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How to: The “Fibre Sandwich” Game!


It’s always lunchtime somewhere, right?!? 😉 So here’s Rosie from Ribbing Yarns with a fresh spin on the “same old” sandwich.

Simply add a few handfuls of yarny loose handspun ends… and voilà! The most fibrously fun-loving feast for the yarn diet of all!

Serve this on a platter at your next gathering with spinning friends 🙂 ♥ Jackie

Ribbing Yarns

Last weekend I joined some of the other lovely and skilled spinners from the “Danske Spindere” group on Ravelry- a local group here in Copenhagen- for a day of spinning, chatting, and co-creating “Fibre Sandwiches”. Thankfully this wasn’t a misunderstood offering for the potluck lunch (which was delicious), but an inspiring and creative game with spinning fibres. It was taught to the group at the last meetup by Bev Tilson (morecraft on Ravelry) who runs the “New Zealand Hermit Sheep” group. Incidentally, if you’re wondering what a New Zealand hermit sheep is, you can read the amazing backstory on the group’s Ravelry page.

The fibre sandwich is a great idea for using up small amounts of fibre. You need at least one spinning-mad friend to make it fun and interesting, though 🙂 Each spinner just needs to bring along a small amount of fibre (25-50g), ideally in a selection of…

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the KWH iPad Show #4 💜 snow spun in the sun!

frowning Mac computer


Hello & Welcome
to my 4th episode of the

KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature is a mix of fresh snow,
snuggled with a splinter of drop spindling.

What a difference a day or two… or even an hour or two… can make! 

Around here, early to mid spring tends to be dominated by the 4-letter word “wind” 😛 And after 6 years, I’ve noticed that the snow barely melts before the winds pick up. This year, we caught a break when the snow melted early. Now finally, the wind appears to be calming down enough to take my spinning outside.

spintered spindle

duct taped spindle

Tuesday was a fairly breezy day for drop spindling outside. But gosh yarn it… the day was warm and I really wanted to spin newspaper yarn in the sunshine! As well, I’d mended the splintered stem of my wooden drop spindle. (Yup… first my iMac, then my drop spindle… What’s going to break next?!?) And the duct taped “fix” needed to be taken for a test spin! The duct tape worked like a charm, while a wild gust of wind whipped my spin-erfully experimental spool of video tape into a frenzied mess. And with that, my spun in the sun became more of an untangling mission :-/

So like any good blogger, I ran for my trusty iPad in hopes of capturing the wildness in motion. But oh well, at least I got a picture! (See first of 4 photos above).

Later that night, another 10-15 cms / 4-6″ snow storm roared across the region. By morning, we pushed back the flannel covers to discover we’d been blanketed in white… again! … sigh … This first-week-in-May snow thing is getting to be a habit. It’s enough to make you wanna cuddle-up and stay cozy inside. But then by late afternoon, it was all melted anyway. Now the shrubs/leaves are finally budding and our current forecast has me looking forward to more outdoor spinning 😀

♥ ♥ ♥

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Have fun with the weather…  this too shall melt! ♥ Jackie

family ❤ summertime spun

toast-spindle to the clear blue summer sky

Well, here we are… I must have blinked… because we’re suddenly half-way through the second half of August! Can you believe it?!? Yep, the days are definitely getting shorter. 😦 Daytime highs are still hanging-in, up there… Overnight lows are beginning to dip a bit, though. These days, we’re lovin’ sleeping under the covers with the windows open to the crisp night air. Still, wouldn’t it be great to have a summertime “pause” button right about now?

For me, summer is the one season that is always too short. This is especially true since we moved here. Around here, that “other” season hogs half the year by blanketing us in that fluffy 4-letter-word (which shall remain nameless) that falls from the skies! Then there’s those messy spring and fall seasons, which tend to stir up an unsettled mix of weather through most of the rest of the year. Thus, in my effort to make the most of the past several weeks, it appears that my blog has been left napping in the sun… I hope you don’t feel forgotten!

Oh, but thank goodness for facebook, right? Interacting with you on my Knitting With Heart facebook page is a quick way to have some good ol’ fibrous fun! It’s been fun for me, anyway… and I hope for you too 🙂 Thank you for joining me here, and there, from everywhere! ❤

Continuing from my previous post, Helen’s visit was sure a lot of fun! Upon her arrival, one of the first things she noticed was my spindle (tucked behind a living room chair). She asked, “what’s that?” (in her non-crafter-yet-highly-intrigued voice). “That’s my turkish drop spindle from Knit Picks”, I said… then demonstrated how I’ve been spinning newsprint into yarn. Unbeknownst to us, my husband was inspired to point the iPad our way for a quick clip. Had it BEEN known to us, I’d at least have not worn my glasses on my chin… yeesh!!! . . . NOTE: in his quest to capture an impromptu moment, he did not (for fear of incessant re-takes, no doubt) divulge his efforts until later… lol … And so it’s not skydiving, but it is a fun memory! Besides, the recycling of paper into yarn does lend itself toward a favourable, earth-friendly view. It’s just from a different perspective than skydiving 😀

