken drastic draping measures into my own hands and pulled the non-wool sheet over my head and iPad… LoL… ’cause y’know… 1-2 of our neighbours might not yet think I’m cuckoo 😉 But hey… not so nuts, since I got to edit all these photos AND enjoy an afternoon of fresh air 🙂 Plus now, I won’t need to choose between catching up with all my favourite blogs or enjoying the sunshine!  ❤

Do try this at home…
I highly recommend it!

So here in my photos… I’m all set for a blogfully constructive day in the sunshine with my iPad, charger/extension cord, earphones, fitted cotton sheet (elastic around the back of the head helps hold it in place if/when the wind blows) and water-filled hazelnut coffee creamer container—for a sprinkling sip o’ fun in the sun 🙂

Special thanks to Ralph at Bluefish Way, for his clear how-to instruction post filled with ideas to create your own animated GIF-packs 🙂 This first animated .gif of mine was really easy… I may need to make more! 


Ralph’s GIF-packed instruction post

Ralph’s GIF-packed instruction post
via my Pinterest pins

Online Animated GIF Maker & Editor
for iPad

Online Watermark & Photo Editor 


Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Go ahead… dare to cut the glare! 😉 ♥ Jackie

#49 💜 How d’ya “like” that?!?

the KWH iPad Show logo

Sweetie Knit Heart free knitting patterntop 10 posts at Knitting With Heart blog

Hello & Welcome to my 49th episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is a Sweetie♥Heart post that I hope you’ll like 🙂

Hey everyone 🙋😘😍 Well, a funny thing happened on my way back from last week’s “blog fog” post

But first, big THANKS for all your visits, comments, shares and likes to any of my posts ❤ Just checked the stats and my humble KWH blog has now passed 40k views… woohoo 🙂 Plus, it’s only the beginning of August and your collective likability has already exceeded the total number of “likes” from last year! Yup, a whole lotta liking going on—including last year’s “likes” blowing the top off the previous year’s “likes” 🙂 Wow… gotta say, I like what you did there 😉 You’re all on my rather lengthy shortlist of blogs to “like” ‘n LoL asap!

Okay, so getting back to my way back from the blog fog… A quick scroll to the bottom of this blog leads to a list of my top 10 posts. For months, this list has been shared equally between reblogged posts and posts I’ve personally composed. Now for the first time in the history of this blog, my Sweetie♥Heart tiny free knitting pattern/poem post has been bumped from its usual #1 spot on this list… AND it’s a reblogged post that bumped it!!! …wOw… How did that happen?!? Oh well, ‘guess my blogful head really was lost in a fog :-/ Plus, that reblog (pic of a sweet little girl sittin’ & knittin’ with her kitten) now holds the honour of being the first post to break the 100 “likes” mark… double-wOw WoW!

So anyhoo… please feel free to click the pic and check it out for yourself. As reblogfully amazing as this is, I’d sure like my own post to be the top “like” … just sayin’ 😉 I reckon we’d all like that! 🙂


Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

–— 💜 Have you thought about buying a copy of my knitting pattern today? 💜

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It’s a crazy cyber-world we’re blogging in, but we LIKE it! ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #20 💜 “In Thy Future” challenge

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 20th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is my blogfully ideal future-cast…
in response to the “In Thy Future” challenge 🙂


<br />

Are you ready for a challenge?

Danica Piche @
Leading a Beautiful Life

has nominated me to take the
“In Thy Future” blog challenge.

Thanks Danica! 

<br />
<br />

lolly gagging / dilly dallying image

Rules for the In Thy Future Challenge.

• Thank the blogger who nominated you.
• Link back to the challenge creator to track progress.
• Share 5 things about your future.
Then one day, you can look back and
find out how psychic you really are.
• Tag 5 bloggers and put them up to the challenge.
<br />


5 Things About My Future:

1.  I will replace my iMac!
—- Now 5 months, since my iMac died and left
—- just you, me & my iPad to continue the blog :-/
2.  I will find the bottom of my inbox
—- … and catch up with the wonderful blogs
—- that I’ve signed-up to follow—or die trying!!!
3.  I will buckle-down and create
—- an “about” page for this blog
4.  I will expand my social-savvy skills 🙂
—- … learn how to make better use of my existing
—- … social networking sites: Ravelry, Craftsy, Facebook
—- … broaden my social net to include:
—- … twitter, +google, instagram and Etsy, etc.
5.  I will publish more knitting projects/patterns! 
—- Slowly but surely, my ever-growing collection of
—- original designs shall be perfected and made public!

