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How to Woo a Cupid ♥



Anna Hrachovec’s blog has
this delightful animation showing
How to Woo a Cupid.

Happy Valentine’s Day ♥ Jackie

Welcome to my blog! ♥

Hello and welcome to my “Knitting With Heart” blog.

Today is the day I add my dot to the blogosphere! It is my knitterly thrill to finally begin blogging about knitting. My hope is that it will appeal to you too.

Here in my little blog, you will find original knitting patterns designed by me. Many of these will be dramatically heart-shaped by design. Others will integrate heart motifs. Still others will evoke expressions of the heart apart from the appearance of hearts. Truly, regardless of shape or style, my heart went stitch-by-stitch into designing each and every one… And so, this blog is named Knitting With Heart.

Thanks for stopping by! ♥ Jackie