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my Canadian hero of the day 🇨🇦 Jody Wilson Raybould

Jody Wilson Raybould
pictured: Jody Wilson Raybould via BCIT News

Jody Wilson Raybould
Click pic to view article.

Wow, wOw, WOW!!!
… honesty is the best policy in Canada 🇨🇦 😍

Honest politicians are notoriously rare. But finding one without elitist’s puppetician strings attached is extremely rare. 😱 So the fact that Jody Wilson Raybould 🇨🇦 chose to risk everything for the sake of truth is a breath of fresh air! Trudeau had her legally bound from testifying—until Thursday, when she blew the lid off his PMO’s political interference to control independence of the federal Crown. It took guts, integrity and courageous strength of character to stand against JT and the powers that pull his strings… It took a hero!!! And it earned her a place of honourable respect in every Canadian heart ❤️

Well, almost every Canadian heart…

JT still refuses to release his grip on power and sees nothing wrong with conflating partisan Liberal party business with the Government of Canada. I’m sure he’d like Canada to give him another chance, but that’s asking for more than we can give right now… So like everyone else, he’ll need to work hard and earn it! Until then, Canadians demand his resignation! Hopefully one day, before it’s too late, he’ll realize the error of his foolish, arrogant, dishonourable ways.

THANK YOU Jody Wilson Raybould 🇨🇦
May the Lord bless & keep you safe always ❤


Poor li’l clueless “people-kind” puppetician! 🙃

meme: Maybe if Trudeau goes to prison he'll actually complete a sentence.




Romans 13:7

“Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due;
custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.”

King James Version (KJV)

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In the end, the liars all lose! ♥ Jackie

#54 💜 Honour & Remembrance

the KWH iPad Show logo


Previously posted for
Remembrance Day — November 2014.

War is not a video game... Ask a veteran.

Previously posted for
Remembrance Day — November 2015.

WWII knitting for the R.A.F. poster

Previously posted for
D-Day — June 2014.

Hello & Welcome to my 54th episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is a reflective Remembrance Day post in honour of all veterans ❤

This was to have been a quick/easy post… But my iPad sometimes likes to fight my blogful efforts :-/ Ah well… just gotta keep fighting the good fight! Now that it’s finally done, I hope you’ll feel free to click images and visit my previously posted links 🙂


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Lest we forget… ♥ Jackie

#51 💜 my Ohhh MYra’s memoirs of her mom’s Everlasting Blossoms & Butterflies

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Everlasting Blossoms by Myra Ho Chang

🔺 Click photo to read Myra’s first blog post.

Everlasting Blossoms Garden

🔺 Click photo to view the
Everlasting Blossoms Garden gallery.

Hello & Welcome to my 51st episode of the
KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is a pretty petaled blog by one of the sweetest bloggers you ever will read 🙂

With a mere 53 followers, I’m thinking Myra’s blog is one of the best kept secret treasures on WordPress! It was about this time last year when she found my blog and our friendship just blossomed from there ❤ Yup, there’s definitely something special about Myra! Perhaps it’s the charm of her english as a second language, or her nearly 80-year sense of gracious strength and determination, or her lovingly humble way with words… Whatever it is, she’s got it! Visit her blog and you’ll likely agree 🙂

So now at nearly 80 years of age, Myra has taken up blogging as a way of introducing her english version of “Everlasting Blossoms & Butterflies” (first published in Taiwan, 2011). Her story is a true family memoir, beginning about 100 years ago when her mom was a young girl in early 1900’s China. The story’s focus is about how her mom’s “Everlasting Blossoms” floral crochet designs came to be.

Click here to read Myra’s first blog post
and begin at the beginning.

Take a moment to visit Myra’s blog now…
Your mesmerized self will be glad you did! 🙂



Let there be beautiful flowers
blossomed everywhere. And
butterflies flying all year long.
Keep the beautiful, joyful
spring on earth always!

~ Myra Ho Chang ~



Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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May your day be as fine as a fibrously floral bouquet! 🙂 ♥ Jackie

“How My Mom’s Cancer Changed My Life: A Son’s Story”

Happy Mother’s Day
to all the moms out there!