At this point, future-cast #1 is anybody’s guess. Items #3-4-5 depend on #1, due to photos/info stored on my iMac’s currently inaccessible hard drive. Then there’s #2, which is just plain old insurmountable :-/ Yep, this iPad blogging life is increasingly cramped. But really, all I need is one more day to take one more step, plant one more seed, stitch one more stitch… And hopefully, my virtual garden will grow 🙂
Challenge Yourself image

My Nominees:

It’ll Be Reet
—— DaniellaJoe’s Blog
——— All She Wants to Do is Knit
—— House of Heart
Social Bridge

So are you ready for a challenge?
It’s been a challenge to select just 5 nominees
who might like to accept the challenge!
All dilly dallying aside, I hereby nominate
EVERYONE to partake in this challenge 🙂
C’mon, join us… It’ll be fun!

Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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 Challenge accepted?!? ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #14 💜 100 days and counting…

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 14th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is a reflective
milestone of the past 100 days…
with just you, me & my iPad 🙂

Photo of my iMac's blogful room with a view.

How’s your summer so far? Our drought-dried region finally got a break from the sun for a full day of rain 🙂 and I suddenly realized that I’ve gone a full 100+ days without my iMac… WOW… never thought I’d last 100 days!!! This photo of my iMac’s room with a view marks the milestone. But awe… so sad to see my poor ol’ iMac sitting all alone where we used to blog together for hours-on-end every day… until my iMac died on April 7th 😦 Now it’s just you, me & my iPad.

These days, I blog from any room in the house—including outside 🙂 Do you blog from a tablet or phone? I’m fairly used to it by now, but sure do miss my iMac :-/ Even with the freedom to move around, this “iPad sized” space can feel quite cramped, tedious and increasingly disorganized. Thank Goodness for the external keyboard, which has been a real sanity-saver! I’m also glad this happened during the long/inspiring days of summer, rather than the short/cold/dark days of winter.


100 days down and hopefully fewer than 100 days to go! One way or another, we’re 100 days closer to iMac replacement (whenever that’ll be) than before. Just gotta keep blogging for as long as it takes, and hope the iPad lasts! So thanks for tuning-in to this 18th “episode” (including 4 reblogs) for Season 2 of the KWH iPad Show!!! I’m really glad you’re here 🙂

Links to the KWH iPad Show—in order of appearance—as follows:

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the KWH iPad Show #3 💜 knitting with emoticon
the KWH iPad Show #4 💜 snow spun in the sun!
the KWH iPad Show #5 💜 heartstrings
the KWH iPad Show #6 💜 victorian lamb cake >>> my “oops” reblog from Annabelle Troy
“Five stories, five photos” #1 💜 reblogged from Wish I Were Stitching
the KWH iPad Show #7 💜 my birthday yarn stash
the KWH iPad Show #8 💜 buzzing blossoms & lilacs & leafy sunsets… Oh May!
How to: The “Fibre Sandwich” Game! 💜 reblogged from Ribbing Yarns
the KWH iPad Show #9 💜 the knitting reel artistry of Greg Climer
the KWH iPad Show #10 💜 my 10th fatherless Father’s Day
the KWH iPad Show #11 💜 summer solstice sunset
the KWH iPad Show #12 💜 Lily for a Day
Here I am… the embroidered-leaf artistry of Hillary Fayle ♥ for Canada Day! 💜 reblogged from hillary fayle
the KWH iPad Show #13 💜 my heartfelt plea for HPP

♥ ♥ ♥

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In pursuit of tomorrow…  ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #7 💜 my birthday yarn stash

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 7th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is the frill of the yarn . . .
which I’ve draped dreamily to decorate the
late-to-be-leafy trees in our backyard 🙂

Last month, my birthday heart’s desire was for another yarn-filled year with hubby ♥ But then my iMac died… quickly dashing any yarn stashing I’d planned 😦 Ohhh, but have I told you lately how he loves me?

