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the KWH iPad Show #33 πŸ’œ knotty, yet merry nice!

Christmas gift with heart & yarn embellishment

front door Christmas lights

Hello & Welcome
to my 33rdΒ episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is upcoming photos of
our decoratedΒ Christmas 2015 staircase πŸ™‚

SweetieπŸ’œHeart yarn and gift wrap

Merry Christmas Morning,




For the past couple of yearsβ€”see Christmas Day 2013 & 2014β€”I’ve been decorating our staircase (in lieu of theΒ Christmas tree we don’t have), then posting photos of my festive yarn bombing decor to the blog on Christmas Day πŸ™‚

That tradition continues this year, although it is running a bit late… :-/ I’ll have photos forΒ my next blog post!Β 

Ah well, inspiration can sometimes take time… whileΒ the calendar waits for no one. Add to that my “procraftinator” tendencies and you get yarnful knotty-ness that will soon be nice πŸ™‚

Lola comic β€” craftination β€” Lion Brand Yarn

And speaking of knots…

Did you know there’s a group on Ravelry that actually looks for and forward to untangling “opportunities” withΒ yarny messes? Yup, you read that correctly!

Click here to read the article
from The Wall Street Journal.


Introducing… my Bramble❀tini Heart knitting pattern

–— πŸ’œ Have you thought about buying a copy of my knitting pattern today? πŸ’œ

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Wishing youΒ a knotty ‘n nice Christmas Day!Β β™₯ Jackie