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Well, it’s that WOVEMBER time of year again! Have you discovered WOVEMBER? It’s not your average November. No siree! WOVEMBER is all about the wool! ❀ Any moustache/beard-related participation is strictly optional… Although, hmmm, felting one’s own facial hair might be fashionably feasible in this particular setting. πŸ˜‰ There’s still time to join the WOVEMBER WAL, by the way! πŸ™‚ I’d like to join in, though it’s unlikely I’ll be able to organize my wool-lovin’ self in time to participate (this year). 😦 How about you? ❀ Jackie


Following suggestions made in our Ravelry group we will be running a WAL this Wovember. A WAL is a β€œWool-Along” which works exactly like a KAL, β€œKnit-Along” but which (unlike a KAL) also includes spinning, weaving, crochet or any other making craft which utilises wool. If you want to join the WOVEMBER WAL simply select your proposed 100% WOOL project and set a timescale for the month. You could:

  • Knit something in 100% WOOL yarn
  • Crochet something in 100% WOOL yarn
  • Sew something in 100% WOOL cloth
  • Weave something in 100% WOOL yarns
  • Felt something in 100% WOOL yarns
  • Complete a personal spinning challenge using 100% WOOL fibres
  • Come up with ingenious other WOOL based making activity
  • The point of the WAL is to celebrate the diversity of what we can do with WOOL, to share what we discover about this amazing textile as we work with it, and…

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