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#48 💜 “blog fog” and flight knits for HPP

prairie patchwork landscape aerial sunrise view

the KWH iPad Show logo

Flight Knits Carry-On WIP #2

Flight Knits Carry-On WIP #1:
. . . super-loopy-cool cast on.


heart in progress WIP

Flight Knits Carry-On WIP #2:
. . . my own original heart dishcloth pattern.

Types of HPP

Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg at the Soft Bones Canada HPP Conference 2016 in WinnipegDr. Jose Luis Milan at the Soft Bones Canada HPP Conference 2016 in Winnipeg

Hello & Welcome to my 48th episode of the
KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is kniterally flying high for HPP awareness 🙂

Hey everyone… Well, it’s been more than a few weeks since my last reblog/post. I’ve been reading as many posts as possible from the growing blog community that surrounds me. Yet try as I might to write, just couldn’t break through the “blog fog” brain clog that’s been keeping all my blogful dots of inspiration from connecting into posts :-/ ‘Guess lovely outdoor crafting weather can have that effect, sometimes 🙂 Have you experienced “blog fog”? How did you get back into your blogful groove?

Anyhoo… what have we been up to?

This past weekend, we packed our carry-on and flew to Winnipeg. Direct flight departure time was Friday morning at the crack of yawn 😉 I’m so glad we could attend the 1st annual Soft Bones Canada HPP Awareness Conference at The Forks in Winnipeg. It was a really well-organized event. Out-of-town attendees stayed at the Inn at the Forks. Friday night was an informal meet & greet for researchers, patients and organizers at the Museum of Human Rights. Saturday at the St. Boniface Hospital was a full day of HPP education seminars with experts from across Canada and the USA. Then following the seminar, the conference concluded on a full stomach with dinner at the Clay Oven 🙂

We stayed an extra day in The ‘Peg…
riding the prairie summer heatwave
 enjoying BBQ time with family ❤

This flight also marked the first time (since our Cancun knitting fiasco in 2012, when airport security nearly confiscated my knitting needles… yikes!!!) that I’ve dared to carry my knitting aboard any aircraft. The needles were a go, ‘though the mere 1.5 hour flight was barely enough time for aerial photos, drafting this post PLUS knitting… LoL … Oh well, it felt good just knowing my knitting was near 😉 Knitting in the sky is the only way to fly, after all. And with USB ports at every seat, life above the clouds was pretty good!

Do you tend to over or under pack for travel?
My travel knitting WIPs always outweigh my destination. Only brought 2 low-risk carry-on flight knit WIPs this time. But alas, it was still too much 🙂

#1 — super-loopy-cool cast on…
See pics from my Christmas decorated staircase, including garland lengths of this cast on.

#2 — original heart dishcloth pattern…
My next original hand-knit heart design,
which is currently under construction.
Details will (eventually!) come… if/when
I ever get out of this app-sized iPad space :-/

Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Life is short… always carry-on with your knitting! ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #23 💜 healing hope for HPP

Asfotase Alf

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 23rd episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is our road trip to Winnipeg
… in pursuit of a healthier tomorrow 🙂


Asfotase Alf

And we’re back! … Back home, after our whirlwind road trip to Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre—where we finally met Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg in person and received our first month’s prescription of Asfotase Alfa!!! Dr. Greenberg is the renowned driving force behind clinical trial research for hypophosphatasia (HPP). Over the past decade, other doctors have allowed Husband’s paperwork for obtaining HPP treatment to fall short. But that all changed when we found Dr. Greenburg and Dr. Christopher Lee (our personal physician). We thank God for enabling them and blessing us with their dedicated effort to help make this medical mission trip possible! ❤

As well… I’m back to feeling like my usual self—after suddenly feeling mysteriously “zapped” of all energy for the past 5 days. Weird :-/ Dragging myself around and feeding my facebook page was about all the strength I could muster. At least the facebooking was fun… So it’s sure great to be back—in more ways than one!

