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melting March madness meets colour♥fool SPRING

March this year has brought melting madness our way… not once, but twice! This is exciting stuff!!! Exciting, since we are generally surrounded by snow for 5 months of every year and do not expect noticeable signs of melting until early-ish April. But this winter has been fairly short, with snow arriving in November and melting mid-March 🙂 . . . Plus for our first time since moving here in 2009, March weather has actually been warm enough to sit outside wearing shorts/tank tops. Compare that to 2009, when March temperatures plummeted to -50 with the windchill… And see what I mean?

Yep, this melting March madness stuff is super-exciting!springSnow_KWH5942

But alas, therein lurks a deeper madness… I call it the “flutter-by effect”. That’s when spring gets sprung into action and becomes such a distraction that none of the creative dots can find a decent connection.

So what’s a blogger to do? Let me know if you know. For now, I’m just glad to have connected a couple of blogful dots for this post, gosh-yarn-it! And with snow in the forecast, more dots are bound to get connected soon…

♥  ♥  ♥

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There’s no fool like a snow fool 😉  ♥ Jackie