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Reading this New Year’s letter (reblogged from MorningStoryAndDilbert) will make you smile. It certainly covers all life’s blessings in a nutshell!

Or, is it too late in the year to wish you a belated Happy New Year? I think it’s still okay… but then again, I also think it’s okay to still be wearing my Christmas Elf Slippers 🙂


Truly, 2012 was my year to muddle through many blogful learning curves. And now in 2013, which will inevitably be filled with muddle all its own, I am looking forward to doing what I set out to do in the first place—fill this blog with my own original heart-shaped knitting patterns. These will all be made available for your knitting pleasure ❤ … just as soon as I get my picture-taking-butt into gear! Yes, because taking great photos of handknit fabrics is totally different from taking great photos of scenery… but I’m getting there… you’ll see! ❤ Jackie

Morning Story and Dilbert

May you get a clean bill of health from your dentist, your cardiologist, your gastro-enterologist, your urologist, your proctologist, your podiatrist, your psychiatrist, your plumber and the I.R.S.

May your hair, your teeth, your face-lift, your abs and your stocks not fall; and may your blood pressure, your triglycerides, your cholesterol, your white blood count and your mortgage interest not rise.

May New Year’s Eve find you seated around the table, together with your beloved family and cherished friends. May you find the food better, the environment quieter, the cost much cheaper, and the pleasure much more fulfilling than anything else you might ordinarily do that night.

May what you see in the mirror delight you, and what others see in you delight them. May someone love you enough to forgive your faults, be blind to your blemishes, and tell the world about your virtues.

May the telemarketers wait to…

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  1. Granny C.

    Yes, taking the photos is my stumbling block in my newly aquired free blog I had to sign up for to read this blog. LOL I love this New Year’s blessing and love the picture of your elf slippers. I would not have thought to take a picture of them this way. And just love those hearts. Bless you, too, in this New Year and it is not too late for any blessing one wishes to give.

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    January 13, 2013 at 9:28 am

    • Granny C.

      I definitely do not look like this picture. Possibly will have to explore how to change that icon. Yikes!!!


      January 13, 2013 at 9:31 am

      • Uh ohhh … I’m certain you do not resemble this silly icon ❤


        January 13, 2013 at 4:38 pm

      • Whew, changing the icons took me too long to figure out, but turned out to be SO simple… I hope you like your new iconic look, Granny C. ❤


        January 13, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    • Hello Granny C.
      Thank You for your very kind words and comments ❤ Truly, taking pictures of one’s own feet/hands (whilst one’s own other hand is on the shutter button) is a lesson in manoeuvrability 🙂

      You mentioned your newly acquired blog which you “had to sign up for to read this blog”… First of all, Congrats! on your blog 🙂 … only I’m a bit confused. Are you saying that this blog was unable to receive your comments unless you had a blog of your own? If that is the case, then I’ll need to figure out how to fix that. And yes, I’ve already been trying without success to get rid of those silly icons…Yarn is so much easier to figure out than computer stuff :-/

      Thank you again, and I hope your 2013 is filled with blessings!


      January 13, 2013 at 4:36 pm

      • Yes, this icon is so much better than the rather frowning one that was first on it. lol I thought that it said I had to become a member or sign up for a free blog or there was an option to get one with more perks. I am not a computer techy person so don’t go by me and my understanding. Just learning computer and blogging.

        The good thing about it was that a friend has been encouraging me to start a blog or get a web-site as I also am learning quilting and just love needlework. I don’t have a car so the computer can be more socialization for me with people who love to do what I am interested in, too. Right now I am not in contact with any other people who quilt or knit and basically knitting is my mainstay of needlework learned in high taught by a friend’s mother. We all loved the sweaters she knit for her daughter so she sat all of us down and started teaching us.


        January 14, 2013 at 9:13 am

  2. LOL… you sound a lot like me ❤ Yes, blogging is a fun way to meet/talk with people from all around the world… even fun for non-tech-minded folks like us 🙂 And why not, since a basic WordPress blog is free. Do let me know when you get going with your blog. I’ll be right by to visit! Apart from the dear woman who taught me how to knit in the first place, my life has known few real-life knitters. My love for knitting sort of makes me stick out in the crowd I call my family/friends… Isn’t it funny how life goes?


    January 14, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    • Yes, it is. LOL I get so excited about what I am doing and I mention it to people and they respond like “SO!!?!” Or “Why?!?” like you can just go out and buy one in minutes instead?!

      And now I quilt and I think they think I might have some psychological problem and making all those squares means I need to self sooth. Or I am so economically deprived and they are very encouraging by saying, “I know. It is hard.” Sometimes they make me want to lose my mind and give them a lecture on the ART of knitting and the ART of quilting, its origins, and how healthy it is because knitting is said to be as stress reducing as Yoga, but yoga is “in” and knitting means one could be living in a century behind when these things were really necessary. lol The angst of an artist, no matter what media they choose.

