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first 10 days of spring ❤ snowy magnitude with an attitude of gratitude near the 53rd latitude

snowbanks viewed froom front door

View of snowbanks from our front door.

How’s it snowing, ‘eh’ ?

Our month of March roared-in like a ferociously frigid lion, this year! Then it got all mild and sweet like a lamb ❤. We recalled happy bits of weather folklore and hoped for an early spring… But then the cat came back (almost the very next day) and finished off the month 😦 Finished it off like a lamb sandwich—with a few days of spring spread between two thick slabs of non-toasted winter white bread.

So now here we are at the start of a new week… A new week filled with the hope of last week’s forecast for springlike temperatures. Hmmm… isn’t it funny how “last week’s” hope for “next week” never quite catches up?!? So hopefully this week will be THE week! It’s bound to be one of these weeks!!! Who knows, with the sun’s more direct angle and longer days, it might be enough to finally get this snowball melting for good. Puddles ‘n slushiness, anyone? 🙂

And with the extra load of snow that was delivered this past week (including today), there’ll be plenty of puddle jumping coming up! Here now is video proof that things around here are all white—white ground coverage, white overcast skies, white roof tops… and over to the far left of the screen is a shoveler of white who is definitely all right! ❤

Relative populations by latitude—USA/CDA/Europe

Relative populations
by latitude of the USA,
Canada and Europe
(image via imgur.com)

Welcome to my world, my spot on the 53rd parallel north. The video is somewhat miserable, while the sunshiny blue skies (as per photo) are more what we’re accustomed to 🙂 Truly, this is “big sky country” and sunshine is never far off. Taking a closer look at that video might warm your heart, though. Notice a man shoveling two doors down? I’m thinking that must be the someone who surprised us by clearing our driveway 🙂 It doesn’t quite look like Randy—and wouldn’t he have used his snowblower anyway? This was such a lovely surprise, since thinking our “snow angel” neighbour Randy was away and I’d already bundled up in preparation to head out with shovel in-hand. BIG THANKS to our mysterious neighbour, whoever you are! ❤

And after the storm, when the sun shines through and true blue skies are back in view, it seems that even the snowbanks look pretty! Pretty with a fresh coat of snowbank paint, which covers all those scraggly old mounds of icy snowbank leftovers that had become rather grey and grubby-looking. That’s the calm AFTER the storm 🙂

As well, here is a link to an interesting article about the 45th parallel. Clicking the following Pinterest link image will take you to where I pinned this well-written article about global latitudes.

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Wishing you a magnitude of gratitude, regardless of your latitude! ❤ Jackie



4 responses

  1. Wow.. Still snowing at we’re u are?? Thanks for the geographical note.. 🙂 keep warm


    March 30, 2014 at 7:49 pm

    • Hi Angela 🙂 Yep, snowed again today… but standing in the sunshine feels warmer! 🙂 ❤


      March 30, 2014 at 7:59 pm

  2. No spring here either whatever parallel we are. Still waiting, but did a little spring cleaning today anyway. Lots of sun lately though, but crispy cold air and the prettiest blue skies ever. lol Migrating turkey buzzards or whatever they are were migrating a day in March, but not as many as the norm. Maybe only the hardier ones and the rest will follow later. They are supposed to be ugly beasts who are not liked too much, but they are so pretty to watch up in the sky soaring in the wind hardly flapping their long wingspan at all as they soar by. I love to watch them go by all day long. They seem to go so low over the house and yard sometimes, but never low enough to get a good look at them. If they are that ugly maybe that is best, but their dark silhouette against the sky is quite impressive with the hundreds that migrate past every year.


    March 31, 2014 at 10:50 am

    • My guess would be latitude 40… You’re in Pennsylvania, right? Some of our family in Southern Ontario have posted this AM on fb, saying they’re enjoying coffee outside on their deck! Grrr… uh, I mean… so happy for them 😉 Wish we were there! Around here, we have Canadian Geese. They are lovely, sleek gliders of the sky, and very cute to watch on the ground. We heard them arrive a while ago, but fear they may have turned around and flown back south :-/ Migration must be confusing with all the back-and-forth weather, poor ol’ birds. Flying south would be really nice, right about now. 🙂 ❤


      March 31, 2014 at 2:11 pm

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