May long-weekend foliage

He loves me SO much that…

On April 29th, one day before my 15% off birthday discount voucher from Herrschners was due to expire, he actually reminded and encouraged me to use the coupon to buy MORE yarn! Yup, you read that correctly 😉 More yarn, after all the years I’ve spent stretching our home’s yarn stashing capacity. That’s love, I say… true love! And so, to Herrschners I went!

My target was $150.00, since that amount seems the best deal for shipping. It was delivered in time for the May (aka Victoria Day) long weekend, when our trees were still leafless and bare. So dressing the trees in frilly yarn was good yarn bombing fun 😉 Now a week later, they are fully-dressed in foliage and the yarn is stashed back inside!

boxed birthday yarn stash from Herrschners

My birthday yarn stash box includes:

Sundance Chantilly Frill yarn 3-pack
—> 3 balls each onyx/fantasy
Northlands Notion wool yarn 5-pack
—> 5 balls each black/denim/berry/olive/putty
Luminous Assortment 10-pack
—> 3 balls each emerald/lipstick
—> 2 balls each ice/frost
Northlands Cavern Multis yarn
—> 1 ball spectra
Dimensions: Learn Needle Felting Kit
Brass Findings Starter Kit
Luxite Double End Crochet Hook size Q-17
Hearts Candy Mold
Plus, yet another 10% off voucher
for my next Herrschners order 🙂

NOTE: I am simply a customer writing this of my own accord—not affiliated with Herrschners in any way.

In addition to yarn, I’m so glad to finally get my hands on a few crafty tools that have been on my “list” for a while. Inspiration for the heart candy mold came from reading  this post by Janice at TSB 🙂 And with approximate yarn sale savings of $250 + vouchers ($375 according to SRP), I’m pretty pleased with my birthday yarn stash purchase… totalling $139.73 shipping/taxes included 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥

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Tree cheers for yarny b-days! ♥ Jackie

“Five stories, five photos” #1

Hey there everyone! After this week’s “victorian lamb cake” reblog-turned-blog-post kerfuffle, I needed to give the ol’ reblogging thing a re-try. So here is our first dandelion of the year, together with a pretty little sentiment about dandelions from “Wisher” at Pretty Little Things in a Box 🙂 As well, it ties-in with my next fun post about backyard yarn bombing… And sheep like to eat dandelions too, right?!?

Now if you’ll excuse me a moment…
I’ll be outside plucking wishes 😉

Enjoy! 🙂 ♥ ❤

Pretty Little Things In A Box

Hello friends and readers,

Hope your weekend had gone by well… I’ve been kept busy with craft classes to teach and to be honest, I’ve not had any free time on hand to craft lately. Over at Claire’s Blog, she’s been tagged for 5 stories, 5 photos, and I’ve been nominated for it. I think is fun to get tagged and write something different for the blog for a while. Something not so “crafty”.

The rules of this tag are simple:
“Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”

My first photo for the tag:

from samsung phone 008

“When you look though a field of Dandelions,
you can either see a hundred weeds
or a thousand wishes”

View original post

the KWH iPad Show #3 💜 knitting with emoticon

Emoticons for Knitters image by Megan & Amy at www.PostStitchBox.com

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 3rd episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is emoticons…
real WordPress emoticons & virtual knitting emoticons


Emoticons for Knitters image by Megan & Amy at www.PostStitchBox.com

Emoticons for Knitters by Megan & Amy
screenshot image via Post Stitch Box blog.

WordPress.com Gets New Standard and Secret Emoticons — image via WP Tavern

WordPress’s New Standard and Secret Emoticons
screenshot image via WP Tavern blog.

Well… it’s been a month since my iMac died. My normally overflowing inbox is now officially in shambles and I’m missing my old blog-visitation routine. Compared to the iMac, this particular iPad-generated post has taken about a billion times longer to complete. And the constant iPad screen finger-pointing/-swiping/-pinching has led to occasionally unfortunate and unintentional deletions :-/

Yep, blogging via anything less than a full-size computer/laptop is definitely the tedious way to go. But for now, this iPad is all I’ve got. And besides, this iMac-less predicament won’t last forever. So now’s my chance to meet the challenge!

A handful of “ah ha” iPad moments have certainly saved my sanity. But without you, I’d have surely lost heart by now!