      Not owning a car and staying home A LOT, of course, means there might be a problem of depression, agoraphobia, or whatever it might be. Maybe this is only the culture in the United States. Actually I want to stay home so I can get to my next project and finish that quilt and find it more enjoyable and interesting tackling all in its design which is far more interesting than their luncheon conversation, but of course I would only share this with another knitter or quilter who knows how mentally challenging and fun it can be

      Sometimes I wonder what standing out means as to their reactions. Years back people had time on their hands with far fewer demands upon it. Art was just plain a fun way to express oneself while they whiled away the hours relaxing. One didn’t have to make a profit to make it worthwhile. I find it all a bit confusing at times, but know that other people who do these things just might understand the passion and value of all of it. My grand children do when they are gifted with an item made by Granny and my daughter really does as she wears something made by Mom, but also encourages me to sell having no idea the hours it takes to actually make an item. lol Oh yes, there is a lot of dust in here, Guess I should clean, too. lol

      One just has to be able to handle standing out in a “crowd” and being said to be a bit eccentric, too. I joined an artist’s group who are mostly painters and said “I am working on quilts and do hand knits” and that conversation didn’t go quite so well either even when I tried some painting, too, and entered their shows. Thus is life!!! Maybe blogging is easier.


      January 16, 2013 at 6:16 am

      • LOL… oh yes, Granny C…. You’ve made some very interesting points and given me lots to think about! Isn’t it funny, how the reactions from people who don’t “get” knitting is something we knitters can all relate to? Oh boy, could I tell you some stories. Yeah, and we’d all be rich too—if we had just a nickle for every time someone suggested we sell our handknit items 😉
        Good for you, for choosing to exercise your creativity by finding an artistic group to join! I know from experience that this is easier said than done without your own car! For me, sewing/painting are 2 crafts where I’ll never have sufficient talent to save my life… but I’m okay with that because I get to admire these talents in others 🙂 And besides, there wouldn’t be a crowd for anyone to stand out in if we were all good at the same stuff! Right?
        So, how’s that blog of yours coming along? ❤


        January 19, 2013 at 9:52 pm

        • I already commented on this and somehow it got lost in the system and my skills can’t retrieve so this is the shortened version. lol

          No blog yet. Today I might begin figuring the process of at least setting it up and using work press for that.

          Didn’t renew my membership to the artist’s assoc. as no time to give and my art is more design work of mandalas right now as my comfort zone and they are mostly landscape, so it wasn’t really feeding my fledgling art skills, No expert here. Don’t want to mislead you about that.

          My knitting process is maybe a bit different and I like to do the quilting, mandalas, and knit because I like to work with color in a simple fashion. When I go into a yarn store I want to buy all the colors and varieties of yarn color blends just like they were crayons just to see what they will look like when used and maybe used together in an item. I have a couple of favorite patterns in which I like to stripe or do simple intarsia patterns to use the colors together. Sometimes I buy the yarn and then have to find a pattern to use it which is maybe backwards to some people’s process of creating a knitted work.

          And nice to know that other knitters are not machines either who can mass produce items for consumers. Consumers might admire the work, but they never want to pay the fair market hourly wage that the item required. Thus better to just be a knitting “Granny” doing her thing. lol


          January 20, 2013 at 11:00 am

          • Ooohhh… I’ve pinned a couple mandalas on Pinterest. They are so pretty with all their intricate, colourful detailing! And this complex art form is your comfort zone? Wow! Yes, I agree that you need to get a WordPress blog and get blogging right away 🙂 Your comments to me have been a pleasure to read, and I’m looking forward to seeing/commening on your work in full-colour too ❤

            Your knitting process doesn’t sound much different from mine… I love the idea of having a full box of yarn crayons! And the only machine on my knitterly list is a spinning wheel 🙂


            January 21, 2013 at 1:23 pm

            • I will have to check out the mandalas on pinterest. Actually I have never been on that site. My mandals are probably not as complex as those especially if they are computer generated ones which can be so complex. Actually it is quite easy just using differing sizes of circles and then centering a point in the middle in the smallest circle and doing cross lines with a ruler and filling the spaces in some way. Then it is sort of like a coloring practice with colored pencils or whatever one has. I am trying to get better at using paint and with the design in place then I just have to choose colors and practice painting. lol Just a beginner.

              Just checking out your blog and this cold weather has me going a little knitting bonkers starting a shawl for someone, a sweater with a lot of leftover homespun yarn of various colors, have no idea how that one is going to work out, and trying to design and knit a stuffed animal or doll. I have so much left over yarn stashed and trying to use it up in some constructive way. Did some afghans, but don’t want to do another so started making these triangle style shawls. Not a lot of concentration needed while I babysit my grandson daily.

              Do you only have one thing begun and then work on it and finish it and then begin another. I seem to get bored or something and get too many projects going at one time. This past year I decided to not get any new yarn or needlework kits until I finish the ones begun and the ones here. But then I want to do some more “sane” things instead of making them somehow multi-colored so finally did get a few skeins of yarn.

              Guess my knitting burn-out is over. YEAH!!!!!


