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Flake News! 😳😝😧🤔☃🇨🇦📢

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Hey there… How’s it snowin’, eh? 🇨🇦 It’s been snoOow long since I’ve been gone…
Nearly half a year of impromptu silence from the blog due to real life curveballs.
Yup, some heavy stuff snuffed my focus until I finally dropped the blogful ball ☹️
But through it all, I’ve learned to lean more deeply upon the LORD Jesus Christ ✝
Whatever happens… once you choose to follow Jesus, He will be your ALL and
His strength will comfort, sustain, carry and pull you through all life’s valleys ❤ 

By now, the Canadian geese have been squawking to and fro for weeks.
And after this week’s snow, I’m sure they’ll instinctively fly south soon
Time truly flies, whether or not anyone’s having fun! But how can it be
mid-September with our first snow-scape already over and done?!? 😮
Last time we saw September snow was 2014, making our wild weather
all the more normal—here at the 53rd N parallel on the Alberta prairies.

SnoOowww… hope your weather’s treating you well 😎
Fun to catch these snowful pics while they lasted, but sure
hope our summer’s still got some high temps in the tank!
Well at least it roused me from blogful hibernation, right? 😉 



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