Yup, the blogging life can be like a box of chocolates—with all sorts of emotions brewing behind the scenes. It’s no good to keep emotions bottled-up, though. Nor is blogging whilst under their influence recommended. But utilizing the growing selection of WordPress online emoticons looks like a fun form of digital expression! Now just imagine how fun it would be, if these virtual knitting emoticons—by Megan & Amy at PostStitch—were really REAL? I’d knitterally ♥ ❤ ♥ that! 😀

♥ ♥ ♥

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Have an emoticonal day! ♥ Jackie

Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

the KWH iPad Show #2 💜 April snow showers

iPad/typewriter image

Hello & Welcome

to another episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is the snow in our backyard,
as see through the camera-eye of my iPad 🙂 


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Snow is fun, but watching it melt is usually more fun! Saturday was a great day to watch melting snow, since our area woke up to a whopping 30 cms / 12 inches of it! We slept-in, but don’t mind missing half the show. It was all melted by sundown, anyway. Now that it’s gone, I’m pleased to have captured AND watermarked (what will hopefully be) the final flakes of the season via my iPad 🙂 To do this, I used the WATERMARK online photo editing/watermarking website. Yup, gotta ❤ learning something new—even though my iMac died and my blogging life has been turned upside-down…

Snow is funny stuff, though. It tends to linger, but our trees usually begin budding by Earth Day. This year’s snow melted a month ago, yet it’s been so windy/dry that we’re still waiting to see blooms ‘n buds :-/ April snow showers are nothing unusual, around here. Local old-timers claim to have seen snow every month of the year! Personally, since moving here in 2009, we’ve seen snow once in September and 50% of the time during the first week in May.

someecard — 100% chance of knitting100% chance of knitting

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the KWH iPad Show 💜 just you, me & my iPad

frowning Mac computer


Hello  & Welcome
to another season of the
KWH iPad Show!

NOTE: some of the images in this post were
found via facebook or google images..

Spring weather sprang early this year! 🙂 But now my iMac has sprung a leak and died… again… It’s gone for sure, this time 😥

It happened the day after last weekend’s Easter/birthday blog post celebrations. So it’s been a topsy-turvy week. Interestingly, it was last year at this time (almost to the day), when my iMac went down for 6 weeks from April 29th until summer solstice 2014… Talk about an awkwardly ironic sense of deja vu :-/ Anyway, that’s when/why the “KWH iPad Show” was born 🙂 It’s just a way to amuse myself, while making my way through a rough blogging patch.


Now once again, the loss of my iMac has brought renewed purpose for the iPad. Thank Goodness for this blogful “plan B” and cyber-life-saving option! Now back to the iPad blogging board, for me… Let’s hope this season is short and sweet 😉

Replacing the ol’ iMac with a refurbished model from the Apple Online Store seems like a reasonably safe/economical solution… Unless you can suggest a better idea? It’ll only be a couple thousand bucks… which means right about now would be the perfect time to sell a couple thousand copies of my Bramble💜TINI knitting pattern, right?!? 😉 One way or another, until then… it’s just you, me & my iPad 🙂

As well, my inbox overflows at the best of times. Relying now on our ISP’s extremely basic webmail is turning that into an absolute nightmare. Please advise, if you know of a reliable, no-cost online inbox system for the iPad. Thanks!

Well, that’s all for this episode. Let’s wrap it up with links (starting top-down)
for all 8 episodes from season 1 of the KWH iPad Show… Thanks for watching! 😀

sheepish lamb interlude 💜

for the love of Sweetie💜Hearts

noticing Mom 💜

the keyboard to my success 💜

“moving on” yarn animating life 💜

wordless wednesday 💜 day 36 . . .

D-Day 💜 forever

dear ol’ dad 💜

Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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iMac-less-ly yours ♥ Jackie

53rd parallel north ♥ 17-hour summer solstice

summer solstice sunset at the 53rd parallel north in Alberta Canada

summer solstice sunset at the 53rd parallel north in Alberta Canada

Happy summer solstice everyone! I hope your summer is off to a great start 🙂 This longest day is my absolute favourite time of the year!!!