              January 25, 2013 at 3:19 pm

  3. Oh, I just finished a cropped sweater for my one grand daughter and am going to sew on some hearts from your pattern. Thank you! I think it will finish it off well as I used mostly purple, but then ran out and did some stripes on the yoke. I can use to stripe colors for the hearts to tie all the colors together better so maybe it doesn’t just look like I ran out of yarn. LOL


    January 25, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    • Oh my goodness, Granny C, good to hear how you’re keeping your crafty-multi-fascetted self busy! If you’re interested in checking out Pinterest, then I have a mandala pinned @ http://pinterest.com/pin/12596073929550276

      Your granddaughter’s sweater sounds cute! Have you joined Ravelry? My pattern is posted there, and a lot of knitters have been posting pics of their Sweetie❤KNIT❤Heart FO’s 🙂 I’m not sure how it exactly works when they do this, but I’d love to see your granddaughter’s purple sweater with hearts there too! My user name on Ravelry is “sable3jld” and you can find me @ http://www.ravelry.com/designers/jackie-loewen

      And again oh my goodness, yes… I’ve tried all the yarn diets too! And it’s been YEARS, even decades, since I’ve had just one knitting project on the go. Some may call it a prolonged case of “start-itis”… Some may blame it on the convenience of inter-changeable knitting needles… I’m just happy to call it normal 🙂 These days seem more filled with computer learning curves than knitting, but I’ve not pulled all my hair out… yet. The key is to always keep at least one WIP within reach ❤


      January 28, 2013 at 9:34 pm

      • Just lost another reply as it asks me to sign in first and then I lose the reply. Other times I just get the site from the e-mail and it does the reply with no signing in. Confused so trying again.


        February 1, 2013 at 6:17 am

        • Oh no, this is not good at all 😦 Please know that your comments are important to me! It should not be necessary to sign-in merely to leave a comment. There must be something somewhere that is set incorrectly. In light of my limited blogging-tech knowledge, I will now contact WordPress in hopes that they will be able to help me fix this. ttys ❤


          February 1, 2013 at 8:53 pm

          • It might be a good thing as part of their security system which is a good thing with the way the internet can be. It might be why one has to sign up for a free blog, too, as a way of checking who gets on the site. I just haven’t understood the sequence possibly as sometimes they easily go on and other times I lose them. Not being tech oriented myself I am just not sure they why of it, but I have more time today so am trying again and if it works will answer the comment I was trying to comment upon. LOL

            For me a computer is like a 2 yr. old, always filled with unpredictable predicaments.


            February 2, 2013 at 6:40 am

  4. Odd, that time I didn’t have to sign in? Ok will try again.

    I found you on Ravelry, but I have not really explored it much even though I have been a member for a few years.

    And I did check out the mandala on pinterest. It is very pretty. So far mine have been very geometric using only the ruler/circle to learn the concept of them. I want to refine them more.

    Plus nice to know I am “normal” and not with ADD or ADDH as it is so discussed. People who are not artists or knitter,quilters, any needlework active can not quite why we can’t just go from A-Z in our work and then move one. My creative mind just gets into a design mode and stays there sometimes and I don’t want to lose the inspirational moment of a design. Sometimes my mind gets design tired and it is so soothing to just do the work with no real creative thought, thus I bounce around A LOT in items and mode of creative work. It does frustrate me sometimes though because I want the reward of a finished item, but then the finished item loses its appeal? And I am on to the next one. lol

    The thing is that I have been working with infant to pre-school children whose attention spans are so short with the constant interruption of my thought, that I was thinking possibly it was just result of that. lol I love the work, but it does tax one’s patience of not having an extended period of time just think one’s own thoughts. lol They don’t leave one in the zone for very long.


    February 2, 2013 at 6:53 am

    • Sorry for my delayed response in getting back to you… Well, you may be right about the security angle. And I still haven’t been able to find an email where to direct my WordPress blogging questions. They have a vast support section, but searching through all those pages is time-consuming and leads to distraction. I’ve been wondering whether signing up to receive email updates might be a key to being able to leave comments and such. Looking back through all the “likes” my blog has received, there doesn’t seem to be any from non-bloggers and/or non-email subscribers… hmmm…

      LOL… yes, computers can definitely be compared to a 2 year old child 🙂

      Good to find/friend you on Ravelry 🙂 To me, Ravelry is like a huge iceberg and I too have barely touched the tip of it! Good to know I’m not alone in that… Also good to know we are both “normal” 🙂


      February 4, 2013 at 10:19 pm

      • Now that I have said that, there hasn’t been a problem, but this morning there is something a bit different coming up when I reply. LOL Maybe they are figuring all the glitches out, too. Best to just go with the flow sometimes.

        Nothing really to add today. lol Just waiting for a thaw in this weather to get my life a bit more on track. Starting to feel “cabin fever.” Even with the knitting and starting to work through the WordPress.com tutorial. It will take me weeks and more time than I seem to have now.

        I really like winter and its beautiful scenery, but we live very near a lake and the wind chills have been wicked. I am even missing the short visits with the neighbors walking our dogs. The thaws just make me think spring and then another storm goes through. It actually has been a short winter which is maybe why I can’t quite adjust to it and then the thaws and unseasonal warm just tease our sensibilities to think winter isn’t really here.


