. . . luv 'n stitches for our tired old world

baa baa boulder…

photo via Kjeragbolten mit Säugetier | Flickr – Photo Sharing!. Some rights reserved.

In this calm-yet-exhilarating photo, we see a brave new wool, faced with (and apparently undeterred by) the veritable do or (gulp) die ram-ifications of his every move! Aside from the actual sheep pictured, there is absolutely nothing sheepish about this picture. In fact, ‘tis I who am sheepish. Yes, for my hope is to never impose myself upon a boulder such as this. This boulder, which happens to be wedged nearly 1000 m high—betwixt a rugged rocky mountain crevasse.

This is the place known as “The Kjeragbolten” (located in Lysefjorden, in Forsand municipality, Ryfylke, Rogaland of western Norway). Hiking enthusiasts love this place. Personally, I say videos are the next best thing to being there. Thanks to fearlessly camera-toting hikers, I am content to appreciate this awe-inspiring sight from the safe viewing distance of my computerized pixilation compilation!

Digging deeper, this photo bears unquestionable depth—literal depth, of course, but also insightful. In fact, the longer I ponder this image, the more aptly it seems to lend itself to real life…

For example: WHAT was this sheep thinking!? What IS this sheep thinking?! …or… HOW did I get myself into this predicament? How do I get myself OUT of this predicament? …and ultimately… The view (silver lining) from this particular vantage point offers to broaden my perspective to a greater extent than any experience I’ve ever known! Surely, the lessons I’ll learn from this moment will prove to be immeasurable.

And so, this photo (whether or not it’s been edited) reminds me that life is filled with opportunities and/or bold moves. Bold moves that may land us on top of the world; or possibly catch us atop a precarious boulder. Once in a while, we will need to squeeze a few drops of lemonade out that boulder… But hey, if this sheep can make a bold boulder move like that, then my sheepish knitterly self probably can too! How about you? And doesn’t lemonade always hit-the-spot when you’re thirsty, anyway?



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