Now let us raise our spindles in a toast to the clear blue summer sky!
It’s always summer somewhere, right?!? ❤ Jackie

Spinning & Weaving & Snowbanks Receding ❤


Anybody out there still looking for spring? Our spring this year has been like an up and down ride on an unsettled weather roller coaster. The blogging blahs are having a heyday! Today’s skies are blue and the snow is pretty well melted… Warm (aka seasonal-average) temperatures are where they always are—dangling like a carrot, several days into the future. Yesterday’s forecast actually included warnings for 10-15 cms of snow, if you can believe it! We all cried, “Oh NO, not snow!!!” and awoke this morning to find that the storm had missed us. It feels like we’re living in a constant state of cabin fever. Yes, and after living bundled-up amidst a harsh, cold landscape that’s been heavily blanketed in snow for 5.5 solid months, I think it’s safe to assume we’re all mighty eager for spring to finally get sprung! Hope you’re enjoying pleasant spring weather where you live!


Earth Day was a long-pants-and-sweater-yet-pleasant sort of day. I took a few pictures of our local pond (where skeins of Canadian Geese flock to every year) and framed the day’s sunset with the season’s first buds on our trees :) The day was comfortable enough to sit a while too, so I did a little basket weaving outside.


Did you have a fibrously crafty Earth Day? Every year, I get the urge to upcycle something crafty. Last year, I tried spinning for the first time. Click here to read the post. This year, using only newspapers, plastic grocery bags and toilet tissue rolls (plus tape, scissors, large-eyed yarn needle and a drop spindle), I wanted to figure out how to make a woven basket. This first prototype is quite rough, but I like it. It’s cute, yet functional :) It took me until the end of Earth Month, but here it is now… my recycled gloom bursting into bloom ❤ It was fun to make and you can be sure I’ll be making more. Once my technique is streamlined, I’ll write a tutorial. Then we can all weave together and save the planet… one basket at a time 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about that little ball of green yarn nestled snuggly in the basket? That poor little yarn got left behind (stranded, if you will) after my fall photo shoot. Click here to read the post. We found it a few days ago. Fair Isle knitting never got stranded like this!

Happy Spring ❤ Jackie

a little SPUN in the SUN on Earth Day ♥

Yesterday was Earth Day. My hope was to mark the day in some earth-friendly sort of way…

As it turned out, Sunday the 22nd of April was our first truly hot ‘n summery day of the 2012 season! Winds were also minimal. So yeah, right back at ya’ there, earth! It felt oh-so-good to take time to be kind to the earth—especially since the earth in that moment was bestowing such kindness upon us. All this seemed like the perfect day to take my newly acquired Turkish drop spindle outside for a test-spin.

Spinning newsprint and plastic into yarn has been at the top of my “craft to do” list for the longest time. Truly, plastic bags work up nicely for knit and/or crochet, yet I kept thinking that a spun plastic bag may make working with the material even better. Knitting with paper yarn would be a new experience, for me. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to give it a try. First, though, I needed to figure out how to spin…

Thanks to YouTube and all the world’s crafty individuals who take the time to post tutorials, I was able to enlighten myself about spinning! Amidst the abundance of useful videos, tutorials from Knit Picks and others quickly convinced me that the Turkish drop spindle may just be the best spin tool to get started with. Vickie Howell’s “Making Newspaper Yarn” tutorial is also a great demonstration of how simple it is to spin paper into yarn.

And now that my stash-building efforts have expanded to include old newspapers and plastic bags, it appears that SABLE is alive and well in my heart. Clearly, the time for spinning has come!

How did you mark Earth Day 2012? For me (with one old newspaper, a handful of plastic grocery bags, a pair of scissors and my Turkish drop spindle), it was a great day for a little spun in the sun!


Example of spun plastic “produce” bags from the grocery store.

lace-weight plarn

Example of spun plastic grocery shopping bags cut into approximately 1.5″ strips for lace-weight plarn. The toilet paper roll makes a great fine fibre tamer 🙂

worsted-weight plarn

Example of spun plastic grocery shopping bags cut into thirds for worsted-weight plarn. The red/black “Safeway” logo gives this plarn a nice speckled touch of colour.

worsted-weight newsprint yarn

Example of spun newsprint cut into approximately 1.5″ strips for worsted-weight newsprint yarn.

newsprint yarn

Newsprint yarn rolled into a centre-pull ball.