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Great Spring Expectations

Great Spring Expectations ||| Knitting With Heart

Well just look at that gorgeous, clear, blue sky! One of these days when the weather warms up, this will be one of my favourite knitting spots πŸ™‚ Yes, here we are 3 weeks into the official springtime seasonΒ and you could almost find me out there alreadyβ€”almost. These last couple of days have indeed felt like “spring” πŸ™‚ The next couple of days will not 😦 .Β That’s because this weekend, just in time before the snow actually melts away, another snowstorm packing another 20 cms is expected to fall from the skies. This does not match with my spring expectation.


Our local weather forecast, graphic by GlobalTVEdmonton.com

On the upside, much less than 20 cms is expected to accumulate. PLUS, our snow tires are still on the car! Even more on the upside is the statistical hope for a scorching July… Yup, according to weather records and our local meteorologist, all 10 of our below-average months of April throughout the last 100 years were followed by HOTTER than average months of July ❀ Again, this does not match with my spring expectations… But oh boy, we’ll take it! That is one statistical tidbit for which I will be hoping in all earnest to come true!

Great Spring Expectations ||| Knitting With HeartAlready, it’s like my β€œspring fever” blues are lifting… July is only 3 months away… I remember the day this picture was taken (August 2012). That was an amazingly sweltering week of knitting in our backyard πŸ™‚

And how is your spring knitting weather shaping up?

Great Spring Expectations ||| Knitting With Heart

Oh, and this
“spring app” graphic?

No worries…
It’s just a gag…
I’m SURE (hoping)
that spring will
be available
here this year!

See you in the comments!   ❀ Jackie