        February 6, 2013 at 6:07 am

        • Hello, my friend 🙂 It’s been a while, as I’ve been putting together my post for the Valentine card tutorial. Calendars stop for no one and I needed to buckle-down and focus on getting that posted in time for people to make their own cards. Such a relief, now that it’s done. Now I can finally get back to my over-stuffed inboxes…

          It is good to hear that you’re having an easier time posting comments… Hmmm, perhaps the WP team has been scanning our dialogue 😉 Oh, and I’m looking forward to that blog you’ll have soon! Keep working your way through the WP tutorial. I tried reading up on everything first too, but then finally decided to just do it 🙂

          There aren’t any lakes near here, but our northern Canadian prairie winters are normally super-cold and way too long. This winter has been steady spurts of super-cold and melting-mild. This is fine, but as you say… it is a teaser. An early spring would be nice, but I’m not holding my wistful breath. Were you snowed-in from the storm that hit out east?


          February 11, 2013 at 8:17 pm

  5. No, we lucked out on this one, got a teaser because of it and now winds and cold again. I do remember much longer and colder winters, so none seems so bad. Except for losing power as many did in this last storm, winter is just winter to me with beautiful scenery and lots of inside things to have time to do. Higher heating bills to plan for to keep warm. lol Comfortable baking weather and a good time to make chili. Sometimes having to be outside more when spring starts arriving seems an intrusion in all that.

    But so nice to not have to bundle up to go out and the car is warm and no snowy icy windows to clean off before driving off. ( sorry about the grammar of that sentence, yikes!!!)

    Usually I find that I say I am going to read the how to’s and find it easier like you said to just begin and then find what is confusing instead. Otherwise I can get bogged down by too much info and have more difficulty beginning and have worries about problems that don’t even occur.


    February 12, 2013 at 5:12 am

    • Well, your winter description sounds like a page from my own thoughts 🙂 And particularly the ice-free-n-non-bundling-up part… And thank God for furnaces that work too! . . . Okay now, how about that blog… Do you have a name yet?


      February 13, 2013 at 6:07 pm

  6. The blog isn’t yet. lol I babysit my grandson who just turned 3 about a week ago from about 8:30am until 5:00pm. My dog seems to think I need to get up shortly after 6 am for some reason unknown to me. Between the 2 of them I am not getting much of anything done.

    I need some basic routine to my life and they are not allowing it right now. Kian is out of sorts because there have been some basic changes in his life, he is getting a cold and cough, and even though the dog doesn’t want out whatever wake-up time she decides on she bugs me so I have to get up…………… I did get A LOT of quilt squares made and embroidered in this early morning time though. lol By the end of the day lately I am too tired and really don’t care about much except a walk, rest , and maybe reading.

    Last weekend was exploring ebay and etsy as I want to set up a store on etsy, I think, for something to do and for some items that can be made while Kian is here which keeps my patience going and me basically more relaxed as I feel like I am accomplishing something. One would think my life would be interesting enough, but this seems like something to make it even more interesting. It’s been in my mind for years to try it.

    This weekend I must do some cleaning. I seem to get a routine that balances everything and then something simple out of the blue sets it all off balance again. It takes A LOT of pacing to accomplish all of it and if the pacing is wrong with rest, etc., the whole thing begins to fall apart and become impossible. Does that explain why I am so attracted to mandalas right now as they are about inner balance? It all works together or it doesn’t.


    February 14, 2013 at 11:18 am

    • Oh goodness yes… You’ve painted a much clearer picture of your typical day. It is very easy to understand your attraction to the geometric balance of mandalas 🙂 Your weeks are FULL indeed—in the best possible way! I am impressed at how much time you find to be crafty and that you even think of starting a blog. And even though it’s tiring, you and your grandson spending all that time together is wonderful ❤ Truly, you are blessed. We haven’t any children, so just the thought of spending the day with a toddler can be enough tucker me out… lol … We love kids, but never had any. We don’t even have any pets… although an alarm-clock-doggie might be an idea 😉 And since we moved to Alberta (4 years ago), we don’t even have any family/close friends living in the same province… That can get lonely, but it was also a good time to finally start my blog… There’s always a silver lining 🙂 Take care ‘n take it easy ❤


      February 15, 2013 at 7:31 pm

      • Yes, as amazing as it might seem, lonely is something I get, too, as sometimes even with family, their life is so full with what they do and they can have no interest in what you do. lol And I have 4 children, 2 who live here and 2 who live too far away for an easy commute. Kian is the only grandchild I have here and the other 4 live without the easy commute so I might only see them once a year. Without a dog in my alone time sometimes I would be completely lost.

        My grandson was born with spina bifida with the spinal cord being outside the skin opening very low in the spine. Our shock and concern was so great throughout all of it. He had immediate surgery and amazingly is totally active and regular little boy except he has no mind/body connection, neuro muscular, control to flexor muscles in his feet and possibly little to none in his calf muscles. Excuse the spelling of that. He really needed the hands on one on one care to achieve all that he does and my career choice of teaching was working in the infant toddler to school age children arena, the Montessori program being the impetus for that interest. Thus it seemed the God sent common sense thing for me to care for him. There was such a worry just about his safety and his ability to walk and be a regular little boy. They had been married 9 yrs. and had just accepted that there would be no children, when Kian became a reality. They were just purchasing a house, so neither could quit work. My home child care service had just ended, I didn’t like not working, so my thought was that it was God’s plan for Kian, his care, and whatever transpires from it as he is far surpassing what was expected as the outcome of his prognosis.

