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my thankful heart 💜

James 1:2-3
Journeys in Grace pic — "Let the music of your heart create a joyful noise unto the Lord.

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James 1:2-3 — Consider it pure joy, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

Romans 8:28 — "And we know that in all things GOD works for the good of those who love Him... who have been called according to His purpose"

Season’s greetings, Everyone!

Ohhh boy… the WP snowfall has begun, Thanksgiving on both sides of the 49th parallel are done and it’s less than a month ’til Christmas! My thankful heart better kick into gear or today’s “Thankful Thursday” post will be late, too…

The past few years have been rough. Yet through it all, we’ve trusted God (and by “God” I’m talking about Jesus) to provide for our needs. Personal plans are always falling short. But today, I’m especially thankful for His revival of my ol’ iMac… Yup, back again after about 10 days of dead silence in the wake of my 200th blog post… phewww!!!

I think God allows troubles because in His omniscient wisdom He knows troubles lead to thinking—and thinking leads to thanking ❤ For instance, I’m thinking my ol’ iMac can’t last much longer. The internal HD is shot (sighhh… lost tons of summer photos, ‘though that’s my own fault for not saving them before the crash), so it’s hooked up to run (more slowly) via an old external HD form of life support :-/ Still, all this thinking lifts my heavy heartfelt thoughts in thanksgiving toward Heaven for The Lord’s faithful provision—gotta ❤ how that works!

Beyond thankful, actually, for this umpteenth chance at renewed focus on my original knitting goal! That goal is to prepare as many proper layouts as possible for the many half-prepped designs God has heartily inspired me to write. SO many half-done prototypes, but it’ll sure feel good to finally format them into PDFs for SALE! Lord willing, I’ll finish the task … before… y’know… silence strikes again!

Yay… one pattern up for sale!
Slowly yet surely, stitch by stitch and step-by-step 🙂 ❤

How big is this problem on a scale of one to God?

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the KWH iPad Show #24 💜 I’m thankful for…

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 24th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is Thanksgiving and
a few things that I’m thankful for 🙂



This weekend is
“Thanksgiving” in Canada!

One day of thanks is good…
One 3-day long-weekend is grand…
But with millions of moments and
cherished memories along life’s way…
I’d say the calendar overflows with
an abundance of joy to fill our hearts
with thankfulness on ANY given day! 
This is true, even on a “bad” day!
Wouldn’t you say?
Now looking at this photo of my ol’ iMac
that died 6 months ago, I’m ever-thankful
for my iPad that has kept me blogging
all these months—
just you, me & my iPad

So this year…

I’m thankful for my husband’s precious prescription of HPP medicine and the doctors/researchers who worked all these years to give us hope for a healthier tomorrow! Plus, so thankful we could visit family en route to picking up the first month’s prescription! 🙂 ❤
I’m thankful to live in a peaceful nation where individual rights for freedom of speech, politics and religion are valued, respected and encouraged!
I’m thankful for unobstructed
sunset views from our own backyard!
I’m thankful for YOU ❤
This blog would be a lonely cyber-place
without all of you guys stopping by!

Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

–— 💜 Have you thought about buying a copy of my knitting pattern today? 💜

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Happy Thanksgiving! ♥ Jackie

Thanksgiving Weekend ❤ prairie road trip

sunset_KWH4926Hey, so is it just me or do these clouds from last night’s sunset remind anyone else of self-striping yarn? Hmmm… perhaps they’re more variegated than striped? Tell me true, do you think so too?

Well anyway, we’re happy and thankful to be home-sweet-home again after our 13-hour Thanksgiving road trip. The weather was great… The turkey was tasty… Desserts were in abundance… And it was SO good to spend a few days visiting with family!
Only it’s just too bad we all live so far apart. ❤

Away from home, the iPad was a very handy travel companion. It captured some really decent pics and was convenient for checking inboxes. And when we found ourselves driving smack dab in the middle of two of God’s supremely colourful sky-scapes, the iPad made it so easy to post the rainbow/sunset video onto my KWH Facebook page. Click my FB link to check it out. ❤ Also, for a quick glimpse of the awesome autumn beauty across Canada’s wide open spaces, here is a slideshow from the rest of our highway-drive-by shots. 🙂 Oh how I love the changing leaves and golden fields. The harvested fields might be stubble, but they’re golden in the sun and dotted with hundreds (dare I say thousands) of bailed balls from harvested crops. Truly a sight to behold, under the clear blue sky with cotton-baton clouds! Call me Canadian, but I think it’s gorgeous ❤

Looking back, I’m surprised to have taken so few photos of livestock. We actually drove past plenty of grazing animals… cows, buffalo, and even a flock of sheep! Missed some potentially good pics, for sure… Sure wish I hadn’t missed that sheep shot! Oh well, that’s life when you’re driving down the highway 😉

Happy Autumn! ❤ Jackie

Today is “I LOVE YARN DAY” ❤ more loops, less hoop d’ loop!

I love yarn day 2013 logo

Today is I LOVE YARN DAY … and we the knitters, crocheters & crafters (lovers of yarn that we are)
LOVE to increase our yarn! Yes it’s true, we’ve all
let our stitches slip, once in a while. And the fact is,
there will be days when we’ll need to drop them
altogether. Even so, we all know that the key to
any raised increase is to fundamentally alternate
with a row or more of solid, foundational, good ol’ fashioned knit & purl or single crochet stitches.

But today is I LOVE YARN DAY … and we the knitters, crocheters & crafters
(lovers of yarn that we are) live in pursuit of a good yarn on the selvage!
We continually gauge ourselves, while planning every strategically slipped,
dropped and/or most basic of stitches. And we are mindful of the fact that,
as with any good yarn, every loose end will eventually need to be woven in.

Maybe if politicians all knew how to knit, the fabric of life
would be constructed of more loops with fewer hoop d’ loop… ?!?

One more note, in the spirit of today’s “birds of a feather” theme…
Thanksgiving Day in Canada is this weekend—on Monday, October 14th. 🙂
We are thankful and looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with family.
Yes, our family and turkey feast with all the trimmings is a mere 13 hour drive away!

And if a certain rafter group decides to talk turkey?
Well, then everyone will be thankful to be able to get back to work!

Happy Thanksgiving ❤ Jackie

Blessings ❤ Thanksgiving

Here in Canada, our National Day of Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October. It’s a day off work and (hopefully) a long-weekend filled with family, food ‘n fun. Besides all that, though, this date on the calendar is like a friendly reminder to exercise our grateful hearts ❤ … Thank God for family, freedom, health, shelter, comfort, safety, success, the ability to breath, think, wiggle our fingers ‘n toes, live…

The Lord is my strength and shield.
I trust Him with all my heart.
He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy.
I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.
Psalm 28:7 (NLT)

And now, in the spirit of living in thanksgiving, I have gathered together a few of my favourite thought-provoking bits of inspirational wisdom. All these are shared freely online. My search efforts to reveal and acknowledge the original source authors, however, have lead only to seemingly endless re-postings by other grateful hearts… Even so, I thought it might be nice to showcase a few inspiring messages here, in a slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Perhaps you have already seen all of these?
Well, here is one more link that I think we may all be thankful for…

❤ ❤ ❤

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada to everyone!