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a flag for Flaherty ❤

a flag for Flaherty ❤ | knitting with heart

a flag for Flaherty ❤ | knitting with heart a flag for Flaherty ❤ | knitting with heart

Canada—and indeed the world—needs
many more people like Jim Flaherty.
Yet today, we of Canada are
sadly mournful of his passing.

❤  ❤  ❤

Jim Flaherty was a man of integrity, honour, wisdom, heartfelt contentment and joy… He was a guy who wore green ties and smiled from his heart. It was his inner-smile that overflowed across his face.

Jim Flaherty was a politician…
He was Canada’s Chief Finance Minister and Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s trusted right-hand man.

So why the heck am I so sad?
Why are we all so sad?
We were sad to see him retire…
And now, just 3 weeks later?
We are sad to know he’s gone

Jim Flaherty was an honourable politician… He had a flair for steadfast consistency, which helped straighten and strengthen our country’s financial path. This, even while other economies began to crumble. “Stay the course”, he’d always say. And the truth of those words gave us hope for Canada’s financial future. Hope that tomorrow would be okay.

Jim Flaherty was no average politician…
He served his political post with proficiency and loved his country like family. His job seemed a labour of love. He loved all of us, and we loved him too. Our comfort now, however, is in knowing that he really can finally see what heaven looks like!

 RIP Jim Flaherty… ❤ Jackie