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my 3rd year WP blog♥iversary & what I like about you!

KWH 3rd year blog-iversary

Welcome to my 3rd-year WordPress blog♥iversary… yay!!! Many THANKS to YOU for your blogful support and encouragement throughout the past 3 years! ♥ I’m a little shy, so had not planned to make this a big deal. But then WordPress called to say my blog had achieved its first 1,000 “likes” milestone… woohoo!!! Then they called again the next day, to wish my blog a happy birthday… hooray!!! Then to top it all off, Marcy and her Orples extended my party atmosphere into their own cyber-space… Fun blogging stuff, I tell ya!!!

For sure… so much fun! Yet how could
these 3 years have passed by so quickly?!?

Wanting to mark the momentous occasion,
I created this hearty festive fireworks graphic. It combines my Sweetie♥Knit♥Hearts with a separate fireworks graphic, found here.

It might not be much, but good things (such as these) come in 3’s & in small packages & to those who wait, as they say. And after 3 long years of waiting/nurturing, it’s nice to think I’ve received a small package sampling of the blogosphere’s whole. Looking back, there were 50 lovely likes during my blog’s first year. But today is a different story, with 141 likes since the start of the new year 🙂 Now, my blog is on track for its next 1,000 by the end of 2015! So what’s not to like about that!?!

NOTE:  for anyone who might be wondering… My blog features the Wordpress “like” button (located at the end of each post), plus separate “like” buttons in the comments section. These are accessible to anyone with a Gravatar account. For blog visitors who do not have their own gravatar icon, the starred rating system (located at the top of each post) offers anonymous voting 🙂

Anyhoo… so far, so good… THANKS to ALL of YOU !!!
I hope we will always share our smiles across the miles 😀
Lovin’ that visiting / reading / liking / commenting / sharing / following thing we all do ♥ Yup, that’s what I like about you!


♥  ♥  ♥

Thank you for visiting my Knitting With Heart blog today!
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You’re what I like about you! ♥ Jackie

How_to_Woo_a_CupidPS… Here is the link to my very first Valentine post, which features
Anna Hrachovec’s “How to Woo a Cupid” hearty knit short-clip animation ♥