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#62 💜 Hallelujah… Easter is God’s Amazing Grace!

colourful sheep

Hello & Welcome to my 62nd episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s feature is Easter ❤

Yup… a bit late :-/

In my defense, there’s been a major distraction… An overwhelmingly welcome distraction, which I’ll soon be blogging about!!! 😀 

For now, this Easter post is running “late” (according to the calendar date) and I need to hop to it 😉 Always better a bit late than never at all, right?!? …hmmm…

Please enjoy the show, including christian comedian Tim Hawkins’ version of the classic AMAZING GRACE hymn with a twist of classic EAGLES band ❤

⬆️ Click to view YouTube video.

⬆️ Click to view YouTube video.



Introducing… my Bramble❤tini Heart knitting pattern

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Wishing you belated Easter blessings! 🙂 ♥ Jackie