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What’s YOUR superpower?

my superpower is knitting! t-shirt

My wardrobe really ought to include one of these t-shirts! How about yours? I found it for sale over at Cafe Press. It makes me smile… knowingly 😉

Wearing a t-shirt like this may likely start some interesting conversations, I think. Heck, wearing an empowering t-shirt like this may even cause the wearer to knit faster!?! … faster than a speeding bullet, and able to leap tall cables in a single knitting session!

And so, I begin to wonder…

Wonder whether you maybe, sometimes, possibly ever feel like knitting might perhaps be your superpower? Wonder whether you have ever held a centre-pull ball or skein of yarn in the palm of your hand and just KNOWN what your next FO (finished object) would be? Wonder whether your keen knitty-sense requires your nimble knitting fingers to actually touch the yarn to begin with—in order to envision that future FO on your needles?! And wonder, whenever you KIP (knit in public), whether a curious not-yet-but-wanna-be-knitter onlooker has ever marvelled at the way you and your needles “click” along? And in those moments, whilst you knitterally share your enthusiasm with others, do you feel as though time stands still?

Truly, don’t we all wish we had the power to make time stand still… just long enough for one more row? … just one more row!

Well hey there, superhero 🙂 Did you also happen to know that your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man turns 50 this month! That’s right, I just realized that today, so… Happy Birthday Peter Parker… hatched August 1962.

When you think about it, we knitters share some common senses with Spider-Man… Oh sure, he scales buildings—while we take the stairs and try not to knit ladders … He clings to 90 degree angle surfaces—while we fit our knit fabrics to stand their ground upon any form… And he shoots spider-webs—while we might spin our own yarn tails and tales… Yet we’re practically the same—only different! One difference for sure, is the way Spider-Man uses his “spidey-senses” to fight foes—while we knitters absolutely love, love, LOVE our FO’s (finished objects) !!! We truly do! That’s why we apply every fibre of our knitty-senses toward knitting our WIP’s (works in progress) into FO’s ❤

And so, in honour of this realization of shared senses, here is a Ravelry link you may likely like. It is the “Spiderman-blanket” by AnneM. And even if you’re not a big Marvel Comics fan, you can easily swap-in other colours, for a more fibrous stained glass effect. My thanks to All Free Knitting, for posting a link to this pattern in this week’s Knit Picky newsletter!

Hmmm… this might be an effective KIP (knitting in public) project… all the better to entice knitting-wanna-be bystanders off the onlooker’s fence and into the knitter’s fold!

Now back to the knit-cave… ❤ Jackie


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