        I still think that. He has begun his first tumbling class at the YWCA, the only requirement being that the children turn 3 this yr. His parents are sports fanatics so he gets a lot of exposure and athletic in his life, thus he is very strong, can do everything without help, but does have braces up to his ankles for support so his bones grow more correctly and to relieve the fatigue of trying to remain upright for the extended periods of time that playing and running about all day requires.

        To give you more of a picture of my daily life, there is an outside climber in the living room, 4 riding toys that are inside now instead of outside to keep him physically active and strong all year round, and too many toys for this small house. lol It overwhelms the place and me sometimes, so even just maintaining that balance can be taxing. Being the only cousin here, we all dote on him as do their friends, teammates, and everyone it seems. He has a way about him that is engaging and the biggest problem will be to keep him from being totally obnoxious and spoiled.

        So add that to my needlework and art supplies, it can be all very overwhelming, but if I do not do my thing, too, I lose patience for his care as I am very frustrated putting so much on hold all the time as my mind idle just keeps designing stuff to do. lol At least doing some of it keeps my mind from designing more stuff……….But the design factor kept me thinking of creative ways to enable him to do more things and play with toys and stuff which has ended up giving him a more normal life than otherwise. Thus I think God is a very insightful life planner for all of us if we would only realize it. I am not even sure where some of the ideas have come from for his care. They just came to mind and we did it. He has never been treated as a child with disabilities although I know that he realizes it somehow as he does want someone with him even in the same room almost all the time. He used to fall quite easily and I think it might be from that experience and one had to be right next to him to enable him to do a lot of things to prevent his falls.

        Three day weekend so starting today 3 days to reorganize and regroup a bit while cleaning a lot. lol But coffee and relaxing first. Saturday morning is “Whew”, we did it one more week and now it is relaxing time for me. A family group effort has kept it all from overwhelming any one of us. God always brings good out of things, so that is what we focus on and are very pro-active to the positive. Thus beginning Saturday mornings and for however long it takes, I have proclaimed as “My time”, so that we can continue our efforts. I am just a cog in the wheel. lol His prognosis is that in time and with growth and added weight he might not be able to support himself and need more bracing, crutches, or wheelchair, but we accept that and are also trying to do everything in our power to not let that happen or the best scenario of it to happen. He is a very smart and mentally active little boy, too, who can maneuver the screen of a cell phone to find and play apps, etc. If the body rests, the mind doesn’t. He just turned 3 yrs. on 2/2 and he is teaching me. His father is very techy, too, as is his mother.lol

        For me, knitting has always been a bit of therapy and calming in the storms of life, too. Could be why I am refocusing on it right now again in my life with so much knitting in the plan that not sure what to do with it, so exploring web-sites as another thing to learn to do with it. I have to keep learning to keep up with being my cog in the wheel. LOL Even Grandmothers can get no rest sometimes. I just focus on God’s plan and not mine of fatigue, frustration, and loneliness sometimes being this cog in this wheel at this time. Keeps me a bit isolated from the mainstream and life with people my age or even of an adult age. lol It’s all about love, I guess, and God gives us the strength. As selfish as it seems, on weekends I must feed my own needs to be able to feed that of others all week. That I am learning, too. lol Last night I even baked onion/dill bread I was hungry for and will bake some cookies today as it seems easier and less tiring than going out anywhere even to shop. No one really understands, so I just rely on God for enough wisdom to keep trucking along. And somehow we do…………….


        February 16, 2013 at 9:10 am

        • Dear caforiginals . . . As always, you have given me so much to think about. You’ve been in my thoughts/prayers all week 🙂 In fact, the more I read this most recent comment of yours, the more I love reading it!

          It saddens me to hear of little Kian’s disability ❤ At the same time, it is good to hear that he has such a loving and attentive family around him. It is also good to hear that all of you are choosing to work together, while trusting God’s plan for your lives. Life’s difficulties (even when an outside climber is installed inside one’s living room…!!!) are trumped by God’s promises to never leave us and to provide all that we need to overcome them. How amazing, the way your teaching career path and interest in yarn crafts has equipped you for this particular moment in time. This moment in time, when your children and your children’s children need you more than ever. This moment of change, when your child care service was ending and you needed a new beginning with purpose and meaning. Only God can paint life so beautifully as that! It always amazes me, to see the way God is able to take the imperfect puzzle pieces of our lives and fit them together so precisely! Praise God, for He is both willing and able to turn our troubles into blessings (Philippians 4:4-9). God truly loves us and there is no greater comfort than knowing we can trust His plan. To quote you, “God is a very insightful life planner for all of us… if we would only realize it.” Hmmm… you may want to build a blog around a quote like that someday… just sayin’ 😉

