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#35 πŸ’œ 9 months and counting…

the KWH iPad Show logoA New Year's Prayer

Romans 15:13
Hello & WelcomeΒ to my 35thΒ episode of theΒ KWH iPad Show! I hope your year so far isΒ going well πŸ™‚ Our 2016 got off to a rough start 😦 But today is a new day… and the “show” must go on!

So can you believe it’s been 9 months since my iMac died and left the blogging to just you, me & my iPad? Yup! … 9 solid months, since I’ve stroked the blogful keys of a real computer that uses more than an app for this or that! I’d never have believed it possible to last this long without going completely bonkers. Yet, here we all are… 9 months ago, we were a crowd of 330 readers, including WordPress + 30 or so “likes” from facebook… Then wOw, look at the 600+ crowd we are now!


Thanks everyone ❀ for keeping me company,
through to the new year… and counting!


Introducing… my Bramble❀tini Heart knitting pattern

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I’m counting on you!Β β™₯ Jackie