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#54 💜 Honour & Remembrance

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Previously posted for
Remembrance Day — November 2014.

War is not a video game... Ask a veteran.

Previously posted for
Remembrance Day — November 2015.

WWII knitting for the R.A.F. poster

Previously posted for
D-Day — June 2014.

Hello & Welcome to my 54th episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is a reflective Remembrance Day post in honour of all veterans ❤

This was to have been a quick/easy post… But my iPad sometimes likes to fight my blogful efforts :-/ Ah well… just gotta keep fighting the good fight! Now that it’s finally done, I hope you’ll feel free to click images and visit my previously posted links 🙂


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Lest we forget… ♥ Jackie

#51 💜 my Ohhh MYra’s memoirs of her mom’s Everlasting Blossoms & Butterflies

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Everlasting Blossoms by Myra Ho Chang

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Everlasting Blossoms Garden

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Everlasting Blossoms Garden gallery.

Hello & Welcome to my 51st episode of the
KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is a pretty petaled blog by one of the sweetest bloggers you ever will read 🙂

With a mere 53 followers, I’m thinking Myra’s blog is one of the best kept secret treasures on WordPress! It was about this time last year when she found my blog and our friendship just blossomed from there ❤ Yup, there’s definitely something special about Myra! Perhaps it’s the charm of her english as a second language, or her nearly 80-year sense of gracious strength and determination, or her lovingly humble way with words… Whatever it is, she’s got it! Visit her blog and you’ll likely agree 🙂

So now at nearly 80 years of age, Myra has taken up blogging as a way of introducing her english version of “Everlasting Blossoms & Butterflies” (first published in Taiwan, 2011). Her story is a true family memoir, beginning about 100 years ago when her mom was a young girl in early 1900’s China. The story’s focus is about how her mom’s “Everlasting Blossoms” floral crochet designs came to be.

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Take a moment to visit Myra’s blog now…
Your mesmerized self will be glad you did! 🙂



Let there be beautiful flowers
blossomed everywhere. And
butterflies flying all year long.
Keep the beautiful, joyful
spring on earth always!

~ Myra Ho Chang ~



Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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May your day be as fine as a fibrously floral bouquet! 🙂 ♥ Jackie

“How My Mom’s Cancer Changed My Life: A Son’s Story”

Happy Mother’s Day
to all the moms out there!

Today is mom’s special day on the Canadian calendar, so hopefully you’re able to treat your mom to a little extra-something special today 🙂 You may like to shower her with fancy stuff, or simply smother her with hugs ‘n kisses… Just be sure to tell her that you love/appreciate her, so that she’ll feel your love ❤

Love is constant, caring and compassionate… yet not always carefree. So today, I’d like to share the “Help Our Momma” blog’s story of one loving family’s struggle with their mom’s cancer journey. Perhaps you can find it in your heart to help them? Share their links and/or contribute to their crowd funding page @ https://igg.me/at/Hz9-ILFN2P0

Visit their blog and I guarantee you will feel the love! ♥ Jackie

Help Our Momma

“Cancer is a leading cause of death around the world and its incidence continues to rise. Each year 12.7 million people discover they have cancer and 7.6 million people die from the disease.”

(from the Huffington Post)

Both of my Grandparents on my mom’s side passed away from Cancer when I was about 6 or 7 years old.

I don’t remember much other than how awful they looked in those hospital beds, vomiting their guts out in pink bed pans, wailing from hallucinations due to the aggressive chemotherapy they were receiving and their glassy, vacant stares and cold, clammy hands.

As selfish and self absorbed as this may make me sound; up until this past February, Cancer was either some boogeyman from a distant past that had already been appeased or a mythical entity that claimed the lives of strangers around me but that I believed would pass over me…

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