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Lady Knit Foliage

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All summer long, when the weather is fair,
you can bet your hand-made booties
that I’ll be knitting outside somewhere!

Then one day out there, I looked over to see
Lady Knit Foliage busy alongside of me!
She bears a striking resemblance to Sunbonnet Sue
Looks that way to me, anyhoo 😉 How about you?

So the next thing I knew,
I was humming this happy tune:

… c’mon ‘n sing it with me …

Lady Knit Foliage sitting in a tree,
k – n – I – t – t – I – n – g
first came the buds,
then came the blossoms,
then came all the leaves…
turning golden shades of autumn.

Wishing you all fair knitting weather for fall ❤ Jackie


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