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David Adolf Constant Artz (1837 – 1890, Dutch)

Although the “I Am A Child – Children in Art History” blog is no longer active, it remains available as an online archive of fine art. Packed with over 30,000 paintings from 3,100+ artists, I was delighted to find this collection of knitting/sheepish/everyday childhood recollections by David Adolf Constant Artz… Enjoy! ♥ Jackie


(Part II)


The First Step

Awaiting Father’s Homecoming

Awaiting Father’s Return – Watching The Ships Return

Midday Meal – At Grandmother’s

Coming From Church

Maternal Cares

Idyll – A Happy Tune

Mother With Children And Lamb

Preparing Lunch

Return Of The Herd

A Girl Knitting In The Dunes

The Fisherman’s Return

A Girl Playing With A Doll

A Walk In The Dunes

Maternal Cares

A Young Cowherd

A Fisherman And His Family

Children Knitting On The Beach

Family On The Dunes

(See also: Part I)

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#44 💜 Mirror, mirror on the wall…

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photo & poem by Kim Uliana

Hello & Welcome to my 44th episode of the KWH iPad Show! Today’s “Wordless Wednesday” feature is a single, simple, hearty image found via facebook

This, while my blogful brain is all but bursting with blog-buster ideas! Yet somehow, none can seem to find their way out and onto the page!
😉 :-/ 🙂 ❤

Photo & Poem by Kim Uliana
Mirror, mirror on the wall…
It does not matter if I’m short or tall…
If I have skinny legs or my hips are wide…
It only matters who I am inside…
Blue eyes, brown eyes, black or green…
What makes me most beautiful cannot be seen…
When you look at me, don’t judge me by my parts…
The most beautiful thing about me is my heart.

♥ ♥ ♥

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