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Knit Pies for Pi Day 2015 via KnitsForLife

knit pi day pie

screenshot image via Knits For Life
Click image to visit the KFL blog!

Belated Pi Day greetings, everyone! 

awe gee whiz… Late again!!! Oh well, I’ve been keeping busy with reading blogs and previously procrastinated iPad maintenance, while thinking of what to post for St. Patrick’s Day 🙂 Then suddenly just now, I realized Pi Day 2016 was yesterday! … dohhh … :-/

But hey, that’s okay… This crafty blogger’s knit pie DIY caught my eye last year already, so I’m just going to go ahead and post it quick—via my first “press this” WP share! Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky next year and try my hand at this knit/bake technique in time for Pi Day 2017… Will you try?

Yup… any way you slice it,
any day is a good day for knit pi day pie! ♥ Jackie

♥ ♥ ♥

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