Today is mom’s special day on the Canadian calendar, so hopefully you’re able to treat your mom to a little extra-something special today 🙂 You may like to shower her with fancy stuff, or simply smother her with hugs ‘n kisses… Just be sure to tell her that you love/appreciate her, so that she’ll feel your love ❤

Love is constant, caring and compassionate… yet not always carefree. So today, I’d like to share the “Help Our Momma” blog’s story of one loving family’s struggle with their mom’s cancer journey. Perhaps you can find it in your heart to help them? Share their links and/or contribute to their crowd funding page @ https://igg.me/at/Hz9-ILFN2P0

Visit their blog and I guarantee you will feel the love! ♥ Jackie

#41 💜 Rare Disease Day 2016

Rare Disease Day - logo screenshot

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Rare Disease Day - logo screenshot

Rare Disease Day - 6000+ diseases youtube screenshot

Dear God... <3

Joel 2:25 graphic by Sheepography

Nehemiah 8:10Joel 2:25
Hello & Welcome to my 41st episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is Rare Disease Day, which takes place annually on the last day of February 🙂

Yes, you read that correctly… On this 3rd day of March, my post’s focus is the last day of February aka Rare Disease Day. Most folks might say I’m a few days late… But is anything ever really late if it’s late on a Leap Year?!? … hmmm, anyhoo … It’s the day that counts, right? And speaking of days, it sometimes seems like there’s a frivolous “day” for anything and everything (these days). But from our perspective, having lived with rare diseases all our lives (my husband’s hypophosphatasia aka HPP and my retinitis pigmentosa aka RP), this particular day is more meaningful than most!

We’re encouraged to see global participation for Rare Disease Day up from 18 countries in 2008 to 85 countries in 2015. The RDD’s campaign objective is to raise awareness about the world’s 6000+ known rare diseases and their impact on people’s lives. And between flying to San Diego for Rare Disease Day 2014 until finally gaining access to unprecedented HPP treatment in 2015, I’ve written about my husband’s ultra-rare HPP disease. Here in blogland, however, it’s been easy for me to keep my RP to myself—with every intention of not ever mentioning it. But today, I’m opting to face my fears for the sake of inner-freedom!

In real life, people’s basic response to my RP is usually either understanding or underestimating. Those who “understand” tend to lean toward sympathy. No one can truly understand, but I realize and appreciate their effort. Those who underestimate tend to leave me feeling “less than” or simply less than the real me 😦 In contrast, stepping inside this blog grants me the virtual freedom to be the real me… That other “me” whose eyes cannot properly see must wait outside in the hallway of my real world’s harsh reality 🙂

So while filling you in on this bit about me might not mean much to anyone else, it’s a big deal for me. Though truly, who can honestly say their lives are untouched by disease? The best we can really do (besides prayer and trusting the Lord with all our heart) is to simply keep doing what we can… with what we’ve got… for as long as we’re able! And when life gives us crutches to lean on, our daily strength comes from leaving our own understanding behind and leaning toward the Creator of all things ❤

Now finally, a positive update of my husband’s HPP progress… There’s been a hint of skip in his step since his first month of treatment 😀 The crutches remain crucial, but the medicine is definitely helping! Now nearly 6 months in, he’s able to sleep soundly and live life more fully—all with less than half the pain meds from prior to treatment!!! 😀 Praise the Lord, for He is good!

Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Today is a special day! ♥ Jackie

And I will sing!

My prayer…
that we all might consider
taking these powerful sentiments to heart ♥ Jackie

Je suis de tout coeur avec toi ❤ I am wholeheartedly with you!

Song Bird Songs


My defiance takes a different note,

“They” want me to fear

So I will choose love not hate,

For only love casts out fear.

“They” want to manipulate my mind just as they manipulated the killers.

No go! I have free choice, I choose good, not evil.

“They” want me to cower, to become afraid to voice my own faith,

I choose instead to confirm my faith in a God of love,

The only one able to deal with “them”.

“They” cannot be “bombed out of existence”

Like the hydra “they” will only grow more heads.

Like chemo or radiation, that may give temporary reprieve, (while creating devastation) but it will not destroy the “stem cells”.

The real perpetrators lurk unseen in the shadows and the “cancer” will spread and grow again,

We see only the pawns in their diabolical power game.

Yet I will sing,

For God himself plays…

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the KWH iPad Show #29 💜 Lest We Forget…

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 29th episode of the KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is Remembrance Day…
Wednesday, November 11th, 2015
Lest We Forget the Sacrifice of War ❤

<br />

Remembrance DayLest We Forgetimage



Remembrance DayRemembrance DayWhat does Remembrance Day mean to you? Remembrance DayWar is not a video game..Remembrance DayHalifax Chronicle-Herald editorial cartoon by Canadian cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon


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In thankful remembrance…  ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #26 💜 loss for words Wednesday… Ohhh Canada!