          Life is not easy when you’re born with a disability, but God is painting a beautiful masterpiece in our lives here too. I was born with retinitis pigmentosa, which is an eye disease that damages the retina. My husband was born with an extremely rare metabolic bone disease, which does not allow his bones to absorb calcium. These were our early inheritances for which there is neither cure nor remedy. Degenerative diseases can make it easy to feel “old” while living in a young body and “isolated” amidst the able-bodied majority. Having the disease, however, is not the same as the disease having you. My husband is testament to that! Doctors predicted he’d have been in a wheelchair long ago… Thankfully, he has chosen to exercise his stubborn use-it-or-lose-it attitude! I admire his physical and mind-over-matter strength (he lives daily with a great deal of pain) and have learned so much from him ❤ Life’s challenges help us grow into who we are. Any hardship that leads you to a deeper understanding and compassion for others is worth the pain. Besides, everyone has something difficult to deal with. We all just need to keep doing the best we can, for as long as we are able, with whatever we’ve got. Thankfully, the best thing we’ve got is God’s strength to lean on and peace in our hearts ❤ Anyway, you’ve sometimes mentioned feelings of isolation and loneliness and I just wanted to let you know that I understand. Knitting helps to rejuvenate my spirit too… and I don’t think we’re being a bit selfish 🙂

          On a lighter note, I hope you enjoyed your long weekend! It was for President’s Day, right? We called ours “Family Day” (Monday the 18th), although different provinces call it different names. Regardless of the name, a long weekend in mid-February is a very good thing! Oh, and that onion/dill bread you baked sounds like it would go deliciously well with soup 🙂 Take care ❤


          February 22, 2013 at 2:44 pm

  7. God is amazing!!! I, too, have a disability. lol And he has me choose this blog to respond, too, when I am feeling isolated and feeling a need to socialize a bit more. lol Wow, I did not expect that info at all.

    So interesting that in Canada you celebrate the same time as we do, but with a different name. Yes it was President’s Day.

    Actually I am on an R & R weekend fighting a cold virus and staying in bed as much as I can resting, reading, colored pencil coloring mandala designs and drinking gallons of liquids. Thus I will respond further when I am up and about a little more. Kian had a double ear infection with it and me not eating much and the pressure in my ears has my balance a bit off.

    Possibly having a disability gives us a different understanding or relationship with God as He gives us the Grace and strength throughout it. Even in the isolation of it He gives me people who also renew and keep my strength and belief going. Thank you!!!

    Back to my own nursing care which says more liquid and back to bed, but with a smile on my face and not feeling quite so alone.


    February 24, 2013 at 9:06 am

      • This weekend still trying to get my mind/body in synch again as my lower back is really bothering me, so needed new projects to get me going again. lol Like I don’t have enough to finish. I started trying to make a teddy bear by sewing with some of the flannel stash and personalizing it for her. It is from a 2 hr. teddy bear pattern which will take me days as I do some and then have to rest for quite some time until I can get my confidence level up to work on it some more. But if it turns out it should be cute and another thing I CAN DO. lol

        Another project I started with a knitting pattern that was on the Berroco newsletter. I started exploring knitting afghans that were like quilts with squares and this one looked quite interesting to use up my stash of left over yarn balls and easy to do while watching a 3 yr. old.

        It so surprised me when I started it as I thought I was making tons of little interesting squares that would then need to be sewn or crocheted together, but when I got to the end of the little square from the 1 left-over stitch you begin picking up stitches on the side of the square, then CO some more and begin the next square already attached to the first one. It says making a row of them and make more rows, so not sure exactly how this will lead me through this afghan or one could make a poncho out of them.

        I am quite fascinated by this and can’t wait to get to the third square just to see how it connects to the first 2. The pattern is called Putnam. You begin with 31 stitches and then keep decreasing in the middle so it ends up looking like a 1/2 square triangle quilt square sort of and you end up with 1 stitch. It sure cuts down on sewing and/or crocheting squares together. And just a great way to use up all those little leftover yarn balls that I refuse to throw away. lol


        March 4, 2013 at 6:54 am

        • Oh, good for you! That mitered afghan pattern from Berroco was love at first sight for me too 🙂 Are you using existing yarn from your stash, or the Lodge as specified? I’ve been wanting to knit an afghan for years now and immediately pinned that Putnam pattern to keep it from getting “lost” in the shuffle! We are thinking alike 🙂
          For the last longest while, my knitting effort has been 99% toward the perfecting of my own designs. Even so, I do spend a lot of time drooling over all the billions of other great patterns that cross my path. That’s one reason why I love Pinterest, because it allows me to visually bookmark to my hearts content, while proceeding with the job at hand… which is to fill my blog with my own patterns. ❤ How many squares have you done so far?


          March 5, 2013 at 8:11 pm

          • For me I have just begun reaching to trying to design some easy small animals or dolls. I will attempt to alter a pattern to personalize it a bit, but haven’t totally started from scratch designing before this, so to do this afghan is a step backward a bit. With Kian here the knitting is much easier and relaxing if it is just straight knitting and not being creative in the designing mode so decided to do it as I have done quite a few shawls and afghans and needed a change, but the mind is working as what I can use this mitered square pattern in besides this afghan.

