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Spring is in the Air… and March is in like a Lamb

pic of groundhog knitting

Last month on Groundhog Day, the furry meteorologists predicted an early spring. Fast forward one month and sure enough, March is coming in like a lamb. But how did the groundhogs manage to get it right? Do they spend their winter hibernation months conducting underground studies in rodent meteorology?!? All we can say for sure is that the lion of spring has laid backβ€”allowing warm,Β lamb-related thoughts to spring ahead πŸ™‚

We’ve lived here 4 years, nowΒ (furthest north I’ve been in my life). We’veΒ heardΒ longtime locals claimΒ it can snow any month ofΒ the year. And we know from experience that March weather canΒ be anything from mild to extreme, or anything in between. Moving here in 2009, our first March welcomed usΒ withΒ -50ΒͺC temps andΒ loads of snow!!! Yet even so,Β hope manages toΒ thrive in the winter-worn hearts of allΒ who survive… Yep, hope for the dayΒ melted snow stops freezing overnight into hazardous ruts with potholes and finally staysΒ away! I’m looking forward to that day πŸ™‚

And hey, speaking of spring…
Have you heardΒ these goats sing?


Here’s hopingΒ spring stays in the air! ❀  Jackie