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 26th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is my humble political opinion…
my farewell ❤ salute in honour of outgoing
prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper.


Thank you Stephen Harper…
for leading Canada with integrity and
building a country I could be proud to call my own! 


Video Source

Video Source   (Note: LANGUAGE WARNING)

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Conservatively heartbroken in Alberta… ♥ Jackie

Something to Smile About


Thank You Tony 🙂 for this 100% smile-worthy list! There’s just one more thing I’d like to add…

At the beginning of July, I wrote a blog post plea for HPP. And for the past couple of weeks, we’ve been smiling inside and out because the doctors finally called with hubby’s approval to begin Asfotase Alfa HPP treatment 😀 That’s the news we’ve been waiting, hoping and praying to hear for SO very long. There were times when we thought this news might never come… But now, praise God, it’s here! The car is packed and we’re driving to Winnipeg to begin the healing process!!!!!!!!!

At the time of my HPP post, only Japan had approved the Asfotase Alfa treatment. Canada and Europe have now approved it, as well! My sincere thanks to everyone who shared and/or signed the online petition from my HPP post. Special thanks to Laura @ In My Words, for reblogging that post!

So that’s all for now…
Looking forward to connecting via hotel WiFi for the next week…
Thanks again and ttys 😀 ♥ Jackie

Tony A. Smith

Give Me a Reason to Smile



  The smell of fresh baby powder

  The smile of a newborn baby

 Mom seeing her daughter for the first time in her wedding dress

A dad seeing his son graduate from high school

A red rose in full bloom

Lush fresh-cut green grass

Dark chocolate


Pure love

A baby’s first steps

Bright orange sunrises and purple sunsets

Rainbows after a rain

Letter from a friend

Breakfast in bed

A cat playing with a shoestring

Playing my favorite songs on the radio and singing along in the car

Eating a full plate of spaghetti with my favorite homemade sauce

Cherry cheese cake

Popcorn and a movie at home

Talking to old friends on the phone about our days of childhood

Going barefoot in the summertime

Jumping in the pool on the first day of summer and making a big splash with a cannonball


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the KWH iPad Show #19 💜 friendly fibre & neighbourly farewell

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 19th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is fibre-friendly
fondness for neighbourly kindness 🙂


knitting, needles & yarn from Sylvia

Hey… remember a few weeks ago, when our neighbour surprised me with a bagful of assorted yarn? Well, now look!

Another neighbour (an especially friendly clerk from our local Safeway store) has knit a red vest/slipper set and packed it in a canvas “Safeway” shopping bag with 3 pairs of 5 mm straight knitting needles, plus 3 big balls of gold/pink fuzzy-tufty fashion yarn! Such a sweet surprise 🙂 The canvas bag will be a handy tote for knitting projects. But what would you suggest to knit with yarn like this? I’m not sure what to make from it…

Yarn is always fun 🙂

<br />

snow cherub

But then, this past weekend was moving day for our dear “snow angel” neighbour Randy. Now their house is empty and I’m feeling a bit sad. Randy cared about his neighbours and was like a staple in the community 🙂 We’re blessed to have known him and very thankful for his diligent effort to clear the snow from several neighbouring driveways, including ours. There were days when the snow just kept coming… and so did Randy—frequently ploughing our place 2-3 times in one day!!! The weather was harsh, but Randy’s heart was warm. He knew hubby was on crutches and I’d be the one shovelling. So he definitely helped make our winters more bearable! Shovelling is okay and can even be fun (fresh air, sniffling neighbourly interaction, frozen faces, etc.). But y’know it can really cut into my knitting time 😉 So instead, it was my pleasure to knit special gifts of appreciation ❤

<br />

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A quick search through my blog found 6 posts mentioning Randy… 6!!!
Click the following links to view those posts.

