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Olympian Rings with Heart

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2012 is an olympic year, and the London 2012 Olympic Games are currently under way. The opening ceremony began with a fun skit of “Queen Elizabeth aka Bond girl” parachuting into the stadium. As well, this year’s newest olympic sport of watching The Royals watch The Games continues to be popular. Even London’s Mayor Boris Johnson, in his impromptu state of precarious en-dangle-ment, has managed to heighten entertainment value for the crowds. This, upon running out of “zip” along the Olympic zip-line attraction. Everyone got a good chuckle at the sight of his awkward moment. Still, he maintained to simply keep calm and carry on 🙂

Of course, the Olympics are about fun AND games… Winning a moment to stand on the podium is a thrill of a lifetime, for sure! Likewise, being the best you can be throughout competition and life is an attainable lifestyle for everyone and for always. And as I watch the world’s best athletes in action, while listening to their life stories of strength and sacrifice… I can’t help but feel inspired and encouraged to THINK like an Olympian… to get up off the couch… to do something more than before! Yes, there is a sense of “olympic spirit” in the air, these days. Perhaps you have felt this way too?

Then suddenly, as I racked my brain for a quick olympic-type project to knit, it occurred to me… that my very own Sweetie-KNIT-Heart spectrum-coloured photo was ready-and-waiting in the form of a ring. All it needed was a little rotation ‘n duplication. Now, my ring looks a bit like a colourful-hearty-knit version of the official Olympic rings… How fun is that!?! Tiny knit hearts are good for so very many things! What do you think?


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