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Today is Mother’s Day ❤

This year, Mother’s Day is the 13th of May. The second Sunday in May is the calendar day when we celebrate moms and show our appreciation for all they do to enrich our lives.  I am not a mom, but am blessed to have two wonderful moms enriching my life… albeit from afar. So then, let the celebrations begin! … just be sure mom is not left to clean up afterward 😉

And here, for your appreciative viewing pleasure,
are a couple of short Mother’s Day video links:
Unnoticed Moms, LLC” is a mini movie from Ignitor Media
I’ll Need You Mom” is a mini movie from Ignitor Media

As well, for your nimble knitting pleasure, the
Sweetie Knit Heart is a tiny something special
you can knit in love with your own two hands.
It will make a hearty gift to the one whose loving
hands have raised you up throughout all these years!

hearts-in-hand with black background


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