            I am just using the leftover yarns so far combining weights to try to use the heavier weights with it to make an entire piece of something and not sure what yet as my daughters do like ponchos and with kids one can be a bit more wild in their creations. lol That is why I like doing items for children. With ponchos it is just like creating a piece of yarn fabric and making it the right flat shape. Different yarns can make an interesting texture for variety even if making the same thing to change it around a bit.

            There is an easy sweater pattern on Lion Brand, no buttons and button holes, that I am trying just for around the house just using various colors of Lion Brand Homespun. I have no idea what it will look like, but don’t want to buy yarn in the same color in case i really don’t like the sweater and it is just for around the house comfy warmth or it might turn out interesting and fun. lol Part of the fun is not knowing until it is done.

            I drool over my Mary Maxim catalog and this Patternworks both that came yesterday, but the price of the yarn usually prohibits my purchasing. I did find clearance yarn on a couple of web-sites so now I keep checking their for some of the newer yarns.


            March 6, 2013 at 6:20 am

            • Oh yes, tinkering with knitting patterns is the gateway to designing your own 🙂 It makes me laugh, when I recall how it never used to occur to me (from 1985 until around 1999) to alter the slightest detail of any pattern… lol… All those years of knitting and I never even thought to change the colour of the yarn! But then something happened… I’m not sure what, but now I can hardly knit anything without tweaking/changing something in some way!

              I pinned Berroco’s Putnam pattern because it seems so full of potential. As you’ve pointed out, it can be a great stash buster, or can be a lot of other squared items like ponchos or pillows or blocks for Kian to play with. Plus, it’s interesting enough to hold your attention, yet not so demanding that you can’t divide your attention between it and Kian 🙂 I really ought to do some stash busting around here too ❤


              March 12, 2013 at 8:04 pm

      • WOW!!!!!! Thank you again SO MUCH for the e-card. Actually I just got it today as I couldn’t figure out how to get it to play and couldn’t sit at the computer long enough to figure it out, but it is the sweetest thing anyone has done for me in A LONG time and the sweetest card. I love it.

        And some people think people with disabilities have no ability and can’t change the world. You have changed my world today. I have the biggest smile on my face and far fewer doubts about my life and my life with a disability and aging. lol I know I CAN even if the doctor doesn’t think so.


        March 4, 2013 at 7:17 am

        • Awwwe, you’re quite welcome…. It was my pleasure. to send the card, since you’ve been putting a pretty big smile on my face too ❤


          March 5, 2013 at 8:17 pm

  8. Thank you for the e-card. Actually the 3 day holiday ended up being 3 days feeling too something to do much of anything, then by the end of the week I realized I must have been fighting the very runny nose cold that Kian got that then settled in with a double ear infection. It got me good and my balance felt totally off and my head is still draining. Fighting to stay balanced I strained my muscles which has me using a cane to lighten the load and let them regroup themselves. It bothers my back to sit at the computer for very long, so not doing much of that and just reading, making gallons of broth and tea, and still mostly on a beef or chicken broth liquid and a little of light other things diet.

    As to my disability – I was in an automobile accident Christmas Day 1993. In it I suffered a major head injury with many things involved in one way or another. I feel very fortunate and like your husband it is the use it or lose it attitude that keeps me walking and on my feet. After this long I can easily walk around the block here and a little more distance working on more. I never received disability and was able to begin the child care in my home to keep supporting myself. My son was living with me, also. So life is good. My mother was my rock who took me out daily to keep me socialized. We would go out to eat and to stores even if I could only just about walk into them because of the pain and struggle of it for years until I could do more and more and more. She point blank told me that I had to do this or be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life which I more or less knew and sensed anyway so I so greatly appreciated all she was doing until I was able to find work myself which was by employing myself. lol

    After 5 years I did return to work and was injured and it was just a bad thing, thus I employed myself instead.

    I can do about anything, but just not for any duration or in haste.

    So much has to do with attitude and acceptance and an independence of the mind and soul that one can do it alone if other people don’t think you can or that you are acceptable because of your limitations. That is what I mostly want to give to my grandson so he will have a good life and not suffer what happens to people with disabilities. One has to think out of the box to alternative ways.

    I was denied health care and therapy for it because of being denied insurance coverage under the automobile insurance, their lawyers fighting mine, so my mother and I thought out of the box and found our own way to rehabilitate me. If an activity helps or I am able I do it and forget what I can’t do and I found there is so much more that I can do along the way than I can’t. We didn’t wait for doctors to decide they were of a healing profession instead of working for insurance companies. My theory was sort of sometimes the people way back when must have been injured on those farms and horses and before modern medicine had to fight their way back in nature’s way somehow. I am no expert and just know what I have lived with this type of injury.

    With Kian from the beginning we have been VERY proactive in his care instead of waiting for a doctor to advise or see the possibility of his ability. Kian shows us and we sort of try just using faith and some sort of common sense, like if he can and wants to try we let him. We try to find a way to enable him to do all that he wants to do. He is VERY determined and wants to be independent even at his young age which is the “I want to do it myself” age.

