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D-Day ♥ forever

WWII knitting for the R.A.F. poster
WWII knitting for the R.A.F. poster

Knitting for the R.A.F. poster

D-Day ♥ forever
poem by Jackie Loewen

Now take a moment—if even only today,
to pause in grateful contemplation for
the tremendous service and courage of
collaborative, conquering allied forces…
70 years ago on this day.

Consider the carnage at Normandy,
its beaches wallowing in the colour of war.
Remember the blood of brave young men
flooding in by the thousands
—many lifelessly washing ashore.

They fought for the sake of freedom,
their’s, yours and mine… far and away.
Thus lest we forget, in honour of these,
June 6th will forever be known as D-Day ♥


Canada entered the Second World War on September 10, 1939.
Between 1942-1944, the Canadian Navy grew from 300 to over 700 ships.
By 1943, the Royal Canadian Air Force grew from 4,000 people to over 206,000.
We had “become the third largest naval power and the fourth air power of the United Nations.”
In 1943, Canada’s estimated population stood strong at 11.8 million people.
For more info, see Statistics Canada @ http://www65.statcan.gc.ca/acyb07/acyb07_0010-eng.htm

in remembrance of these ♥ Jackie

This life of freedom...

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