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Happy Anniversary ♥ December 9th… and they lived happily ever after

E&J wedding December 9th, 1995
E&J wedding December 9th, 1995

Our wedding day
December 9th, 1995

Today is a bit of a detour from the wool-hearty post I had originally planned. On account of yesterday being our 19th wedding anniversary and my wonderful hubby surprising me (again), this time with photos on fb. This led to an outpouring of well-wishes and fond memories… shared now, here with you!

We were married on a sun-blustery winter day, 19 years ago on December 9th, 1995. A major snow storm had blasted through town—leaving the church parking lot off limits and our wedding day turned all around. Highways were closed. Out-of-town guest’s flights were delayed. No one could make it to the rehearsal dinner and in-laws were welcomed with curlers in my hair. A quilt draped across my shoulders was all that would fit atop my mom’s 38-year-old pouffe gown. Wedding decorations were a bit of a disaster, too. But oh thank Goodness… for it was December and the church was already decorated for Christmas 🙂

As you may imagine, it was the best day of my (our) life! Aside from one major hitch, none of the rest mattered. And the weather this week? Mild temperatures have been melting the snow 🙂 Then “just for us” yesterday, God the Creator of Heaven and Earth painted our 19th anniversary day sky with another spectacular sunset glow ♥

 “Be Completely Humble And Gentle;
Be Patient, Bearing With One Another In Love.
Make Every Effort To Keep The Unity
Of The Spirit Through The Bond Of Peace.”
Ephesians 4:2-3 (New International Version)

love ♥ Jackie