1st post ::: March 24, 2013
2nd post ::: November 6, 2013
3rd post ::: December 30, 2013
4th post ::: January 18, 2014
5th post ::: March 30, 2014
6th post ::: December 31, 2014

snowy sunsets ❤ #10

Now those days are gone… But lo and behold, look what I found! A snowful blast-from-the-past video of the last time Randy ploughed our driveway (dated March 2nd, 2015). How amazing for it to have survived all these months on my iPad! Who could have know that this glimpse of him in action would bid a fitting farewell… We’ll miss seeing them around the neighbourhood, but that’s life… God bless Randy and his wife in their new home ❤

♥ ♥ ♥

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Your friendly neighourhood fibre-lover… ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #17 💜 the magically eye-catching makeup artistry of Tal Peleg

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 17th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is a sheepish look at the
eye-shadowing artistry of Tal Peleg 🙂

"insomnia" eye makeup design by Tal Peleg

Click screenshot images to visit Tal Peleg website.

"insomnia" eye makeup design by Tal Peleg

2015 is the year of sheep… As a knitter, my sheepish thoughts revolve mainly around wool. But now LOOK at this “insomnia” design by eye-makeup artisan extraordinaire, Tal Peleg!

Her impressive portfolio is a magically delightful sight for sore eyes—including everything from movie themes & fairy tales to cats with yarn & this wide-eyed “insomnia” sheep dream design… Spying one of these will bring twinkling visions to any onlooker’s eyes ❤ Plus, since eyes are the windows to the soul, her dramatic “eyelid curtain” scenes make sense 🙂

All in all, so far I’d say this is the
most unusual place I’ve ever found sheep!

Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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… got my eye on ewe! ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #13 💜 my heartfelt plea for HPP

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 13th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is a petition in support of
more widespread awareness of the debilitating
disease that is Hypophosphatasia aka HPP ♥

NOTE: some of the images in this post were
found via facebook or google images.


Link to HPP online petition.

Click image to visit the HPP online petition.


What is HPP and why should I care?
What does HPP have to do with this knitting blog?


HPP is an ultra-rare genetic bone/muscle disease. People with HPP are missing the enzyme required for growing healthy, strong bones. My husband has lived an active life, but was born with this debilitatingly degenerative disease. The pain it inflicts is continual and increasingly extreme. It has forced him to give up a lot—confining him to crutches throughout the past 3 years. Yet he refuses to give in by maintaining a spirited life that is gracious, kind, loving, intelligent, humble and all that is good in a human being 🙂

HPP is like a strand of faulty DNA yarn that knits hubby & I together, while we live with and endure its limiting effects every day (I wrote briefly about HPP here). My hope, by the grace and strength of God Almighty, is to see him golf once again… or at least walk without crutches, someday!

The good news is that scientists are working toward treatment. And now for the first time ever, there exists an effective clinical trial treatment—Asfotase Alfa—which is proving to be highly successful for children born with HPP!!! Hubby and his doctors have been knocking themselves out trying to access this treatment too. But alas, the government of Canada has only gotten so far as to send letters stating their eager intent to get the treatment to him… sigh … So we wait. Then when nothing happens, we alter our lifestyle accordingly and wait some more… And all the while, hubby’s precious bones continue to deteriorate 😦

But what can any of us do?

Please join us in hope and prayer for someone to finally cut through that blasted red tape and allow this treatment to begin the healing process for hubby’s bones! Treatment is seriously sitting right there, but we can’t access it… It’s a ludicrously atrocious frustration, to say the least!

Also, please join us in signing this online petition to help spread awareness for HPP and establish October 30th as the DAY OF COMBAT AGAINST HYPOPHOSPHATASIA… We and the global HPP community appreciate your effort! As well, please feel free to reblog this post and/or share this message via all your favourite social networking sites…

Screenshot of website page for HPP online petition.

Working together, we can hopefully help encourage governing bodies to stop dragging their feet on this pertinent and potentially life or death issue.


Click the HPP images in this post to view the online petition from the AVAAZ website, which is written mostly in French. On the right-hand side, you’ll find “PREMIÈRE VISITE?”. Type your name (nom), email address, postal (zip) code and select country (pays) from the drop-down menu. Then press SIGNER to send the form.

NOTE: although the petition’s website is written mainly in French, it does include several translations for the “Pourquoi c’est importantly” write-up. Scroll down the left-hand side to find your preferred language.

Visit the Rare Disease Report website to read more about HPP.
video source

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Thank You & Merci from the bottom of our hearts! ♥ Jackie

Here I am… the embroidered-leaf artistry of Hillary Fayle ♥ for Canada Day!


Click image to view more of Hillary Fayle’s leaf artistry!