    This is why I laughed when I read your e-mail and that God had led me to answer this blog. Being a person with a disability is a little different than being a person without one although everyone has limitations in what they can do in one way or another. With one a person is just more aware of their limitations and mortality and maybe that we are not in charge of everything as is the illusion or delusion if one doesn’t have one. In a very real sense I could have been killed in the accident instead of the limitations that I have, so immediately i was forever thankful that I was alive with everything else secondary to that. The car was heading right for my driver’s side door and me and missed me and hit near the back tire area. It was a sheet of ice and he came through a red light. It sent the car off like a hockey puck.

    So I live everyday in thanksgiving and know that life is a gift, not something we are entitled to just because we are who we are and someone special.

    LOL AS to the knitting, I began to knit again when my children were very young although their was little time for it so they didn’t have like a lot of cute little knitted items to wear. I am not a speed knitter. It was just something that I could do that no one could or would rip apart or destroy like clean laundry only done to be dirtied again, dishes clean only to be used again, the house cleaned only to get dusty and dirty again…….. My knitting showed progress and occasionally got completed. I LOVED being a young mother, but all was not rosy or warm and fuzzy about it..After the accident I could barely knit. Life has thrown me many curves. One has to bend in the wind.


    March 2, 2013 at 8:31 am

    • Oh dear, Christmas 1993 must have been so very difficult for you and your family. Praise God for your recovery + for helping you make the necessary attitude adjustments + for blessing you with the strength of your loving mother’s encouragement! It’s true that every person lives with their own form of struggle. Too often those struggles lead to loneliness and feelings of separation. So good to hear you say, “I found there is so much more that I can do along the way than I can’t.” You have been blessed to know the comfort/strength of family. Likewise, your “thinking outside the box” method of assistance will surely inspire your grandson to find the strength he needs. ❤

      Yes, personal attitude and acceptance are key to surviving any disability and/or injury. And a healthy dose of humility makes life a lot easier than trying to hide behind the illusion or delusion of denial. (This has been a very tough truth for me to embrace). Also, doctors do know a lot of stuff, yet don’t all seem to diagnose treatment with all their hearts… And yes, life must’ve been tough way back when. Even today, though, we simply don’t know what we’re able to handle until handling it is our only option.

      And to think that all these years later, you not only survived that accident… but have enriched my blogging life, as well. ❤ Do you recall how you first happened upon my blog?


      March 5, 2013 at 7:11 pm

      • I was on ravelry looking for a pattern, I think for an easy stuffed animal to make to donate to the Shriner’s Hospital for the children who go there, they have an overloaded large bin filled with afghans so thought animals would be fun and a change. I saw the hearts and thought the necklace so clever and pretty with all the hearts and colors, so tapped into your blog, saw the Scripture references and thought it might be safe blog.

        Actually Christmas 1993 wasn’t all that bad and we carried on and later had the beef pot roast meal we were going to have and i was still walking then until a week later. The ER doctor sent me home even though I insisted there was something wrong.
        Thus no one really knew except me somehow deep inside.

        And actually my kids have not really related to it and just get very upset when I say I can’t and keep telling them all the “new” things I can do. They just keep telling me I can as to the things I really can’t and don’t really relate to the fact that if I can’t I can do all these other things. lol Recently my daughter told me she didn’t believe that I had a major head injury and she said it just overwhelmed her way too much, so yes, denial is one way to handle things.

        In their defense their father had overwhelming and confusing illness that they grew up with, PTS from the Viet Nam war and were coping with until about 2-1/2 yrs. ago, thus mom couldn’t be ill or be disabled, too. It was too overwhelming and Mom couldn’t let herself be disabled because of them and all they went through already, so it was something I had to fight very hard against. We had already been through way too much and this was just something that didn’t need to happen and be coped with, also. In a way I guess I did a bit of denial as well as accepting it to heal from it. I had to greatly deny that it was an injury that was going to totally disable me. We are all still trying to heal from a lot. In spite of it we still love each other A LOT.

        God’s Grace big time showered upon us maybe………The only answer that I have for the doctor’s and they don’t like that one. And it is the only one I have?


        March 6, 2013 at 5:56 am

        • So neat, the way you found my blog 🙂 I love that it was the sprinkling of Bible verses which caught your attention! The last thing I want anyone to think is that I’m forcing my beliefs upon them. Truth is, though, that God fills my blogging heart ❤ I am so glad to know you’re doing well and that God has caused our paths to cross!
          Living with your husband’s PTS from Viet Nam must’ve made life a very rough road for your family. ❤ I can only imagine. As kids, we never want to think our parents are anything less than super(wo)man. My mom lost nearly all her eyesight when I was in grade 7. My dad lost his battle with cancer on March 18, 2005 😥 Life can be very rough in so many ways. A little denial can sometimes soften the blow of reality—until we realize it is no match for reality. And yes, praise the Lord for His love and grace, which He mercifully showers upon our lives every day and in more ways than we can even begin to say ❤


          March 12, 2013 at 7:54 pm

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