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the KWH iPad Show #17 πŸ’œ the magically eye-catching makeup artistry of Tal Peleg

frowning Mac computer

Hello & Welcome
to my 17thΒ episode of the
KWH iPad Show!

Today’s feature isΒ a sheepish lookΒ at the
eye-shadowing artistry ofΒ Tal Peleg πŸ™‚

"insomnia" eye makeup design by Tal Peleg

Click screenshot images to visit Tal Peleg website.

"insomnia" eye makeup design by Tal Peleg

2015 is the year of sheep… As a knitter, my sheepish thoughts revolve mainly around wool. But now LOOK at this “insomnia” design by eye-makeup artisan extraordinaire, Tal Peleg!

Her impressive portfolio is a magically delightful sight for sore eyesβ€”including everything from movie themes & fairy tales to cats with yarn & this wide-eyed “insomnia” sheep dream design… Spying one ofΒ these will bring twinkling visions to any onlooker’s eyes ❀ Plus,Β since eyes are the windows to the soul, her dramatic “eyelid curtain” scenes make sense πŸ™‚

All in all, so far I’d say this is the
most unusual place I’ve ever found sheep!

Introducing… my Bramble❀tini Heart knitting pattern

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