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Home … leaf art ♥ haiku

embroidered Maple leaf artistry of Hillary Fayle

Happy fall haiku,
to you!🙂

I’ve fallen for today’s shared
post by Susan aka LightWriters
@ l i g h t room❤

Her heartwarming haiku with
hearty-die-cut maple leaf photo
also reminded me of another
foliage post (click image), where
I’d featured
 the embroidered-leaf
 of Hillary Fayle. 

Enjoy! ♥ Jackie

That plain humble place where love always says ‘hello’…
© 2016 S. Michaels Ambrosia | micro Haiku Image: revelwallpapers.net

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#51 💜 my Ohhh MYra’s memoirs of her mom’s Everlasting Blossoms & Butterflies

the KWH iPad Show logo

Everlasting Blossoms by Myra Ho Chang

🔺 Click photo to read Myra’s first blog post.

Everlasting Blossoms Garden

🔺 Click photo to view the
Everlasting Blossoms Garden gallery.

Hello & Welcome to my 51st episode of the
KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is a pretty petaled blog by one of the sweetest bloggers you ever will read🙂

With a mere 53 followers, I’m thinking Myra’s blog is one of the best kept secret treasures on WordPress! It was about this time last year when she found my blog and our friendship just blossomed from there❤ Yup, there’s definitely something special about Myra! Perhaps it’s the charm of her english as a second language, or her nearly 80-year sense of gracious strength and determination, or her lovingly humble way with words… Whatever it is, she’s got it! Visit her blog and you’ll likely agree🙂

So now at nearly 80 years of age, Myra has taken up blogging as a way of introducing her english version of “Everlasting Blossoms & Butterflies” (first published in Taiwan, 2011). Her story is a true family memoir, beginning about 100 years ago when her mom was a young girl in early 1900’s China. The story’s focus is about how her mom’s “Everlasting Blossoms” floral crochet designs came to be.

Click here to read Myra’s first blog post
and begin at the beginning.

Take a moment to visit Myra’s blog now…
Your mesmerized self will be glad you did!🙂



Let there be beautiful flowers
blossomed everywhere. And
butterflies flying all year long.
Keep the beautiful, joyful
spring on earth always!

~ Myra Ho Chang ~



Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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KWH facebook cover photo

May your day be as fine as a fibrously floral bouquet!🙂 ♥ Jackie

knitting the words via postprodigal

Psalm 139:13-16

Image via dibbera’s Bucket/Christian Images
Click to view original.

In today’s reblogged post, Tanya Cliff uses her own hand-knit samples to demonstrate a writer’s words as being strung together like rows or rounds of basic to complex knit stitches. She also quotes a Bible verse about the original knitter of the entire universe—who is God the Creator of all things! And that’s a great analogy worth sharing, I’d say🙂

Adding to that…

This “life” fabric we’re writing will indeed formulate into many vibrantly patterned stitches/genres. Some stitches may “felt” dull. Others lacking in recommended tension will inevitably stretch out of shape. Unintentionally slipped stitches may cause entire WIPs (works in progress) to unravel prior to being properly cast off… And it could all spell trouble:-/ Try as we might to write right, I’m glad there’s one master editor—our heavenly Father… the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who knew us before time began and knit us together in our mother’s womb🙂 He is faithful and just to freely edit all errors for anyone who asks… And it’s by His pen that our names are written in the Book of Life❤

So let’s trust Him and be patient with one another…
because God is not finished editing us yet! ♥ Jackie

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Knitting a row of stitches at its most basic is like stringing simple words along the page to form a sentence. The dog runs. It gets boring quickly. The motivated knitter learns how to successfully…

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