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a Liebster Blog Award Nomination . . . for who?!?

Now then, let us continue, without further ado…
this Leibster Blog Award is hereby nominated to:

. . . drum roll please . . .

Wait… what’s that? Who did you say? Would you mind repeating that, please? Hmmm… hang on… maybe give me a minute to clean the wax out of my ears. Fine, you’re sure about this then? Well okay… if you say so, but I must be hearing things because it sounded like the one being nominated is ME?!? How can that possibly be?!?

. . . aw-shucks . . .


Seriously though, all playful teasing aside… It is an honour to be recognized for something I’ve been putting my heart into. Yes, there are times when the battle against distraction will inevitably be the cause of major delays. And yes, there are times when figuring out how this whole blogging thing works can get to feeling more like work than play. And then there are those times when I wander around wondering whether anyone really notices anyway… But then there are the cyber-smile times of huge-little supportive moments. Moments when someone online comes alongside β€˜n warms your heart with a nudge of approval πŸ™‚

Thank You KnitXpressions ❀ Thanks for filling your own blog with sweet knitting adventures β€˜n fun stuff. Thanks for nominating my β€œKnitting With Heart” blog in the same category as your own! And thank you to all my blogful readers who have nudged me by way of comments, β€œlikes” and follow-ship πŸ™‚

Oh but wait, there’s more!

First of all, in order to receive this award, I am asked to reveal 11 random facts about myself… Yikes! Did you maybe just wanna click on over to the Knitting With Heart gravatar? It will link you up with my Ravelry, Craftsy and Pinterest pages. I believe you can tell a lot about a person by the pins they post, wouldn’t you agree?

Next, more specifically, there are 11 questions from the one who nominated me…
Here we go:
#1. What are you most proud of?
. . . .Β This year, I am pleased to have finally started this blog!
#2.Β What makes you happy?
. . . .Β It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Kindness toward others always makes my heart smile.
#3. What is your most prized possession?
. . . .Β Love… because life apart from love would be empty worthlessness.
#4. What are you afraid of?
. . . .Β Pretty much any creepy crawly thing, especially in the dark πŸ˜›
#5. Why do you blog?
. . . .Β To tell my tales of yarn!
#6.Β How would you describe your style?
. . . .Β Waste not, want not… I love to make/upcycle something from bits of nothing.
#7. What are you most grateful for?
. . . .Β God’s gift of eternal life through the life-death-resurrection of Jesus Christ.
#8. What is the best book you have ever read?
. . . .Β The book of Psalms from the Bible.
#9. What food do you hate?
. . . .Β Pears. They’re pretty to look at, but taste yucky to me!!!
#10. What is your favorite β€œguilty pleasure” aka β€œsuper dorky” song?
. . . .Β Truth be told, I must admit to being a fan of the BBC’s “Mister Maker” TV show… which I first discovered quite by accident, while watching TV with my toddler nephew… true story!
#11. What is your favorite holiday?
. . . . Christmas for the birth of Jesus + Easter for the resurrection of Jesus

And finally, in the spirit of carrying forth the tradition of nomination, here are 11 blogs which I am pleased to nominate… Bloggers listed here are asked to respond likewiseβ€”answering these 3 sets of 11 questionsβ€”in order to accept your own Leibster Blogging Award.

stonechat β€”β€ˆfor a friendly breeze from (as we say in Canada) across the pond ❀ Bucket List Publications β€” for getting out there and checking-off that proverbial bucket list! ❀ Wovember β€” for more than a bale of woolly fluff ❀ IslandEAT β€”β€ˆfor recipes like the 1897 Chocolate Brownie (the very first published recipe) … yes please, Chef! ❀ Canadian Gift Guide β€”β€ˆfor a shopping spree of gift ideas ❀ polka-dots & sparkles β€” for a dot of polka with a sprinkleΒ of sparkle from Down Under ❀ Lord Jesus Saves β€”β€ˆfor peace β€˜n love, so good for the soul ❀ Canadian Hiking Photography β€”β€ˆfor that scenic WOW! factor ❀ Knitting Revolution β€”β€ˆfor real world purrrfection of handknit cats ‘n cupcakesΒ  ❀ Agujas β€”β€ˆfor fibrously woven knitting tales ❀ All She Wants To Do Is Knit β€”β€ˆfor a bit of a spin on knitting

Thanks again, KnitXpressions… Congratulations to all 11 nominees… And to all a good night!Β  ❀