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Spinning & Weaving & Snowbanks Receding ❤


Anybody out there still looking for spring? Our spring this year has been like an up and down ride on an unsettled weather roller coaster. The blogging blahs are having a heyday! Today’s skies are blue and the snow is pretty well melted… Warm (aka seasonal-average) temperatures are where they always are—dangling like a carrot, several days into the future. Yesterday’s forecast actually included warnings for 10-15 cms of snow, if you can believe it! We all cried, “Oh NO, not snow!!!” and awoke this morning to find that the storm had missed us. It feels like we’re living in a constant state of cabin fever. Yes, and after living bundled-up amidst a harsh, cold landscape that’s been heavily blanketed in snow for 5.5 solid months, I think it’s safe to assume we’re all mighty eager for spring to finally get sprung! Hope you’re enjoying pleasant spring weather where you live!


Earth Day was a long-pants-and-sweater-yet-pleasant sort of day. I took a few pictures of our local pond (where skeins of Canadian Geese flock to every year) and framed the day’s sunset with the season’s first buds on our trees :) The day was comfortable enough to sit a while too, so I did a little basket weaving outside.


Did you have a fibrously crafty Earth Day? Every year, I get the urge to upcycle something crafty. Last year, I tried spinning for the first time. Click here to read the post. This year, using only newspapers, plastic grocery bags and toilet tissue rolls (plus tape, scissors, large-eyed yarn needle and a drop spindle), I wanted to figure out how to make a woven basket. This first prototype is quite rough, but I like it. It’s cute, yet functional :) It took me until the end of Earth Month, but here it is now… my recycled gloom bursting into bloom ❤ It was fun to make and you can be sure I’ll be making more. Once my technique is streamlined, I’ll write a tutorial. Then we can all weave together and save the planet… one basket at a time 😉

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Oh, and if you’re wondering about that little ball of green yarn nestled snuggly in the basket? That poor little yarn got left behind (stranded, if you will) after my fall photo shoot. Click here to read the post. We found it a few days ago. Fair Isle knitting never got stranded like this!

Happy Spring ❤ Jackie