Our first day of summer was overflowing with brilliant sunshine and warm 20ºC/70ºF temperatures. It was a bit too breezy to really enjoy knitting outside. But mostly it was extra-long, measuring 17 hours of daylight 😀

Here at the 53rd parallel north on the Canadian prairies, the summer sky begins to brighten by 4:00 AM—with the solstice sunrise at 5:04 AM. Then it finally dims to darkness around 11 PM—with today’s sunset at 10:07 PM.

Totally ♥ ❤ ♥ that and wish EVERY day
could be a summer solstice day!

Here is a link where I’ve been checking out the sunrise/sunset etc times around the world.

Maxine comic: summer solstice on Saturday

Things are brightening up on the inside too. We tried hiring an IT guy, but it was my wonderfully intelligent hubby who finally resuscitated my iMac 🙂 He’s neither Mac user nor IT guy, but he’s super-smart and I always knew he could figure it out! 🙂 ♥

Now after 7 weeks stuck at the “grey screen of death”, I’m pleased to say that my iMac is slowly moving forward and getting back to normal… YAY!!! Getting a computer back to normal seems about as much fun as moving, though, since it takes time for everything to get sorted and put into place again. It’s hard to believe that this post is the first via my iMac since the end of April… yeesh! But summer is here now, and things are looking up! Methinks it’s time for blogging to take on more of a hybrid iPad/iMac style!

Wishing you summer solstice cheer ♥ Jackie

wordless wednesday ♥ day 36 . . .

Maxine comic "I haven't lost my mind. It's on a diskette somewhere."

Hello there ♥ WELCOME to
the 36th day without my iMac,
here at the KWH iPad Show!

36 days and counting…
Counting and wondering where,
oh WHERE did my dear iMac go?
And when will it be back?
That’s what I’d like to know!!!

For now, thanks for coming…
Please sit back, relax
and enjoy the show! 🙂

iMac-less in Alberta ♥ Jackie


the keyboard to my success ♥


ZAGG iPad keyboard

ZAGG iPad keyboard

Hello Everyone ♥ and WELCOME to another episode of the KWH iPad Show! For anyone tuning-in for the first time, this blog is normally produced via my iMac. That is, until about half a month ago when my iMac shut down and stayed down… Ever since then, it’s been just you, me ‘n my iPad 🙂

This li’l iPad has been a true lifesaver… my “plan B” for internet and blogging access… my sanity-saving link to the outside world… and an adjustment! It feels like forever, since I’ve been clinging for dear cyber-life by the skin of my 2-finger typing skills—with my blogful existence hanging on the hinges of an iPad. It’s like living in the skeletal shadows of my usual online routine… Oh how I miss all the virtual visitation and graphical digitization! When, oh when will my iMac be back? Can/will it be resuscitated back to the computerized brain I once knew? Only one thing is for certain… The muddled mess I call my inbox(es) continually grows more inbox-i-cating by the day!

Thankfully now, there is hope… Hope from a ZAGG iPad keyboard, which recently landed smack dab in my lap 🙂

The story behind this iPad keyboard began a few months ago at my husband’s company Christmas party. There at the party, this ZAGG iPad keyboard was one of the many gifts up for grabs in the “Santa exchange” game. According to game rules, all gifts could be “stolen” twice. So naturally, I stole it from the person who had initially selected it 😉 But before I knew it, Judy the receptionist (who intended to gift it to her daughter) stole it from me … lol … And that was that. My treasured tech-toy-tool was lost forever 😦

Or was it?!?

Lo and behold, Judy’s daughter desired a different keyboard and stashed this one in the closet! So when Judy heard of my keyboard-less predicament, she opened her heart, pulled this keyboard from the cupboard and sent it home with my hubby 🙂

I love the handy case with its built-in keyboard and how it makes the iPad feel more like a laptop 🙂 It’s not the backlit keyboard model, seems to use a lot of battery and has a tendency to flop over quite easily (depending on how you’re perched)… but I’ve simply been stopping the flopping by propping it up with a big ball of yarn! The compactness of the keyboard also takes a bit of getting used to, but it SURE feels great to touch actual keys again!!! Now if I could just stop reaching for my mouse 😉

Well, ‘guess that’s all for now… Thanks for tuning-in and hope you (and my iMac) will be back to see what happens next! Always something new, here at the KWH iPad Show and/or my Knitting With Heart facebook page. Hope to see you there and see you soon!

