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the KWH iPad Show #32 πŸ’œ all I want for Christmas…

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 32nd episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is
allΒ I want for Christmas πŸ™‚

This snowy winter wonderland’sΒ photographer is ourΒ sister Laura.
The tasty homemade cherry jam, alongside stylishlyΒ crafted handmade
house, bar and cupcake soaps are the creationsΒ of ourΒ sister Lisa.Β 
Thanks so much, we love you dearly ❀ and thank God for all our family!   

β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

All I want for Christmas is ewe T-Shirts & Hoodies - RedBubble.com

Every year it’s the same thing…
all I ever really want for Christmas
… is YOU πŸ™‚

Well to be honest, I alsoΒ really want
… more skeins fromΒ EWE πŸ˜‰

AndΒ after 3/4 year blogging
withΒ just you, me & my iPad
It comes as no surprise that
what I’d also really want is to
finally replace my ol’Β iMac !!!

But when it comes right down to it,
all I really ever want for Christmas is
to be of good cheer, in good health
and know family goodness is near πŸ™‚

Now 3 months since beginning
treatment for my husband’s HPP,
we thank God for hearing our prayers
and canΒ whole-heartedly sayΒ that
Β health is progressing our way πŸ™‚

Plus… there is one fine family benefit,
which helps compensate for those
periodic plane rides to see doctors…
That’s becauseΒ hubbyΒ gets to see his
sisters who live nearby those doctors…
Sweet sisters who send him home with
and homemade family goodness
from their hearts to our home ❀

So now, you tell me…
What do you really want

for Christmas, this year?Β 

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That’sΒ all IΒ want this Christmas! β™₯ Jackie