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Remembrance Poppies ♥ Wartime Rosies


The poppy is an internationally recognized symbol of respectful remembrance for surviving war veterans and those lost in battle. Poppy symbolism originated during the First World War, between 1915-1918. That’s when dormant wild poppy seeds began to germinate and grow amidst the shadowy war-torn landscape near the front lines of Belgium and France. Thus, these persistent and naturally vibrant splashes of colour became symbolic of life.

In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae (Canadian soldier, May 1915) gives poetic verse to the delicate-yet-hardy poppies that sprouted from the freshly turned burial grounds of WWI. The poem includes some of the most famous lines written in relation to the First World War.

Also, in honour of Remembrance Day this year…
The Periwinkle knitting cafe in the UK organized a Remembrance Day poppy plan. Congrats to them, for creating a yarn-bomb display of over 1000 hand-knit/crocheted poppies—exceeding their goal of 100 handmade poppies!

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which features some interesting wartime references to knitting!

And speaking of the “blooming” effects of war…
Rosies of the North” by the National Film Board of Canada is a 46-minute Canadian documentary film which recounts the WW2 perspective—a time when men went off to battle and women stepped-in to fill jobs building fighter and bomber aircraft needed for the war effort. The film’s focus is not knitting, but it did include a couple of “vintage” comments with regard to knitting 😉


For a close-knit world, it is important to
pause and give thanks together… lest we forget!
Giving all thanks to God our Father…
for the strength He gives to brave hearts…
Brave hearts who willingly fought and
continue to fight for the sake of world peace
and freedom for us all! ♥ Jackie