Here are a few iPad photos of memorable moments and prairie highway scenery from our trip…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Proverbs 16:9

We set out before sunrise in our 2002 Toyota Celica—which still runs bright like its sunshiny paint colour 🙂 After driving 10 hours, we stopped for night at the Yorkton Days Inn in Saskatchewan. During 2 days of medical testing in Winnipeg, we stayed in an east-facing Canad Inns room (see 13th floor sunrise photo), conveniently attached to the hospital. We also got together with family and celebrated one nephew’s 13th birthday! The last time we saw family was last summer’s trip to the Niagara Peninsula. The time before that was our Thanksgiving 2013 road trip… Fun stuff! And finally, an especially yummy thanks to our sisters, for filling our bags with their homemade goodness of cherry jam, spaghetti sauce, salsa and cookies… Plus, one perfectly purple cupcake-shaped handmade soap! 🙂 ❤

Homeward bound, we drove straight through for 14-hours—eager to refrigerate our precious HPP-fighting Asfotase Alfa cargo… Now we’ll wait and see how long it might be before Husband’s daily needle dosage shows signs of healing 🙂

Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Hope continues… ♥ Jackie

summer in Canada ♥ flowers, flags, fireworks & song

ivory lilac blooms

front yard in summer—vertical panoramic view

Canada Day (July 1st) was on a Tuesday this year. And it was an extra-long weekend for us, since we were off work Monday as well! Add to that all the super-summery weather we’ve been having (weather we’ve been waiting all winter for) and you get what feels like a real stay-cation 🙂

Admittedly, this blog has shared its share of snowy pics during the months of November thru March/April. And so for today’s post, I thought it might be nice to balance that out a bit with a glimpse of what this place looks like without snowbanks! One snowy scene you may recall is the view from our front door. Here in this vertically panoramic photo, I’ve stitched a few pics into one. By mid-winter, the sight of all this flourishing shrubbery under the clear, blue, blazingly hot July sky will be like soothing therapy for the soul 🙂

As you can see, our neighbours across the street have a Canadian flag in their backyard. I love to look outside and see it flying freely in the breeze 🙂 The little flag on our lawn was planted by a Canada Day volunteer. Every year on Canada Day, our entire city wakes up to find Canadian flags in each front yard…. gotta  ❤  that! All these photos were taken with my iPad, including the sunrise—dated just past 4:30 AM on July 4th, 2013. What can I say? The sun waits for no one and that’s the last time I managed to wake up early enough to catch pictures of a summertime sunrise … lol… As well, there are four (4) videos attached to this post. That’s a lot, I know… but hope you will agree they are worth it! First up is the inaugural illumination of a locally historic bridge, plus fireworks display. The fireworks did not start until 11:20 PM. It would’ve been a very late night, if we’d gone to check it out in person. Fortunately, this video offers a great view without the crowds and traffic! Next up, is Chris Hadfield (former commander of the International Space Station (ISS) aka my favourite down-to-earth Canadian astronaut) and his brother Dave with their “In Canada” video 🙂 Seriously, this tune has been stuck in my head all week. Happily humming it right now, in fact… lol! And finally, ending this post on a literal high note, Chris Hadfield’s out-of-this-world cover version video for David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” is performed aboard the ISS… How C@@L is that!?!

smilin’ in Canada 🙂  Jackie

53rd parallel north ♥ 17-hour summer solstice

summer solstice sunset at the 53rd parallel north in Alberta Canada

summer solstice sunset at the 53rd parallel north in Alberta Canada

Happy summer solstice everyone! I hope your summer is off to a great start 🙂 This longest day is my absolute favourite time of the year!!!

Our first day of summer was overflowing with brilliant sunshine and warm 20ºC/70ºF temperatures. It was a bit too breezy to really enjoy knitting outside. But mostly it was extra-long, measuring 17 hours of daylight 😀

Here at the 53rd parallel north on the Canadian prairies, the summer sky begins to brighten by 4:00 AM—with the solstice sunrise at 5:04 AM. Then it finally dims to darkness around 11 PM—with today’s sunset at 10:07 PM.

Totally ♥ ❤ ♥ that and wish EVERY day
could be a summer solstice day!

Here is a link where I’ve been checking out the sunrise/sunset etc times around the world.

Maxine comic: summer solstice on Saturday

Things are brightening up on the inside too. We tried hiring an IT guy, but it was my wonderfully intelligent hubby who finally resuscitated my iMac 🙂 He’s neither Mac user nor IT guy, but he’s super-smart and I always knew he could figure it out! 🙂 ♥

Now after 7 weeks stuck at the “grey screen of death”, I’m pleased to say that my iMac is slowly moving forward and getting back to normal… YAY!!! Getting a computer back to normal seems about as much fun as moving, though, since it takes time for everything to get sorted and put into place again. It’s hard to believe that this post is the first via my iMac since the end of April… yeesh! But summer is here now, and things are looking up! Methinks it’s time for blogging to take on more of a hybrid iPad/iMac style!

Wishing you summer solstice cheer ♥ Jackie