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Love You Mom! ☕️🎶💜


Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!

Perhaps a bit late according to the calendar date… but since when is it too late to share a cuppa love with mom?!?

Be it Mother’s Day, birthdays, holidays or everyday… a sip from this particular mug shall surely hit the spot any day!

You may have noticed that the hearts are arranged to spell “MOM” … awwwe 🥰 The drawing video below was my creative inspiration there. This mug design is available in a CMYK rainbow of colours via my Zazzle shop. Buyers can further customize (this and most items) with their own personal info, names, etc. Please check it out and feel free to comment—here, at Zazzle or facebook—with any questions or feedback… THX!




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Love your mom every day! ♥ Jackie

noticing Mom ♥

You might think your mom is invincible…
Your mom might feel like she is invisible…
Have you noticed your mother today?

Both our mothers live far away…
But if we could, we’d hug them today!
And that would be a very, very
Happy Mother’s Day 
🙂 ♥ Jackie

Bramble♥tini Heart hand-knit sample, using Bernat Handicrafter worsted weight cotton yarn

Hearts for Mother’s Day ♥

a Heart-Felted Wild Rose Bouquet for Mother’s Day ❤

Sweetie❤Knit❤Heart-Felted Wild Rose Bouquet for Mother's Day ||| Knitting With HeartBoth our moms live 2-3 provinces away and I’m not a mom, so Mother’s Day celebrations at our place are generally phone calls with something along the lines of floral delivery. Thankfully, love knits us together from afar ❤

Here in blogland, it’s been my pleasure to follow along with many moms who blog about their motherly adventures. And today, I’d like to share a few of their links.

Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog
… this mom has adopted several kids with disabilities and will have you laughing at the smallest, funniest real-life situations—writing style with Erma Bombeck flare ❤
Lesley Carter @ Bucket List Publications
… travel blogging mom, including posts about home and her adorable toddler daughter ❤
Especially Made
… mom to son with special needs and seeking Biblical strength ❤
Kodiak My Little Grizzly
… mom to 3 great kids, including son Kodiak who is deaf, blind and has CHARGE Syndrome ❤

Then there’s this local mom’s story.
An authentic Canadian Mother Goose story 😉

Flowers are a heart-felt way to express love on Mother’s Day. And this year, I just felt like felting a floral Sweetie❤Knit❤Heart bouquet. This first wild bunch of roses blossomed nicely, albeit too late for today’s delivery. But now with the seeds planted, this garden shall surely grow into a floral harvest for all-seasons.

Wishing a yarn bouquet of joy this Mother’s Day
to loving moms everywhere  ❤ Jackie

❤ ❤ ❤

Psalm 139:13 
New Living Translation
“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body
and knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Today is Mother’s Day ❤

This year, Mother’s Day is the 13th of May. The second Sunday in May is the calendar day when we celebrate moms and show our appreciation for all they do to enrich our lives.  I am not a mom, but am blessed to have two wonderful moms enriching my life… albeit from afar. So then, let the celebrations begin! … just be sure mom is not left to clean up afterward 😉

And here, for your appreciative viewing pleasure,
are a couple of short Mother’s Day video links:
Unnoticed Moms, LLC” is a mini movie from Ignitor Media
I’ll Need You Mom” is a mini movie from Ignitor Media

As well, for your nimble knitting pleasure, the
Sweetie Knit Heart is a tiny something special
you can knit in love with your own two hands.
It will make a hearty gift to the one whose loving
hands have raised you up throughout all these years!

hearts-in-hand with black background