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my 200th blog post 💜 show’s over… hooray!!!

keyboard with hand-knit birdie/flowersiMac with June backyard in bloomkeyboard with hand-knit birdie/flowersHello & Welcome to my “curtain call” episode for seasons 1 & 2 of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is the one thing my heart’s been longing to write for the longest time… my iMac is BACK!!! 🙂

Seasons come and go, and now November has us blanketed in snOw! But the story behind today’s post began way back in the spring of 2014, when for 6 solid weeks my iMac fell comatose. Question then was whether to fold or pick up my iPad and go with the flow?!? Choosing the latter allowed this blog to grow and also set my heart to overflow!

Then one year later (nearly to the day), another fork split my blogful way when that sleepy ol’ iMac of mine died again!!! We were sure it was gone for good, this time :-/ Still, we kept trying to restart it. And for 2+ years, the iPad said hello, while the ol’ iMac had become a photo prop for “the show”… Good thing too ’cause those pics kept us from depositing it at the recycle depot 🙂

Finally lo and behold in June 2017 after this post, we gave it one.more.try and my iMac said a bright-eyed hello!!! Thank You Jesus for hearing my prayers and answering with a keen sense of heavenly humour by “replacing” my ol’ iMac with none other than my ol’ iMac… HA! 😛 Definitely a bright spot amidst our crumbling-grumbling world. And what a relief to be loosed from my iMac’s merry-go-round ❤ Indeed, it took several days before I could pick my jaw up off the ground! 😉

So for today’s 200th blog post, I’m celebrating God’s earthly provision ❤ For it is His provision that has enabled me to knit this whole mess into 8 + 85 KWH iPad Show posts PLUS welcome 1,000+ fresh faces into blogful followship PLUS keep my sanity!

And to all of you dear readers…
my heartfelt appreciation for your hearty support and encouragement along the way! ❤

Now here we go… the complete
list of links from “the KWH iPad Show” 🙂


the KWH iPad Show ♥ season 2 ♥ 85 episodes
(2+ years from Easter 2015 ’til Easter 2017) 

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David Adolf Constant Artz (1837 – 1890, Dutch)

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#43 💜 my Easter praise parade!

#42 💜 Shamrockin’ St. Patrick’s Day!

Knit Pies for Pi Day 2015 via KnitsForLife

#41 💜 Rare Disease Day 2016

#40 💜 outstanding blog award nominations

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#36 💜 happy birthday to all my fun-fibre-friends!

a little … purple

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And I will sing!

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Moonlight, Bloody Moonlight

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the KWH iPad Show #27 💜 world pasta day

the KWH iPad Show #26 💜 loss for words Wednesday… Ohhh Canada!

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the KWH iPad Show #18 💜 “Having a ball… Wish you were here!” by Franklin Habit

This week…All Important Nothings!

the KWH iPad Show #17 💜 the magically eye-catching makeup artistry of Tal Peleg

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the KWH iPad Show #15 💜 the yarnbombing flower power of “knitting guy” Bryan

the KWH iPad Show #14 💜 100 days and counting…

the KWH iPad Show #13 💜 my heartfelt plea for HPP

Here I am… the embroidered-leaf artistry of Hillary Fayle ♥ for Canada Day!

the KWH iPad Show #12 💜 Lily for a Day

the KWH iPad Show #11 💜 summer solstice sunset

the KWH iPad Show #10 💜 my 10th fatherless Father’s Day

the KWH iPad Show #9 💜 the knitting reel artistry of Greg Climer

How to: The “Fibre Sandwich” Game!

the KWH iPad Show #8 💜 buzzing blossoms & lilacs & leafy sunsets… Oh May!

the KWH iPad Show #7 💜 my birthday yarn stash

“Five stories, five photos” #1

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the KWH iPad Show #5 💜 heartstrings

the KWH iPad Show #4 💜 snow spun in the sun!

the KWH iPad Show #3 💜 knitting with emoticon

the KWH iPad Show #2 💜 April snow showers

Anne Eunson’s artistry

the KWH iPad Show 💜 just you, me & my iPad

the KWH iPad Show ♥ season 2 ♥ 8 episodes
(6 weeks from May ’til summer solstice 2014)

 ♥ ♥ ♥

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