July 1st is Canada Day!

To celebrate, I thought it’d be fun to showcase the magnificently stitched maple leaf artistry of American artisan Hillary Fayle. Every single piece of Hillary’s suspended embroidery work is spectacular!!! But if I had to choose a favourite, it’d be her red maple leaf
… since y’ know, I am Canadian!

Take a moment to browse her website… You’ll be glad you did 🙂 Can you pick a favourite?

That’s all for now… Wishing eveyone a happy, safe and fun Canada Day! As well, wishing a happy 4th of July to Hillary Fayle and all our American neighbours visiting my blog today!

Peace to all! ♥ Jackie

hillary fayle

My name is Hillary and this is my art. I am all about creating beautiful things carefully and with regard for the planet. I try to use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials for my art, which has really defined what I do as an artist. Currently I am working with leaves as a primary material, which I coat in a non-toxic preservative and either cut them or stitch them to create delicate patterns which reflect the beauty of the natural world.  Enjoy!

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the KWH iPad Show #10 💜 my 10th fatherless Father’s Day

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 10th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is Father’s Day
♥ ♥ ♥


Proverbs 10:9, 12:2, 14:26, 29,

Click image to view post by
Deborah Lynn @ Green Willow Pond

Well… it’s been 10 years,
since cancer took my dad away 😥

 And while time truly eases heartbreak,
a sense of loss shall always stay…

Now he lives pain-free in Heaven 😀
where we’ll be together again, someday!

So for Father’s Day this weekend,
here are a few links to family stories 
you might like sent your way 🙂 

What I want for Father’s Day.
and why it’s an impossible request
via Chris Martin Writes

Daddy’s Girl
via Morning Story and Dilbert

Our Subway and Canvas Board Gifts
image by Deborah Lynn
via Green Willow Pond

♥ ♥ ♥

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Hug your dad and have a happy Father’s Day! ♥ Jackie

the KWH iPad Show #9 💜 the knitting reel artistry of Greg Climer

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 9th episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is an artistic yarn about a
real knit scarf designed like a movie film reel 🙂



Yay, it’s the weekend! Time to kick back with the needles for a bit of knitting R&R 🙂 Our weekend forecast says it’s finally going to rain. We’re hoping for a downpour, since water bills are expensive and our lawns/gardens are getting pretty thirsty! Saturday the 13th is also World Wide Knit In Public Day. Will you be joining KIP friends to celebrate WWKIP Day? My rainy day weekend plan is to simply stay home, watch movies and knit…

Knitting and movies just seem to go together, wouldn’t you say? And for New York fashion designer, Greg Climer, they are kniterally the reel deal 😉 Reel as in film. And film, as in his 19-second “watchable scarf” test reel. The test stretches about as long as a New York City block and took about a year and a half to make! Frame-by-knitted-frame… he’s turning film into fabric and fabric into film! Climer endeavours to knit a 2-4 minute yarn story next. Wow, amazing art! Just imagine the reel length of that scarf!!!

Watch his 19-second test reel, below. Click here and here to read more about Climer’s fab fibrous film.


Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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loss for words Wednesday ❤ the day after

Halifax Chronicle-Herald editorial cartoon by Canadian cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon

Halifax Chronicle-Herald editorial cartoon
by Canadian cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon.


“We’re all aware and deeply troubled that both of
this week’s terrorist attacks were carried out by Canadian citizens…
By young men born and raised in this peaceful country.”

— Prime Minister Stephen Harper in his address to Canada’s House of Commons

❤  ❤  ❤

RIP Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent
— run over by a car during an attack in
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC on Monday.

RIP Corporal Nathan Cirillo
— shot dead at point-blank range, while guarding
the National War Memorial in Ottawa on Wednesday.

God keep our land glorious and free!  ❤ Jackie

fibrous artistry ❤ Carol Milne’s knitted glass

"Bent" Kiln-Cast lead crystal knitted glass & needles by Carol Milne

Carol Milne is an award winning Canadian sculptor living in Seattle, Washington. Her work is recognized internationally. I discovered her this week when Ashley Little featured her in an article for the Craftsy blog. Clearly, the fibrously non-traditional crystal glass artistry of Carol Milne confirms her as an exceptionally talented lover of yarn! Her unique process begins by “knitting” with wax. The wax is then covered with special molding material and placed into a 1530ºF kiln. The heat melts away the wax, filling the void with melted glass… So, ‘guess that makes the kiln her preferred blocking method?!? 😉 Read more about Carol Milne’s stylish creativity at her website. You can also “like” her facebook page and follow her on Pinterest.

