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the keyboard to my success β™₯


ZAGG iPad keyboard

ZAGG iPad keyboard

Hello Everyone β™₯Β and WELCOME to another episode of the KWH iPad Show! For anyone tuning-in for the first time, this blog is normally produced via my iMac. That is, until about half a month ago when my iMac shut down and stayed down… Ever since then, it’s been just you, me ‘n my iPad πŸ™‚

This li’l iPad has been a true lifesaver… my “plan B” for internet and blogging access… my sanity-saving link to the outside world… andΒ an adjustment! It feels like forever, since I’ve been clinging for dear cyber-life by the skin of my 2-finger typing skillsβ€”with my blogful existence hanging on the hinges of an iPad. It’s likeΒ living in the skeletal shadows of my usual online routine… Oh how I miss all the virtual visitation and graphical digitization! When, oh when will my iMac be back? Can/will it be resuscitated back to the computerized brain I once knew? Only one thing is for certain… The muddled mess I call my inbox(es) continually grows more inbox-i-cating by the day!

ThankfullyΒ now,Β there is hope… Hope fromΒ a ZAGG iPad keyboard, which recently landed smack dab in my lap πŸ™‚

The story behind this iPad keyboard began a few months ago at my husband’s company Christmas party. There at the party, this ZAGG iPad keyboard was one of the many gifts up for grabs in the “Santa exchange” game. According to game rules, all gifts could be “stolen” twice. So naturally, I stole it from the person who had initially selected it πŸ˜‰ But before I knew it, Judy the receptionist (who intended to gift it to her daughter) stole it from me … lol … And that was that. My treasured tech-toy-tool was lost forever 😦

Or was it?!?

Lo and behold, Judy’s daughter desired a different keyboard and stashed this one in the closet! So when Judy heard of my keyboard-less predicament, she opened her heart, pulled this keyboard from the cupboard and sent it home with my hubby πŸ™‚

I love the handy case with its built-in keyboard and how it makes the iPad feel more like a laptop πŸ™‚ It’s not the backlit keyboard model, seems to use a lot of battery and has a tendency to flop over quite easily (depending on how you’re perched)… but I’ve simply been stopping the flopping by propping it up with a big ball of yarn! The compactness of the keyboard also takes a bit of getting used to, but it SURE feels great to touch actual keys again!!! Now if I could just stop reaching for my mouse πŸ˜‰

Well, ‘guess that’s all for now… Thanks for tuning-in and hope you (and my iMac) will be back to see what happens next! Always something new, here atΒ the KWH iPad Show and/or my Knitting With Heart facebook page. Hope to see you there and see you soon!

Happy keyboarding! β™₯Β Jackie