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the KWH iPad Show #15 💜 the yarnbombing flower power of “knitting guy” Bryan

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 15th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature yields the right of way
to roadside yarn bombing & brighter days :)

stop sign flower website

Leaf it to yarn-bombers to put
a creative stop to traffic, right?!? :)

Having seen photos of this leafy stop sign hundreds of times online, I finally stopped to dig up its original source.

It’s called the “Stop Sign Flower designed by Bryan aka “knitting guy” in California, between 2011-2012. The stop sign street art eventually bloomed into a Clairmont neighbourhood bouquet of 100 signs! Bryan, with a little help from his yarnbombing friends, “planted” the stop sign flowers… one traffic-stopping corner at a time :) And that’s how the stop sign flower garden flourished, until city officials put a stop to the fibrously fun floral foliage :( Perhaps you were there to stop and “smell” the signs in person?

DIY instructions are posted at Bryan’s website, along with photos from others who have made stop sign flowers in their own cities. Watch news video or read local media links  for more info.

Yarnbombing is a public art form. Somewhat similar to vandalism, but in a more community-minded, beautification effort sort of way. Yarnbombers enjoy creating fibrous cozies for virtually any-shaped stationary surface. The yarny street art is generally well-received by the public’s warm ‘n fuzzy heart :)

Here are a few more roadside yarn-bombing photos, which I’ve already shared on my Knitting With Heart facebook page. And here’s hoping that the next time you’re stuck in traffic—looking for a sign—you’ll have the good fortune of driving along the likes of these creative road sign designs!

Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

–— 💜 Have you thought about buying a copy of my knitting pattern today? 💜

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Traffic stops can be fun! ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #14 💜 100 days and counting…

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 14th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is a reflective
milestone of the past 100 days…
with just you, me & my iPad :)

Photo of my iMac's blogful room with a view.

How’s your summer so far? Our drought-dried region finally got a break from the sun for a full day of rain :) and I suddenly realized that I’ve gone a full 100+ days without my iMac… WOW… never thought I’d last 100 days!!! This photo of my iMac’s room with a view marks the milestone. But awe… so sad to see my poor ol’ iMac sitting all alone where we used to blog together for hours-on-end every day… until my iMac died on April 7th :( Now it’s just you, me & my iPad.

These days, I blog from any room in the house—including outside :) Do you blog from a tablet or phone? I’m fairly used to it by now, but sure do miss my iMac :-/ Even with the freedom to move around, this “iPad sized” space can feel quite cramped, tedious and increasingly disorganized. Thank Goodness for the external keyboard, which has been a real sanity-saver! I’m also glad this happened during the long/inspiring days of summer, rather than the short/cold/dark days of winter.


100 days down and hopefully fewer than 100 days to go! One way or another, we’re 100 days closer to iMac replacement (whenever that’ll be) than before. Just gotta keep blogging for as long as it takes, and hope the iPad lasts! So thanks for tuning-in to this 18th “episode” for Season 2 of the KWH iPad Show!!! I’m really glad you’re here :)

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the KWH iPad Show #13 💜 my heartfelt plea for HPP

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In pursuit of tomorrow…  ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #13 💜 my heartfelt plea for HPP

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 13th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is a petition in support of
more widespread awareness of the debilitating
disease that is Hypophosphatasia aka HPP ♥

NOTE: some of the images in this post were
found via facebook or google images..


Link to HPP online petition.

Click image to visit the HPP online petition.


What is HPP and why should I care?
What does HPP have to do with this knitting blog?


HPP is an ultra-rare genetic bone/muscle disease. People with HPP are missing the enzyme required for growing healthy, strong bones. My husband has lived an active life, but was born with this debilitatingly degenerative disease. The pain it inflicts is continual and increasingly extreme. It has forced him to give up a lot—confining him to crutches throughout the past 3 years. Yet he refuses to give in by maintaining a spirited life that is gracious, kind, loving, intelligent, humble and all that is good in a human being :)

HPP is like a strand of faulty DNA yarn that knits hubby & I together, while we live with and endure its limiting effects every day (I wrote briefly about HPP here). My hope, by the grace and strength of God Almighty, is to see him golf once again… or at least walk without crutches, someday!

The good news is that scientists are working toward treatment. And now for the first time ever, there exists an effective clinical trial treatment—Asfotase Alfa—which is proving to be highly successful for children born with HPP!!! Hubby and his doctors have been knocking themselves out trying to access this treatment too. But alas, the government of Canada has only gotten so far as to send letters stating their eager intent to get the treatment to him… sigh … So we wait. Then when nothing happens, we alter our lifestyle accordingly and wait some more… And all the while, hubby’s precious bones continue to deteriorate :(

But what can any of us do?

Please join us in hope and prayer for someone to finally cut through that blasted red tape and allow this treatment to begin the healing process for hubby’s bones! Treatment is seriously sitting right there, but we can’t access it… It’s a ludicrously atrocious frustration, to say the least!

Also, please join us in signing this online petition to help spread awareness for HPP and establish October 30th as the DAY OF COMBAT AGAINST HYPOPHOSPHATASIA… We and the global HPP community appreciate your effort! As well, please feel free to reblog this post and/or share this message via all your favourite social networking sites…

Screenshot of website page for HPP online petition.

Working together, we can hopefully help encourage governing bodies to stop dragging their feet on this pertinent and potentially life or death issue.


Click the HPP images in this post to view the online petition from the AVAAZ website, which is written mostly in French. On the right-hand side, you’ll find “PREMIÈRE VISITE?”. Type your name (nom), email address, postal (zip) code and select country (pays) from the drop-down menu. Then press SIGNER to send the form.

NOTE: although the petition’s website is written mainly in French, it does include several translations for the “Pourquoi c’est importantly” write-up. Scroll down the left-hand side to find your preferred language.

Visit the Rare Disease Report website to read more about HPP.
video source

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Thank You & Merci from the bottom of our hearts! ♥ Jackie

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