What sort of non-traditional materials have you thought to craft with? My wildest fibrous dream so far has been knitting and spinning yarn made of newspapers and plastic grocery bags… Stay tuned for more about that, once I get the kinks worked out 🙂 ❤ Jackie

"Handmade" Kiln-Cast lead crystal knitted glass & needles by Carol Milne





“I see my knitted work as a metaphor for social structure. 

Individual strands are weak and brittle on their own 
but deceptively strong when bound together.” 

— Carol Milne, from CREATIVE PROCESS "Knitting with Glass" 
 2011 summer issue Fiberarts® magazine, Interweave Press, LLC

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AHX-nzEngo&w=560&h=315]

summer in Canada ♥ flowers, flags, fireworks & song

ivory lilac blooms

front yard in summer—vertical panoramic view

Canada Day (July 1st) was on a Tuesday this year. And it was an extra-long weekend for us, since we were off work Monday as well! Add to that all the super-summery weather we’ve been having (weather we’ve been waiting all winter for) and you get what feels like a real stay-cation 🙂

Admittedly, this blog has shared its share of snowy pics during the months of November thru March/April. And so for today’s post, I thought it might be nice to balance that out a bit with a glimpse of what this place looks like without snowbanks! One snowy scene you may recall is the view from our front door. Here in this vertically panoramic photo, I’ve stitched a few pics into one. By mid-winter, the sight of all this flourishing shrubbery under the clear, blue, blazingly hot July sky will be like soothing therapy for the soul 🙂

As you can see, our neighbours across the street have a Canadian flag in their backyard. I love to look outside and see it flying freely in the breeze 🙂 The little flag on our lawn was planted by a Canada Day volunteer. Every year on Canada Day, our entire city wakes up to find Canadian flags in each front yard…. gotta  ❤  that! All these photos were taken with my iPad, including the sunrise—dated just past 4:30 AM on July 4th, 2013. What can I say? The sun waits for no one and that’s the last time I managed to wake up early enough to catch pictures of a summertime sunrise … lol… As well, there are four (4) videos attached to this post. That’s a lot, I know… but hope you will agree they are worth it! First up is the inaugural illumination of a locally historic bridge, plus fireworks display. The fireworks did not start until 11:20 PM. It would’ve been a very late night, if we’d gone to check it out in person. Fortunately, this video offers a great view without the crowds and traffic! Next up, is Chris Hadfield (former commander of the International Space Station (ISS) aka my favourite down-to-earth Canadian astronaut) and his brother Dave with their “In Canada” video 🙂 Seriously, this tune has been stuck in my head all week. Happily humming it right now, in fact… lol! And finally, ending this post on a literal high note, Chris Hadfield’s out-of-this-world cover version video for David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” is performed aboard the ISS… How C@@L is that!?!

smilin’ in Canada 🙂  Jackie

a flag for Flaherty ❤

a flag for Flaherty ❤ | knitting with heart

a flag for Flaherty ❤ | knitting with heart a flag for Flaherty ❤ | knitting with heart

Canada—and indeed the world—needs
many more people like Jim Flaherty.
Yet today, we of Canada are
sadly mournful of his passing.

❤  ❤  ❤

Jim Flaherty was a man of integrity, honour, wisdom, heartfelt contentment and joy… He was a guy who wore green ties and smiled from his heart. It was his inner-smile that overflowed across his face.

Jim Flaherty was a politician…
He was Canada’s Chief Finance Minister and Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s trusted right-hand man.

So why the heck am I so sad?
Why are we all so sad?
We were sad to see him retire…
And now, just 3 weeks later?
We are sad to know he’s gone

Jim Flaherty was an honourable politician… He had a flair for steadfast consistency, which helped straighten and strengthen our country’s financial path. This, even while other economies began to crumble. “Stay the course”, he’d always say. And the truth of those words gave us hope for Canada’s financial future. Hope that tomorrow would be okay.

Jim Flaherty was no average politician…
He served his political post with proficiency and loved his country like family. His job seemed a labour of love. He loved all of us, and we loved him too. Our comfort now, however, is in knowing that he really can finally see what heaven looks like!

 RIP Jim Flaherty… ❤ Jackie