Happy keyboarding! ♥ Jackie

for the love of Sweetie♥Hearts

frowning Mac computer
frowning Mac computer

image found via google images

It’s been a whole week since I’ve seen my iMac’s smiling “Finder” face. One week filled with and dominated by 2-finger typing, anxious hair-pulling moments of frustration, very little inbox upkeep and oodles of googles—technically inclined google searches guaranteed to cause drowsiness… So yeah, I miss my iMac 😦 How about you? Has your normal computing world ever been yanked from under you?

Then today (well actually it was more like the day before yesterday, seeing as I’m progressing at slowmo iPad blogging speed), I was sitting here trying to motivate myself toward some form of creative focus within this newfound iPad blogging world… and remembered that this is/was an anniversary day!

That’s right, it’s the second year anniversary since my Sweetie♥KNIT♥Heart FREE knitting pattern made its world-wide debut on this blog 🙂 Back then, my newbie blogful self was a nervous wreck over every single keystroke. Getting this first heart-shaped pattern posted in time for my loving husband’s birthday (May 5th) was my main goal. And ever since then, there’s been barely a day when the Sweetie♥KNIT♥Heart has not been downloaded somewhere in the world via this KWH blog, Ravelry or Craftsy 🙂

So, BIG Thank You ♥ to everyone for sharing/liking/networking links from my blog! It’s always a thrill to find my designs shared on other blogs, online pattern directories, and social networking sites! 🙂 I’m sure to have missed many of these, but have thoroughly enjoyed virtual meet-ups with all the links I did manage to locate. Please do me a favour and let me know if you’ve cared to share my links somewhere—because I’d love to meet you and know you’re there! ♥

On that note, this second episode of the KWH iPad Show is a wrap. It only took me a few days and a couple of fingers to type/edit this post of 300 or so words 😛 The next episode will be less tedious, hopefully… But for now this is done 🙂 Always good to be “doing”, but getting “done” is much better!

Happy Computing ♥ Jackie


Happy Easter ❤ Spring Blog-Hop


Our spring so far has been a busy season of melting, then snowing, then melting again, then snowing… With warmer temperatures dangling over “next week’s” forecast all the while— like the Easter bunny’s carrot-on-a-string. The snow had all melted last week, for about a week. Then today, the landscaping fell back into wintery-white. But by early afternoon, the snow was melting so fast that I had to run and grab my camera for a few last-minute snowy pics of hand-knit props. All this, in preparation for this weekend’s “Happy Spring Blog-Hop” post—organized by Angela @ Pretty Little Things in a Box.

Yep, you read that correctly… For the first time in my blogful history, I shall attempt to post more than once or twice, with THREE posts over the course of the next handful of days!

. ❤ . ❤

I know, I know… woohoo, exciting stuff… right?!? But can she do it?
My hope is that you will come back to see how it turns out 😉

So then, let us begin with today’s Happy Easter greetings and video.
Then on Saturday the 19th, I’ll be joining the “Happy Spring Blog-Hop” party.
All this, followed-up with a little something special for Earth Day. 🙂

Wishing you the happiest of Easter weekends! ❤ Jackie

⬆️ Click image to view YouTube video.

the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award & Nominees


Get ready… because here comes the sun!

This lovely iconic copper sun represents the
Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.
Special thanks to the lovely KnitXpressions blog,
for nominating my blog to receive it 

Being nominated for this award has gotten me thinking about teamwork. And when you think about it, individual blogs are a bit like being part of a team. Truly, all members of a team will exert all their effort toward the team’s common goal. Similarly, each individual blog (having its own goals) will also strive to attain the common goal of blogful success for all. How? By first cultivating your own blogful success. One of the easiest ways to do this is by spreading likably linkable encouragement for all. Various “blog awards” are a great way to do that! Overall success will begin to grow… simply by visiting, reading, commenting on, clicking the “like” button and sharing each other’s blog posts. Links such as these are like stepping-stones of opportunity. They can’t help but strengthen and support the blogosphere’s universal team goal of success for all.

That’s what makes blogging fun! That’s what makes this award such an honour to receive! And that’s why I’d like to encourage everyone to begin blogging :) Thank you again, KnitXpressions, for cheering me on and nominating my blog to receive this sun-shining award. Your blog is indeed a bright, sunshiny place ❤

To accept this award, there are a few rules I’ll need to follow:
1. The Nominee of the Wonderful Team member Readership Award shall display the logo on his/her blog.
2. The Nominee shall nominate 14 readers they appreciate over a period of 7 days, all at once or little by little.
3. The Nominee shall name his/her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during 7 days.

And now here is my 14 nominee team picks:

All Night KnitsBecause Of Grace ❤ Bucket List PublicationsCreative PixieCrochet AdventuresEspecially MadeGjeometryKalabaluKnitting Rays of HopeKnitting RevolutionOrganize & CraftPolka-dots & SparklesSara CraftsThe Sweaty Knitter

Whew… you’ve all made the making this list rather difficult 😉 Congrats to all 14 nominees—and to all their future nominees! It’s been fun to have you visit here at my place today. And I’m looking forward to all your next posts 🙂

Now get out there and share some sunshine! Jackie


“The WordPress Family” award ❤

wordpress family awardWhat could feel better than knowing you’re part of a close-knit family? And if your family happens to live far away like mine, then it’s nice to know there’s room for you in the WordPress community of family minded folks. Especially Made is one of these inviting places. Her blog shines with warmth and inspiration. Thank you, Especially Made, for nominating my blog to receive “The WordPress Family” award and for making this virtual place feel more like “home” ❤

In the WordPress world… distance is irrelevant, interaction is just a click away, and virtual strangers blossom into relationships that feel more like neighbourhoods and even family ❤ We simply post, read/respond to each other’s posts… and voilå! This reminds me of the jingle I wrote for my Gravatar profile:

“Blogs are virtual, yet somehow real.
Hearts are symbols of love held dear.
And so, behold my virtual salutation!
I’ve high hopes for filling this blog with
expressions of creative communication”

Truly, half the fun of blogging is finding/following/interacting with each other’s blogs! And so, without further ado, here are my 10 nominees:

All Night Knits  Crochet by Gray  Get Your Daily Phil Here  Golly Gosh Girl  knitXpressions  Live, Love, Lake  Patterns Tried and True  Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog  Thiessen Farms  Writings of a Mrs 

If you choose to pass on this award, here are the rules:
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.
4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them.
5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as a friend, and spread the love.

All this fun of following along with and getting to know so many great blogs has made it tough to select just 10 nominees. Thank you ALL for taking the time to read, share, comment on, follow along with and “like” my blog. Please know that my inbox regularly overflows with the abundance of all your blogful updates—not budging from there until I’ve managed to find time to catch up with you! And thank you again, Especially Made, for including me as part of your WordPress family ❤

relatively yours ❤ Jackie

a Super❤Sweet blogging treat . . .

“Super Sweet Blogging Award”

super-sweet-blogging-award21w6451I am very overwhelmed & pleased to receive the ‘Super Sweet Bloggers Award’ by this motivational mountain man @ http://www.yourdailyphil.com

I never thought I could ever receive one of these bloggers award thingy majiggys! So yes, I am over the moon! Thank you so much!!! So with all awards there are some rules that come with it. I will try my hardest to do this right!!

Copy & Paste This Whole Post and Replace All Your Information — who awarded you, for example.

1. Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you.
2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions.
3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post.
4. Nominate a baker’s dozen (13) other deserving bloggers.
5. Notify your Super Sweet nominees on their blog.
(Rules 1 and 3 already completed, so I’ll go straight to Rule number 2)


1 – Cookies or Cake?
– Cookies! … I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like 🙂

2 – Chocolate or Vanilla?
– Chocolate

3 – Favorite Sweet Treat?
Lindt chocolates

4 – When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most?
– After dinner

5 – Sweet Nick Name?
“can opener” … sweet story 😉

OK, so now to nominate 13 other fellow bloggers of mine I feel deserve this award…
It will be tough, as a lot of you mean a lot to me. Especially those that stay in touch regularly 🙂

A Tangled Yarn Knitting Adventure
All Night Knits
Crochet by Gray
Daily iPhoneography
Especially Made
For the Knit of It
Live, Love, Lake
Kodiak My Little Grizzly
Polka-Dots & Sparkles
Writings of a Mrs

Congratulations guys! 🙂 

OK, I will complete rule number 5 now & let you all know
that I have nominated you for this beaut award.

ttys ❤ Jackie